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#484 Urge marriage

At that moment, there was a brief stagnation in the scene, and in that stagnation, it was all embarrassing.

Mrs. Bei Ming suddenly reacted, and her smile suddenly became a little stiff: "Sorry, young man, I just... Momo didn't say clearly."

Bei Mingmo was also extremely helpless, she couldn't laugh or cry: "Mom, it's not that I didn't say it clearly, it's your brain that makes up..."

Mrs. Bei Ming may also think that everyone is not talking at the door, and she hurriedly smiled at Xuanyuan Che: "Xuanyuan Che, let me call you Ache! Come in quickly, I'm older and a little confused, just laughed!"

Xuanyuan Che also smiled and said gently and politely: "Auntie, it's okay. I know about Momo and Pei Jun's blind date. But neither of them is interesting, so let's just leave it alone. Maybe Momo is busy and forgot to tell you. "

Hearing this, Bei Mingmo couldn't help but glanced at Xuanyuan Che.

It seems that this guy would be very pleasing in front of the elders!

Sure enough, Mrs. Bei Ming saw that the other party was generous and courteous, and she was a little satisfied, and her smile became sincere.

Everyone entered the house together, but Bei Mingqiao has not yet returned. So, Mrs. Bei Ming began to greet Xuanyuan Che.

The mother-in-law asked her son-in-law, nothing more than those few words.

"Ache, where do you go to work?"

"Ache, what do your parents do? Do you have any brothers and sisters?"

"Ache, how long have you known us Momo?"

Xuanyuan Che answered the first two questions lightly.

After all, although Hua Guo Xuanyuan's family is not a big family, it can be considered as worry-free.

As for country J, he naturally wouldn't speak.

As for the last question, Xuanyuan Che said frankly: "I actually met Momo three years ago. At that time, we had several meetings together."

Madam Bei Ming was obviously surprised, she glared at Bei Mingmo, obviously to blame her for not saying. It also made her worry about her marriage, and even arranged for her to have a blind date with Bae Jun.

"However, at that time, we just had a good feeling for each other, but we were separated because of other things." Xuanyuan Che said, "Formally together, it's also in the past few months..."

Perhaps it was really in response to the saying that the mother-in-law looked at her son-in-law, and the more she looked at it, the more pleasing to the eye, Mrs. Bei Ming saw that the other person was handsome and spoke polite, plus almost every topic mentioned Bei Mingmo.

It can be seen that he really cares about his daughter.

Parents, especially families like them who don't worry about food and clothing, only hope that their daughter can find someone who is sincere to them. As for family background, it is not so important.

Everyone was chatting happily, and Beiming Bridge was also home.

Mrs. Bei Ming had already told him Xuanyuan Che's identity just now, so after he came in, he didn't have any more oolong.

Bei Mingmo introduced it again, everyone sat down, and the topic of Bei Mingqiao and Xuanyuan Che got involved in the company.

Mrs. Bei Ming was not interested in company management, so she took her daughter to the kitchen.

The mother and daughter were whispering, but Mrs. Bei Ming discovered that there was a big diamond ring on her daughter's ring finger.

Her eyes seemed to be scalded, and she said, "Momo, did he buy it for you?"

Bei Mingmo nodded: "Yes."

Mrs. Bei Ming is not worried about her daughter's secret marriage, after all, the household registration is still with her!

It’s just that, when I originally wanted my daughter to marry, when I really thought that one day, my child would live with others, I suddenly felt a little sour.

"Momo, tell me, is he really good to you?" Mrs. Bei Ming asked worriedly.

"Well, very good." Bei Mingmo raised his foot: "I was busy at the booth for most of the day. He came from the Imperial City specially and bought me flat shoes."

"Then mother can rest assured." Mrs. Bei Ming sighed, glanced at the boiling soup, and sighed slightly: "You are not young anymore, look back and observe again. Once you have run in, you can also consider getting a license for marriage. Daughter is born. It’s better not to be too late for the child. It’s best to get pregnant before 30."

Bei Mingmo: "..."

In other words, didn't my mother just lament that her daughter is married and feel a little bit sad?

Why did you start urging marriage and giving birth in a blink of an eye?

"Momo, you won't leave for your birthday tomorrow, right?" Mrs. Bei Ming asked again: "Let Ache stay too, just in time for everyone to celebrate your birthday together."

Bei Mingmo realized that it was her birthday!

actually! Of course! To! Up!

Women generally ignore their own age after they are 27, and Bei Mingmo is no exception.

She didn't want to remind herself how old she was, let alone see that she was getting closer and closer to 30.

She was a little bit lamented: "Mom, I really miss 18!"

"In my mother's eyes, my Momo will always be 18!" Mrs. Bei Ming said.

Bei Mingmo smiled: "Okay, Mom, I don't have to go back to the company in the Imperial City tomorrow. Then we will celebrate with the whole family tomorrow!"

"Okay." Mrs. Bei Ming said, turned off the fire, and walked to the door and said: "It's ready for dinner!"

So, the servant came over to serve the food, and Bei Mingmo also helped to serve it, and everyone sat down at the table together, enjoying themselves.

That night, Bei Mingqiao also specially took out his chess, and invited Xuanyuan Che, "A Che, how many games should we play together?"

Xuanyuan Che doesn't know how to play chess at all, he only knows the rules, but at this moment, he can only slap his face to fill the fat man, nod his head, and sit down calmly: "Okay, uncle."

Seeing his calm and sophisticated appearance, Bei Mingmo thought he was a master.

But, soon, Xuanyuan Che's son was constantly eaten until Bei Mingqiao said, "General!"

Bei Mingmo smiled and said, "Ache, don't you know how to play chess?"

Xuanyuan Che's ears were a little red, and after deciding to go back, he would practice whenever he had time.

"When I was young, my father asked me to learn, but I learned the rules and never touched it again." He frankly: "Uncle, just laughed."

But at this moment, Bei Mingqiao accepted Xuanyuan Che for the first time.

Sometimes people don't need to be perfect. If they really understand everything, they will have an invisible and intangible sense of distance.

And the guy in front of him smiled so shyly when he was killed, it seemed that Bei Mingqiao saw his sincerity.

Bei Mingqiao patted Xuanyuan Che on the shoulder, and said, "Do you want to learn now? Uncle teaches you."

Of course Xuanyuan Che couldn't ask for it, and nodded, "Okay."

So the two began to study chess again.

Bei Mingmo and Mrs. Bei Ming looked at each other and smiled, and they both saw a tacit understanding from the bottom of each other's eyes.

That night, Madam Bei Ming cleaned up the guest room and let Xuanyuan Che live.

His room was next to Bei Mingmo, and when he walked to the balcony, it was only half a meter high from her.

At night, the two of them finished washing, and as soon as Bei Mingmo walked to the balcony, he saw Xuanyuan Che there.

There are still drops of water on his hair. Seeing her, he leaned against the partition and asked, "Momo, do you think your parents are satisfied with me?"