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#409 A beginning and an end

"Girl, is your bag broken?" Behind him, an enthusiastic aunt came over to help Bei Mingmo pick up things.

Bei Mingmo only recovered, and smiled at Auntie: "It's okay, just slipped."

"Here is the car exit, there will be a car in a moment, I will pick it up for you, pick it up quickly!" said the aunt, squatted down to help Bei Mingmo.

Bei Mingmo opened the bag and picked up the same thing, and suddenly felt a little sour in his heart.

She smiled even brighter to her aunt: "Thank you, aunt! You are so nice!"

"It's okay, my little girl is as old as you, and you're abroad, so you're kind when you look at you!" Auntie got up and said goodbye to Beimingmo.

Bei Mingmo took the things into the car and drove home directly.

Along the way, her mind was empty and she didn't think about anything until she reached the house and put down the ingredients.

Bei Mingxiao's body has basically completely recovered, but because of blindness, it is almost a waste.

Bei Mingshen invited him a male nurse to accompany him for 24 hours.

And when he eats, as long as Bei Mingmo comes home, he will call him together.

Bei Mingmo planned to make hot pot today, and she bought a lot of ingredients. After arriving at home, she sorted out the ingredients and prepared to call Beimingxiao.

But, just about to walk out of the room, she stopped suddenly, and then took out her mobile phone.

The mobile phone still stays on the message interface sent by Xuanyuan Che just now. The word'break up' is strikingly eye-catching.

Bei Mingmo looked at it for a while, then picked up the phone and dialed Xuanyuan Che directly.

However, the phone rang more than ten times, and no one answered the phone until it hung up.

So she continued to fight again.

This time, at the third tone, the phone was hung up and then called again, it was said to be in a call.

So, she was blacked?

Bei Mingmo was in a trance and suddenly smiled, but the smile was a bit ugly.

She threw the phone angrily on the sofa and went out to ask Bei Mingxiao to eat.

Just opened the door and saw Bei Mingshen in casual clothes.

"Shen Brother?" Bei Mingmo was surprised: "Are you busy with work?"

Bei Mingshen nodded: "Well, I just came back, I don't know if I have caught up with your supper?"

"I'm about to ask Brother Xiao to come over for dinner. Then you call. I'll burn the soup first. Let's eat hot pot today!" Bei Mingmo said.

"Okay." Beiming responded deeply and turned to Beimingxiao.

At night, the three of them ate hot pots together at the table, beside the red wine that Bei Mingmo bought before.

"Without beer, just use red wine. Who said red wine can't be used with hot pot?" Bei Mingmo said a lot today.

Bei Mingshen does not seem to be as indifferent and deep as usual, but instead talks about some anomalies he encountered when he went out to explore.

For comparison, Bei Mingxiao was silent for a long time, and he could not see it. Every time Bei Mingshen gave him food, he silently ate, and occasionally echoed them.

Every time at this time, Bei Mingmo deliberately knocked him: "Second brother, if you don't speak, you will be fined for drinking!"

In the end, Beimingxiao was half drunk, and Beimingmo seemed to be drunk.

Bei Mingshen first helped Bei Mingxiao to the next door, and then came back to help Bei Mingmo clean the table.

She quietly watched him pack up, and the text messages that Xuanyuan Che sent to her emerged in her mind.

In a trance, Bei Mingshen was packed and walked to her: "Momo, do you want to drink water?"

I don’t know if the hot pot smell on his body is a little strong, and Beiming Mo was originally okay. As soon as I smelled the smell, my stomach suddenly rolled suddenly, and wowed it all on Beimingshen’s body. .

She couldn't control it at all, and she still felt sick and vomiting in her stomach.

The next second, the hand was held by the man. He didn't avoid it at all. Instead, he grabbed her hand with one hand to help her maintain balance, and lifted the other hand, patting her back gently to help her.

Bei Mingmo finally vomited everything, but found that Beiming was utterly messed up by her.

She looked up and apologized to him: "Shen, sorry, I--"

"It's okay, I'll deal with it, you sit down and don't move." Bei Ming said deeply, and quickly went to the bathroom.

Mainly on the coat, he took off his coat directly, threw it into the trash can, and took a paper towel to wipe his pants barely clean, and quickly walked out.

To pour Beimingmo a glass of water, he handed it to her, took another pot and then said: "Momo, rinse your mouth."

Bei Mingmo nodded, rinsed his mouth, and raised his eyes: "Shen Brother--"

He pulled her up and led her into the bathroom: "Go to bed and go to bed early."

"I'm sorry!" Bei Mingmo gurgled.

Bei Ming rubbed her head deeply: "Good night."

He went out and cleaned the mess in the room before leaving Beimingmo's house and went to the next door.

In the bathroom, Bei Mingmo let the hot water rush down, and her trance just disappeared after she vomited.

Unwilling to twist his heart, he surged up again.

Xuanyuan Che really did those things? How hungry and thirsty did he go to bed with others soon?

Bei Mingmo only felt that his chest seemed to be blocked, and it was so uncomfortable, but suddenly, his heart crossed a flash of thought.

When Xuanyuan Che was with her, the strange and nervous look was obviously the first time.

He can withstand so many years in the past, is it a little tempting, can't resist?

And, if such a thing really happened, what should he say to her?

He will take the initiative to find her after his business trip ends, and then confess to her?

After all, they had been so intimately together. Although they were underground lovers, he was not a person with no sense of responsibility in his work. No matter the beginning or the end, there should be beginning and end.

So, what is the secret of him?

Or was he also threatened?

Bei Mingmo thought of this, there was another excitement in his mind.

It was too late to turn off the shower, and she ran out of the bathroom quickly.

The sudden coolness made her goose bumps all over her body, but she hurried to the sofa and picked up her phone.

She unlocked and opened, and read the conversation between the two.

She hasn't deleted their chat history, so she also has records from the previous month.

Although Bei Mingmo sometimes seems to be careless, he is also a careful person.

So, she quickly discovered the difference.

It was after Xuanyuan Che said that he was on a business trip, and some of his habits of sending messages to her had changed.

He started to say some nasty words, but he was very brief about the business, even Gu Guzhi said he.

Moreover, since he was on a business trip, he never talked to her again!

Bei Mingmo stared blankly at the mobile phone, and a thought floated slowly in his mind—

Xuanyuan Che didn't call her and only sent messages. Is it because the phone fell into the hands of others?

For example, the person who made the anonymous call