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Gong Lingye turned his eyes when he heard the words, and looked at the wall clock on the wall. Sure enough, it was already 12 midnight, so it was his birthday.

    The words "Happy Birthday" Gong Lingye don't know how many times I have heard it, but this time, from the mouth of the Song Yi people, I was inexplicably moved.

    This is the woman he likes to accompany him on his first birthday.

    In the future, I hope he will be with her every birthday.

    Gong Lingye bowed her head and wanted to say something to Song Yiren, but found that the little woman's breath in her arms became even and long, and apparently she had fallen asleep.

    His physical strength is so poor that he is not as good as his wounded wounded wound. It seems that he will have to supervise her to exercise well in the future!

    Gong Lingye bowed her head and kissed Song Yi's hair, and fell asleep.

    Thousands of miles away, Gong Mochen explained the matter to the project manager for the next few days and pulled the trolley case to the nearby airport.

    From country F to the imperial city, it is necessary to transfer in another country. Therefore, Gong Mochen arrived in China at the earliest, almost at the domestic time, on the afternoon of the 25th.

    When he boarded the plane and took off, Gong Mochen's heart became inexplicably a little anticipated.

    Sunlight came in from the window, and the room was covered with golden dust.

    The Song Yi people's biological clock came into play at the time, but she didn't want to move at all. She only felt that the bed was extremely comfortable, and she was familiar with peace of mind, so she just wanted to continue lying down.

    Sleepy and the circadian clock are engaged in a battle between heaven and man. Her hands unconsciously touched the "pillow" in front of her. Her legs were wrapped up, but she suddenly discovered that she had touched something hard.

    When the hands touched, Song Yi murmured, but her "pillow" was tight all over, and the feeling suddenly changed.

    Song Yi was stunned and opened his eyes.

    The goal is to look like a man with lazy feeling when he first wakes up. He is hooking his lips at this moment, and he is half-backlit.

    The voice was low-magnetism, slowly blooming in her ears: "Warm warm, you first provoke me."

    Before the Song Yi people had time to react, they were suddenly buckled at the waist, and then, as soon as the whole body turned, they were already pressed into the soft bed.

    Xin Li's sleeping face instantly became vigilant because of the danger, and the Song Yi people closed their lips before they had time to protest.

    She really didn't know why the man was so physically strong, and it was clearly less than 10 hours from the end of last night. Why did he eat her again from the beginning to the end?

    Moreover, she also wanted to know, how did he come in those years when he did not have her?

    After the end, the Song Yi people found themselves unable to get up.

    Somewhat annoyed, she lay prone on Gong Lingye's chest, and charged at him with her eyes.

    He smiled lowly: "Warm warm, practice more and get used to it later."

    Song Yi hummed.

    Gong Lingye said again: "I decided to supervise you every day starting from tomorrow and running for more than 40 minutes."

    Song Yi: "..."

    She already had soft legs, and now she started to shake.

    "Isn't you hungry?" Gong Lingye treated the hair of Li Songyi: "I'll get you some food."

    Song Yi people really, have breakfast in bed for the first time.

    The previous week, she was sitting at the bed to feed Gong Lingye, but the plot turned so quickly that he was feeding her by the bed.

    Breakfast turned into lunch. Song Yiren saw that the clock was already twelve, and she remembered her bag: "I have prepared a birthday gift for you."

    Gong Lingye got up to get it. The wrapping paper was very beautiful. He carefully opened it to reveal the metal box inside and opened it again. It was a delicate and domineering robot.

    Gong Lingye saw the robot's shoulder with its English name: "Ares?"

    Song Yi nodded, with a little anticipation in his eyes.

    "Nuan Nuan." Gong Lingye sat down by the bed: "In your heart, am I your God of War?"

    Es is the god of war in ancient Greek mythology.

    Song Yi was a little hot, but nodded.

    In fact, she has been thinking about what name to give the robot, because Gong Lingye actually has no English name.

    But that day he protected her so bloodied, the name suddenly came to her mind.

    God of War is the god who fights for her alone.

    When Gong Lingye saw that the Song Yi people were trapped in the bed, she showed a small head. She nodded her head so cute that she couldn't help but just wanted to eat her again.

    In his hand, Ares' power was on, and he greeted him: "Hello, introduce yourself, I am Ares ..."

    As he introduced it, the badge on its chest lit up with three words engraved on it:

    Gong Lingye.

    This was the name engraved on his own by his little woman. At first, he was unhappy with the gift from Gong Mochen. After seeing Song Yiren's intentions at the moment, he disappeared instantly.

    Gong Lingye stooped and was about to bow her head to kiss the Song Yi people, and saw what seemed to be carved on the bottom of the robot's feet.

    He picked it up and looked like it was three lines:

    "Gong Ling Ye, happy birthday!

    I like you!

    .25 warmly carved. "

    I only felt something suddenly hit the chest, and a heat flow came, Gong Lingye was completely stiff for a moment, then, the surprise exploded, the whole body and mind was surrounded by joy and warmth, and all the cells were beating and happy.

    This is the first time she likes it.

    She said she likes him.

    Although Song Yi actually read such emotions long ago, the person in love still stubbornly and naively want to hear her express this sentence clearly.

    The light at Gong Ling's eyes was unpredictable. Finally, he put down Ares and leaned over to block the Song Yi's lips.

    The air in Song Yi's lungs was instantly sucked out, and her body was soft in the pillow, only to feel that the man in front of him was full of the momentum to swallow her.

    Lips and petals were numb by his kiss, and the whole person was weak. In the blankness of the brain, only the man's voice murmured in her ear: "Nuan Nuan, I really like the gift you gave me. "

    She missed a beat in her heartbeat, and just raised her lips and wanted to say something, feeling that his whole breath surrounded her again.

    She did not have time to introduce him to what robots can do, such as positioning, navigation, tracking, such as playing music, searching for information, and for example, if there are people at home, they can also automatically retrieve the identification information of guests ...

    At this moment, she can only sink completely. In the tide he brought to her, she floats up and down ...

    At the end, Song Yiren really felt that she should run away. If so, she would stay with Gong Lingye in the future.

    However, he seems to be more athletic and more energetic, and even looks better than ever.

    Gong Lingye ’s birthday today, Mrs. Gong actually wanted to give him a birthday feast, but he did n’t want to be too lively, so he only invited a few of them to be small, and decided to come at his villa at 7pm this evening. Hangout.