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Xuanyuan Che was really anxious, life was so big, for the first time swearing, or swearing at women!

    On the bed, Bei Mingmo felt a little embarrassed and suddenly heard the phone ringing, so he reached out and touched it.

    However, I didn't know what was going on, and my center of gravity was unstable. I planted it directly under the bed and knocked it on the flute of the bedside table.

    "Ah--" She yelled in pain, but because she was planted, she was so dizzy that she had no more.

    Xuanyuan Che had already stopped at the door, and stopped when he heard Beiming Mo crying. The whole person was startled and quickly turned back.

    When he walked over to the bed and saw the girl with the whole person on the back, his fire suddenly disappeared by half.

    Xuanyuan Che had never seen Beimingmo's embarrassing appearance. Her head was on the ground, her hair was scattered on the soft carpet, and there was a hook on the leg beside the bed, so that one was on the bedside table.

    Because of the planting, and because of drunkenness, my cheeks were flushed, my eyes were half-squinted, and my body was twisted at 120 degrees. It was as funny as it was.

    Thanks to her soft body, it's okay to get stuck like this, but it looks like a drunk cat.

    He squatted down and squinted his eyes: "Bei Mingmo, are you practicing acrobatics?"

    She looked at him upside-down and confused, "Then am I performing well? Ah, I'm so powerful, I actually developed a new potential!"

    Xuanyuan Che couldn't laugh or cry, but, after watching it for a few seconds, he picked up Bei Mingmo again and looked down at her head: "Where did it hit?"

    She pointed to her forehead, and Xuanyuan Che looked at it. Sure enough, there was some redness and a little swell.

    He said: "It's okay to hit down, sober."

    Bei Mingmo felt thirsty again, and she pushed him away, annoyed, "What about water?"

    She is now uncomfortable, her head dizzy, her eyes swollen and sore, her mouth is still thirsty!

    Xuanyuan Che also suffocated, so she ignored her words and wanted to see if she would take the initiative to call his name.

    However, Beiming Mo did not.

    She waited for a long time without water, so she propped herself up and stumbled to find the water.

    Xuanyuan Che saw that she seemed to be falling down every step of the way, and the fire that had been depressed by her heart came up again.

    Ha ha, she really said that she could do it, and even ignored him when she was drunk!

    Bei Mingmo had already reached the bar at the moment, unscrewed a bottle of mineral water, and poured it down, suddenly feeling a lot better.

    After doing this, she fumbled to get up, but she couldn't move after two steps, leaning against the door, motionless.

    Xuanyuan Che was going to leave. He came to the door with his coat and purse, and said coldly to Beimingmo who said: "Keep away."

    She blinked innocently, but unfortunately because of the swelling, she didn't have the effect of electric eyes at all.

    Xuanyuan Che spoke again, his tone a little heavier: "Keep off!"

    Bei Mingmo yelled, letting go a little.

    Xuanyuan Che twisted the door handle, but when she was about to open the door, the girl beside her became soft and fell straight in his direction.

    He almost instinctively reached out and took her full.

    Her body was soft, and when she pressed it against his chest, her arms were already raised, and he wrapped around his neck.

    Her warm breath fell on his throat, her voice drunkenly charming: "Well, hug—"

    Xuanyuan Che's throat knot rolled, and his heart could not be beaten more powerfully than usual.

    He wrapped her waist in one hand and rested on the door handle with one hand: "Beijing Mingmo, let go."

    "Hush, don't be noisy." She snorted impatiently, and the whole person put another sticker in his arms, the tip of his nose rubbed his throat, and the lips fell on the most sensitive part of his neck. arch.

    Xuan Yuan Che only felt that he was instantly set on fire, his blood cried and his breath tightened. His voice was dumb: "Beijing Mingmo, do you know who I am? What are you doing?"

    "Don't make trouble, Xuanyuan Che." Bei Mingmo felt noisy and grunted dissatisfiedly.

    So, she knew it was him?

    Xuanyuan Che's hand on the door handle slowly relaxed.

    He looked down at her: "Don't you know that it's dangerous for you to get drunk outside?"

    The man in front of him always talked, and noisy her to rest, Bei Mingmo was not happy, and his body twisted.

    The soft body rubbed against his body, and Xuanyuan Che tightened almost immediately.

    He couldn't tell whether it was anger or desire. The fire made his eyes darker and darker. An empty hand moved from the door handle to Beiming Mo's leg.

    He hugged her upright and walked quickly, with a fire in his heart: "I may owe you my life."

    Put Beiming Mo back on the bed again. Xuanyuan Che just got up and felt his shirt button pull. Then Beiming Mo on the bed shouted, "Pain!"

    He quickly bowed his head, and saw Bei Mingmo's curly hair hooked on his clothes button.

    He had to lean over again and reach for his attention.

    However, because the strand of hair caught was somewhat short, when he leaned down, he could barely see the strand of hair, so he could only untie the hair by feeling.

    Beimingmo is curly hair, often with hand-clawed hair, which is not as smooth as straight hair, so Xuanyuan Che does this, but instead makes the hair strands more tight and tight.

    Underneath, Bei Mingmo was a little uncomfortable. She twisted her body and snorted, "What are you doing?"

    Perhaps because of drunkenness, her voice was softer than usual, and the tail picked up, obviously dissatisfied, but full of coquetry.

    They were very close, his nose was full of her taste, the faint fragrance, and the alcoholic drunk, plus her breath fell on his neck, suddenly let him open his pores all over. Come.

    Breathing tightened, the body has changed completely out of control, but the hair is still untied.

    The heartbeat was getting faster and faster, and Xuanyuan Che was a little annoyed. When he pressed a little harder, Bei Mingmo yelled again: "Why are you pulling my hair ?!"

    He pressed down suddenly, and the two were almost at zero distance.

    His voice was deep, with an unexplained meaning: "So what do you want? Who makes your hair like poodle hair?"

    Bei Mingmo was so uncomfortable that he reached out and pushed Xuanyuan Che: "You crushed me!"

    He propped up a little bit, his fingers landed on his shirt, unbuttoning one by one.

    Unexpectedly, her hair was still tightly wrapped, and when she untied it, she pulled her back again. Finally, he peeled off the clothes against her body, and her hair was still on his shirt.

    Xuanyuan Che finally relieved, but the next second, a hand suddenly fell on his chest.

    Her hands were fair and delicate, even whiter than the skin on his chest. When she fell on it, she touched and patted again, and sighed in her mouth: "It feels better when you take off than you just wore clothes!"