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#422 Face to face

Sure enough, Gong Lingye fell aloud, and the audience was in an uproar.

He pretended to be ignorant, nodded at the crowd, and then took the hand of the Song Yi people and walked down the stage dashingly.

Shangguan Ao didn't go up again, but Gongguan Ye's elder brother Shangguan stepped up to preside over the overall situation.

He said: "Listen to the fourth brother that the game is good. My father, a 10-year-old, is also a little interested!"

He has always been a good old man. He said a few words along Gong Lingye and then turned to the topic: "Today our banquet is to let everyone gather together for many years, and there are no rules. The second dance, I want to invite Miss Xuanyuan Yao to jump together, I wonder if Miss Xuanyuan Yao can enjoy her face?"

He said that, taking care of Xuanyuan Yao's emotions, it seemed that the embarrassment brought to her by Gong Lingye had also been reduced a lot.

She nodded with a smile: "It's an honor."

So, on the stage, a peaceful atmosphere was restored.

At this time, in a corner of the banquet hall, Gong Lingye's third brother Shangguan Xun's phone rang, and he slipped to answer: "Hey."

"Three young masters, the Master Beiming is at the foot of the mountain." The man on the other side of the phone said: "It should be possible to drive to the lobby in ten minutes."

"Okay, give me a good hello!" Shangguan Xun raised the corner of his lips.

After Shangguanyue and Xuanyuan Yao danced, the people present also went up one after another to start dancing.

On the other side, someone came to talk to Gong Lingye. Song Yi people saw that they had to talk for a while, and went to the bathroom.

As soon as I came out, there was a man in front of me.

"Xiao Nuan?" Shangguan Yan was wearing a blue suit with red lips and white teeth, and his eyes were smiling: "Your company still plays games? I'm very interested. I must leave a personal account for me!"

Song Yiren didn't know whether the man in front of him was real or hypocritical at the moment. She just said indifferently: "The sales will be officially launched at 0 o'clock next Sunday. You can set an alarm clock at that time."

"Couldn't one be in harmony with oneself?" Shangguan Yan rushed to Song Yiren to wink.

"My own?" Song Yiren's eyes filled with playfulness: "Okay, call me four sisters-in-law, I will give you accommodation."

"What's so good about that old man?" Shangguanyan said dissatisfiedly, but then sighed a moment later: "But what he looked like on the stage just now is pretty cool."

Song Yiren seemed a little sad when he saw his eyebrows, and suddenly felt that this person might be different from his other brothers.

"I really envy him. I can do whatever I want." Shangguan Yan paused, then put away the melancholy, and changed back to his original hip-hop style: "However, I am four or five years younger than him, haha... "

Song Yiren couldn't help crying: "Well, my fifth brother, I know."

She said nothing and turned around. Sure enough, she heard the uneasy voice behind her: "I checked just now, you are only 22 years old this year, sister!"

Song Yi ignored him and went straight to Gong Lingye.

At this moment, the door of the hall was opened again, and a man in Tang suit walked in.

The man looked like he was in his fifties, his temples hair was already white, but the roots were standing upright, and he looked quite majestic. Next to him, a middle-aged woman dressed as a noblewoman took his arms, under the powder The face has traces of wind and frost.

Song Yiren didn't even care about this person. After all, which of the men and women in this banquet hall today is not quite a place in country J?

However, when her eyes inadvertently fell on the pattern on the man's Tang suit, her pupils suddenly tightened!

I saw that the circular patterns on them were all dark patterns of the flying eagle! It is exactly the same as the flying eagle tattoo she saw at first!

When the blood flowed back in an instant, Song Yiren thought of the living life of her and Gongling Yejia, including herself. If not by the person behind the scene, how could she and her parents die?

Why did Gong Lingye's three brothers suddenly die? !

The blood sea is enmity, and that person is in front of them!

The Song Yi people were looking at the person, and the hand was held by the person beside them.

Gong Lingye felt that Song Yi's palms were cold and sweaty, and she was about to ask her something, and she saw the man at the end of her sight.

In an instant, he heard the blood screaming in the blood vessels, and the scenes of the sudden death of the three older brothers kept flashing in his mind.

He tightened Song Yi's hand, and looked slightly: "Nuan Nuan, let's see him. Maybe it's a bit uncomfortable, are you ready?"

Song Yi nodded: "Ling Ye, actually I have been waiting for this day for a long time."

Gong Lingye took Song Yi's hand and walked towards the entrance of the hall.

Shangguan Ao did not invite the Beiming family today. After all, what kind of enmity between Gong Lingye and the other party Shangguan Ao does not know.

He kept thinking, waiting for Gong Lingye to take over the affairs of the Shangguan family of State J. At that time, Gong Lingye was heavily burdened with some things, and he had to scrutinize his interests.

After all, everyone is dead. What do you do about those grudges? Only the immediate benefit is the most important.

Shangguanao is confident and believes that he can let Gong Lingye put down his personal grudge after taking over the Guan family and devote himself to the family's business.

However, he did not expect that the head of the Beiming family would come today.

Almost at the moment when he saw Beiming Kun, he knew that his restless nephew must have invited someone over intentionally!

At this moment, Gong Lingye and Song Yi people have come to Beiming Kun.

Gong Lingye held red wine in his hand and shook at Beiming Kun: "Is this the owner of Beiming?"

In fact, Beiming Kun didn't know that Gong Lingye was coming when he came over, because Shangguan Xun just said that Uncle invited him to come and reminisce.

And because he was uncomfortable before, he went to convalescence for half a month, so some information is really not clear.

However, when he arrived here, when he found out that the platoon was so big, he began to be a little bit strange.

Seeing Gong Lingye and Song Yi people coming together again, Beiming Kun scolded in his heart, he was counted as a kid by Shangguan Xun!

That day, Gong Lingye came to country J alone, and the people he sent together with the Shangguan family failed to kill him. Today, Gong Lingye is probably here to collect debts?

However, he came late, and he didn't know to what extent the old guy, Shangguanao, valued Gong Lingye?

Beiming Kun has been thinking a lot among the electric light and flint, but his face has a smile line: "I am Beiming Kun, don't you know this little brother?"

Gong Lingye sneered, acting? However, he can act in the face of others, and he is really unwilling to accompany the enemy!

He said: "Gong Lingye, I think Mr. Bei Ming should be impressed with my name."

Beside him, Song Yiren also looked at the culprit that caused her family to be destroyed, and simply wished to step forward to tear the other side apart!

If Chu Mingyao and Gu Chiyun were sharp knives, then the bird in front of them was the one holding the sharp knives!

How could they not want to smash him to pieces? !