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At the same time, Chu Mingyao had arrived outside the door. He jumped into a car and could only see the figure of the Song Yi who had just come out through the window.

    At this time, I didn't know where the two little boys came from. One of them looked bigger, with a toy gun in his hand. It was a little old.

    Behind him, the younger boy chased and said, "Brother, play for me!"

    The two were obviously children of the demolished house nearby, and they didn't know how they ran over.

    The younger one was tripped by the raised rock on the ground because of anxiety, and suddenly knocked down, because of the fast running speed, his lips knocked on the rock, and blood poured out at once.

    Song Yi people are running out, seeing this scene, then stopped.

    She seemed hesitant, but she immediately ran to the little boy and lifted him up to see the wound on his lips.

    Seeing that the wound was n’t too deep, she took out a tissue from her pocket, held it for him, and coaxed: “Do n’t cry, brother, the brave child wo n’t bleed!”

    The little boy cried twice, looked at Song Yiren's face, and found that there was blood on her neck. She suddenly forgot to cry, and quickly said: "Sister does not cry!"

    "Well, we are all brave, don't cry!" Song Yiren thought of the nougat in today's dessert shop in his pocket, so he handed it to the boy: "This is the reward for brave children!"

    The boy took it happily and wiped a tear: "Thank you sister!"

    Song Yiren touched his head: "It's getting dark. It's dangerous here. Come home with your brother!"

    Obviously, the elder brother also knew that he had brought his younger brother out, knocked him out and got into trouble, so he stuffed the toy in his hand and pulled the younger brother to leave quickly.

    Over there, Chu Mingyao's car drove around the corner, and he sat in the car, watching the figure of Song Yiren gradually getting smaller, and finally disappeared.

    In front of him, he was still playing back the pictures just now.

    The emotion that never felt in his heart suddenly filled the entire chest. He only felt that he had lived in these 30 years. For the first time in his life, he felt what it was like to be a person.

    Different from the original possessiveness, this is a kind of heart-pounding picture even if you look at it from a distance.

    He remembered that when he was a child, many times, he fell down, and even if he was injured again, no one helped him like this.

    The redemption he needed never came.

    Today, she let him see the light.

    Even though she had just experienced life and death, even she was very frightened, but she gave her kindness to a little boy who had never lived!

    Without any calculations and interests, Chu Mingyao only felt that the girl at that moment was so beautiful that he was moved.

    If at this moment, let him choose again, he will definitely not try anything in her life!

    He found that he had weaknesses, but because of such weaknesses, he felt that he was truly and completely living in this world.

    The excitement and joy in my heart makes you want to cry.

    His car passed through dusk and disappeared completely ...

    At this moment, another car drove quickly, accompanied by a sharp sound of tires rubbing against the ground, and the car suddenly stopped beside the factory courtyard. Gong Lingye pushed the door open and walked down quickly.

    He seemed to be carrying a wind, but suddenly stopped when he hit the Song Yi people.

    Song Yiren raised his eyes and met Gong Lingye's murderous sight.

    He was bathed in bloodthirsty breath, and the whole person seemed to come from hell!

    She was not afraid, she reacted quickly and ran to him.

    Standing in front of him for a moment, she reached out to pull him and found that the temperature of his palm was cooler than usual, and there was a thin sweat on the palm.

    Was she nervous because she was worried about her?

    Song Yi held Gong Lingye's hand and was about to speak, and saw his cold and sharp eyes locked her injured neck.

    Suddenly, his whole body's breath was colder, and the feeling of oppression came over, so she couldn't help raising her eyes and explained to him: "It's okay, just scratched a little skin."

    And the next second, he narrowed his eyes and fixedly looked at the wound. When the Song Yi people thought Gong Lingye was going to help her treat the wound, he jerked and shook her hand away, then Leave her a back.

    Song Yi was stunned, his mouth moved, and there was no sound.

    At this time, Amian and a few people came over and said, "Emperor Shao!"

    "Don't you listen to my orders?" Gong Lingye was murderous all over.

    A Mian bowed her head: "I'm sorry."

    Song Yiren quickly explained: "Jiang just saw my movements, and I told him not to do anything."

    Gong Lingye ignored her, but went straight to A Mian and said: "I have arranged a mission to protect her at all times, why is she still kidnapped?"

    A Mian lowered her eyes and said nothing.

    Song Yiren continued to explain: "I avoided it myself"

    Gong Lingye suddenly turned her head and said sharply in her tone: "Shut up!"

    The Song Yi people were stunned and took a half step back, staring blankly at him.

    Gong Lingye continued to urge A Mian to order: "You and them, run back to the residence from here, no transportation is allowed!"

    A Mian: "Yes!"

    Aside, Song Yiren saw that he was really going to run, quickly reached out to pull him, and then rushed to the palace and said at night: "I myself let the route designed by Zahara avoid Amian and they have nothing to do with them-

    Gong Lingye said: "Run twice!"

    Song Yi: "..."

    She did not dare to say it again, for fear that Gong Lingye would say it three times, and A Mian and others had already gone to the penalty at the moment.

    After Gong Lingye had instructed him, he turned directly and walked towards the car.

    The Song Yi people were left behind by him and quickly chased.

    He pulled the door open and she followed the car.

    She hadn't fastened her seat belt yet, and he ran away from the accelerator.

    Song Yi was startled, quickly grabbed the handlebars on the side to stabilize his body, fastened his seat belt, and then turned to look at the man beside him.

    His gaze kept staring straight ahead, his jaw line was tight, his throat knot was prominent, and his body was filled with thick low air pressure.

    He is angry.

    Song Yiren clearly noticed that Gong Lingye was angry with her.

    She didn't need to think about it or ask him at all, she knew that he was angry at her proficiency.

    He was angry that she used her as a bait to take risks, without obtaining his permission in advance, or not notifying him in advance.

    The Song Yi people blame themselves and feel a little uncomfortable, but if she is asked to choose again, she still has to do so.

    She knew that he could protect her well, even if she deliberately dumped those people until she was taken away by Zahara.

    However, the sword is blind, and she knows that even if it is safe, there will be risks.

    But she was worried that Chu Mingyao would find a way to completely destroy the evidence in Su Yunfei ’s hands after she knew she had a problem. Even though she might have revenge in the end, she could not vindicate the original injustice!

    Song Yiren bit his lip, reached out, and slowly touched Gong Lingye's thigh.