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#406 Abandoned

Beiming foam raised his eyes and found that there was no surprise on Beiming night's face.

The fire in her heart suddenly rose: "you two already know? So when my father asked you to choose a major, you totally didn't listen to the suggestions, and then all kinds of estrangement, because you knew that there was no blood relationship with us? "

Beiming grabs Beiming foam's arm: "foam, that's not the case. We were also hit at that time. Therefore, I don't know how to deal with you and my uncle and aunt for a while, so I will choose to leave. "

Beiming foam is still a little upset. He takes his arm away from Beiming's deep palm: "in a word, I only see that we are played around by you! At that time, my father also blamed himself. Did he think there was something bad for you? Did he spoil me too much and make you uncomfortable? As a result... "

"Mo Mo, I'm sorry." Beiming deep road.

Beiming foam suddenly stopped.

After all, in the impression, this man really never said these three words.

She took a breath: "then can you tell me the truth? Why don't we have a blood relationship? "

Beiming thought deeply for a moment and nodded.

"Mo Mo, in fact, your father is not a child of the Beiming family." Beiming looked at the girl in front of him: "he was adopted by grandpa, because his own son died in an accident. And a few days later, grandpa passed by the river and saved your father and let him replace his own son. "

Beiming foam's eyes widened suddenly, and she looked at Beiming deep: "so, in fact, we are foreign? And my uncle told me that my father's blood type was fake? "

"Yes, my father was worried about how much he would think when he knew it, so he deliberately said his blood type." Beiming deep road.

After a long delay, Beiming foam said: "my uncle is gone. My father inherited everything that belonged to you. Instead, he kept you away all year round. Then I think I should tell him to return everything to you. "

"No." Beiming shook his head deeply: "I have enough income. I don't need anything from my family."

Beiming night also said: "I only like acting, although now it seems that I can't do anything. But I have no interest in doing business, especially in the building materials business of Beiming family! "

Indeed, my father is not a business material. In addition, the competition is too big now. In fact, the company of Beiming family does not have much profit. It can be said that the business is getting smaller and smaller.

In fact, Beiming foam is also interested in this aspect, so she did not enter her father's company after graduation, but created her own Y & M brand.

However, even if the business is normal now, it is also left by his grandfather.

"Then I'll tell Dad about it when I get home," she said

"All right." "But I'm busy with my work. I'm going to go to the mountains again tomorrow. I can't contact you for the moment," said Beiming

He said, looking at the foam in the north, "foam, ah Xiao has given it to you for the time being."

"Good." Beiming foam nods.

Beiming night is just from the mind back to God, thinking that he must be blind for a while, he felt depressed.

He leaned against the bed and said nothing more.

Beiming took a deep look at the time and said, "foam, it's more than three o'clock. Go to sleep. I'll have a word with ah Xiao."

"Good." Beiming foam nodded and went to the rest room next door.

That night, beimingmo had been dreaming.

In the dream, there are two brothers of Beiming midnight, xuanyuanche, and even uncle.

Finally, the dream is fixed at the moment when xuanyuanche falls off the cliff.

She woke up abruptly, opened her eyes, and felt that her eyes were swollen. She took a look at her mobile phone and found that it was only seven in the morning.

Although some early, but she also did not sleep, propped up the body to rub the temple, then went to the next room of Beiming night.

Beiming night is still sleeping. Beside the bed, Beiming deep is dozing off. When he hears the noise, he straightens up and his voice is hoarse: "foam, why don't you sleep more?"

"I woke up all of a sudden." Her voice lightened: "is the second brother OK? He Did you accept it? "

"I told him everything. He knew the truth." Beiming Shen stood up and poured water for Beiming foam: "he is 29 years old. He is no longer a child. He should learn to accept some things."

Beiming foam took over the water and nodded, "it's just that he likes acting so much. He will be very sad."

As they were talking, they heard something moving at the door.

Beiming foam turns around and sees Teddy and a young girl.

Teddy looked at Beiming night, sighed, and said to Beiming, "handsome man, let's talk next door?"

Beiming nods deeply.

Beiming foam looked at Teddy's termination document, and her heart was not feeling at once.

So the brokerage company has given up Beiming night? Is the chance that he got hard to participate in the show going to give up?

Suddenly, I think the world is cruel.

It's like, Teddy, who used to have a good time, gave up on Beiming night after finding that there was no possibility of it becoming red!

Beiming foam suddenly wants to speak with xuanyuanche, so she takes out her mobile phone.

It's a little early. Should he get up, too?

In the impression, xuanyuanche's work and rest has always been relatively regular, belonging to the type of early to bed and early to rise.

Of course, if you're with her, it's really early to bed. It's just the word "sleep" that needs quotation marks.

Beiming foam sent a message: "up?"

After a few minutes, there was a reply: "well, just woke up."

"My second brother can't see. He's very sad. I'm sorry for him too." "I thought his agent was good to him, but today, it seems that they have come directly to terminate the contract, and even asked about his illness."

The reply was quick: "yes, but this society is already realistic."

Before Beiming foam could reply, another message came out: "Mo Mo Mo, my company is in an emergency. We are going abroad recently. We can't see each other for the time being."

Beiming foam deleted all the original typed words and replied: "Oh, OK! You pay attention to safety, and see you when you come back! "

"Yes, foam." There was a kissing reply: "miss you."

Beiming foam can't help laughing. This guy has learned how to be meat numb!

She also replied with a kiss, then put away her mobile phone.

I don't know what Beiming night said to Beiming night. Although Beiming night woke up, it was still very dispirited, but there was no extreme behavior.

Beiming said the details of the agreement to him, and he nodded lightly, looking into the darkness in the distance.

Beiming deep because of something, so he left again, room, Beiming foam afraid of Beiming night, try to talk with him.

Just two days later, on the other side of the starry night, song Yiren had a contract that was not clear, so he picked up his mobile phone and called xuanyuanche.