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#440 Pretty Face Slap 2

The host was a little ignorant, and the name was repeated again, but no one was still there.

She smiled: "Sister Wei may still be applying makeup, then please ask Mr. Zhang Xinhua to appear first!"

The following players also applauded excitedly, but no one came.

Gradually, everyone felt something was wrong.

After all, even if the two did not come, then, should Chen Yuan come?

The host is still smiling and saving: "So, our popular queen, Chen Yuan -"

She said awkwardly, her neck stretching back was almost sore, and no one was seen.

Below, some players have begun to protest: "What does it mean? Doesn't it mean that my family Yuanyuan is coming?"

"Yeah, we came here specifically to see Yuanyuan!"

"And my brother, Xinhua, I heard that he was coming to the press conference, specifically coming by car from the city next door!"

"Yeah, wouldn't it be that all three of them weren't they? Such a lie?"


Someone had begun to shout, and suddenly there was chaos below.

At this moment, before the screen, the woman looked at the question below and finally let out a long breath.

She turned her head to look at Shangguanao, and saw Shangguanao frowning, her eyes full of anger. Obviously, she was already very angry.

Shangguan Ao was angry, but he was angry with himself.

He was so angry that he even believed Gong Lingye said that this girl is capable and can do a career.

He was really bluffed!

But now, what can I do?

A few stars can't figure it out, doesn't she know that her own identity is the best trump card?

Moving out of the name of the first lady of Tiangong Group, who dares to break the contract? Dare to put her pigeons?

You know, those little celebrities can't even get a chance to speak to Gong Lingye!

This is not self-confidence, but just stunned for self-use, is stupid!

Shangguan was arrogant and a little unwilling to waste time to continue reading.

But at this moment, the Song Yi people came to the stage.

She first told everyone not to make a noise, before saying: "Everyone must be curious, why didn't the three artists show up?"

Seeing everyone nodding, she smiled and said, "It's because they made an appointment."

Everyone was stunned for a moment, so that no one even spoke, all looked at Song Yiren in doubt.

After all, is it time for crisis public relations? Does it make sense for her to admit that she was released?

"However, we have invited a better god. Do you want to know who they are?" Song Yiren didn't have any tension on his face, but just said: "Since the beginning of online games, there have been many stages, each At this stage, there are people who personally create milestones."

In everyone's ignorance, she said extremely: "And the current mobile game was also founded seven years ago by a team named "Black Wing Glacier."

Some players have already got up with excitement and called a name: "Black Wing!"

"Yes." Song Yi people all smile confidently: "Hei Yi, the chief planner of the Hei Yi team, is here today."


Almost after a brief silence, the players below screamed!

No one who doesn’t know Black Wings is concerned about online games, but they are the uncrowned gods in their hearts!

However, Black Wing has been retired for five years, and with his legends, he will always become a legend among all populations.

Many of today's online games still follow the model he created at that time, and almost all the top players are watching him step by step in the original game.

"Black Wing is really here?" Some people have cried out: "I have been thinking, if I can watch another game he played in my lifetime, there will be no regrets!"

"Yeah, Black Wing is simply the God in my heart!"

"The Black Wings are here." Song Yiren turned sideways with a smile, looking towards the end of the stage.

Soon, the curtain over there opened, Chi Jingyu in a striking casual wear, step by step to the center of the stage.

"Really Black Wings!" Someone recognized it and could not help screaming.

So, the players below are almost crazy!

No one still remembers what the stars just agreed to. Even if they just started playing online games or were attracted by just a few stars, they were also infected by the atmosphere of the people around them and began to scream.

Chi Jingyu saw the scene under the stage, but also a long-lost passion.

Today, it was only in the last ten minutes that they realized that all three stars had agreed.

Before calling, the other party always said that there was a bit of traffic jam on the road, but Song Yi said that it is impossible for all three to be unpunctual, and someone must have deliberately vandalized.

The public relations department originally planned to arrange other programs first, and then use this time to invite others, but Song Yiren pulled Chi Jingyu to an empty room.

She looked at him with her arms: "Black Wing, you see the company is dangerous now, should you behave?"

Chi Jingyu was depressed at the time, he smiled bitterly: "Boss Yu, I don't know what you are talking about."

"Do you believe it or not, if you don't, I'll post on Weibo and send those photos of your sleeping appearance at the base?" Song Yiren raised his eyebrows. "I believe what Apan has in his hands."

"Fuck! Apan, his mother is sick? Can't shoot Laozi!" Chi Jingyu scolded, then looked at Song Yiren with an appointment: "Say, what do I need to do?"

"Just pull out your ashes-level vest, and then give everyone a game on the spot, and you will be able to retreat." Song Yiren winked: "Simple? Great God?"

Chi Jingyu: "..." saying, why is it so difficult to be a low-key beautiful man quietly?

But at the moment, he was facing such fanatic fans below, thinking that just a few traffic stars were going to play, these players were not so crazy, and suddenly felt that it seemed good to come out as if nothing came out.

He cleared his throat and signaled that everyone was quiet, so he lazily said, "I didn't expect everyone to remember me... I have nothing to tell you, just want to say, love me and play a game with me." !"

As soon as he finished speaking, the young men and women shouted, "Love! Love Black Wings!"

This battle...

Chi Jingyu smiled: "I feel like I can make my debut! I won't say that nonsense, shall we fight now?"

There was another burst of cheers below.

The technician has come over and linked the live screen, while Chi Jingyu sat on the stage, put on the headset, and entered the game of Starry Night.

On one side, Song Yi people looked at all this and raised their lips.

She is a rookie for games, but life is like a monster. Since there are so many restless people or things, then, come and fight one by one!

She does not know how to play games because she has no time to practice. However, on the big stage of life, she has practiced for so many years and has grown such a big head, how can she still lose? !