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#426 Kiss him arrogantly

Everyone walked to the base together, and a coach came to explain to the two.

Gong Lingye interrupted him: "I will, she will teach me."

Song Yiren was really parachuting for the first time. When the plane reached a certain height, she felt that her whole heart was also raised.

Beside him, Gong Lingye had put on equipment with her. He hugged her and leaned against her ear: "Nuan Nuan, do you know where is next to this skydiving base?"

"The sound of the propeller is very loud at this moment, and the Song Yi people almost put their lips and petals next to Gong Lingye's ear: "Where? "

"It's very close to Beiming Family." Gong Ling Night Road.

Song Yi turned his head to look at him and was about to say something. Suddenly, the plane felt a shock.

The two turned around and saw that the pilot had put on a parachute and jumped from the other side!

"Warm warm, grab the handrail." Gong Lingye said, quickly returned to the cockpit.

Unexpectedly, when the other party parachuted, he deliberately destroyed the console.

At this moment, it seems difficult to repair for a while.

Song Yiren did not speak, fearing to disturb Gong Lingye's thinking, her eyes looked down at the bottom, and she saw that the person who had just jumped off fell so straight.

I wonder if something went wrong. His parachute failed to open until it reached the ground, maintaining its original appearance.

The Song Yi people hardly need to guess, and they also know that if they go to such a high altitude, they will definitely be crushed.

She suddenly remembered that after Gong Lingye came up, she seemed to secretly exchange the parachute bag.

So, the set she has now should be good?

The plane was still nearly free-falling, and the Song Yi quickly ran to Gong Lingye and said anxiously: "Ling Ye, that man's umbrella failed to open."

He didn't answer her, his eyebrows tightened, and he was clearly in a high tension.

Song Yiren also rarely saw Gong Lingye's dignified appearance. She knew he was repairing the control, so she didn't talk to him, but just waited quietly on the side, thinking that if it was too late, she would pull him to skydiving. .

The plane was still falling and Gong Lingye was continuously debugging. On the back of the hand holding the operating lever, blue muscles appeared.

Seeing the plane getting closer to the ground, the alarm sounded the alarm bell, but everything seemed to have not progressed.

At the moment, Beiming Shen was riding a horse over the ground.

Feeling the sound of horseshoes behind him, he turned his eyes slightly and saw Xuanyuan Yao who was catching up.

There was no slight change in his expression in his cold eyes, but he nodded lightly at her.

She had already stood beside him and turned to him: "Shen, my friend gave me two tickets for the concert. Do you have time tomorrow night?"

"Sorry, I've been busy recently." Bei Ming deep voice was cold.

Xuanyuan Yao looked at the plane suddenly out of control in the sky, what seemed to be blocked in his heart: "Shen Brother, you always say you are busy."

"Miss Xuanyuan, what do you want to say?" Bei Mingshen also saw the runaway plane and narrowed his eyes slightly.

"Shen Brother, how have I treated you over the past few years, don't you feel it?" Xuanyuan Yao looked at the man beside him, her eyes bright and bright: "Eight years, even if you are covering a stone, you should It's hot."

"Really? Then you continue to blaze your stone." Bei Mingshen is more cold: "But it has nothing to do with me."

"Bei Mingshen!" Xuanyuan Yao's chest undulated. In his eyes, besides Beimingshen, there was the plane that would fall in the sky and fall to the ground.

At this time, Bei Mingshen's cell phone rang, and he picked it up and saw Bei Mingmo's name.

Almost without thinking, he slammed the whip, so the horse hurried forward quickly, throwing Xuanyuan Yao behind him.

When he opened the distance, he picked up the phone and his tone was very different from when he had just spoken to Xuanyuan Yao: "Momo?"

"Shen brother, brother Xiao just said, he can't stand it now, he wants to have surgery." Bei Mingmo said.

"He is beside you?" Bei Ming asked deeply.

"No, he's next door, I came over to call you specifically, lest he hear." Bei Mingmo said: "But you know, even experts, only 10% success rate..."

"Momo, wait for me to go back, I will arrange." Bei Ming deep said.

"Oh, good." Bei Mingmo said: "I hear the wind is a little loud on your side. Are you exploring in the wild? If it's not convenient..."

"It's okay." Bei Ming deep said: "I flew over immediately, you are waiting for me at home at night."

"Okay." Bei Mingmo said: "Then pay attention to safety."

Bei Mingshen lowered his voice: "Okay, Momo, see you at night."

He just hung up the phone and saw Xuanyuan Yao who came over.

She smiled at the corner of her lips, but she asked in the eyes: "Shen, this is why you refuse me? Do you have someone you like?"

Bei Ming glanced at her indifferently, and ignored it, she would leave.

But the woman beside him suddenly leaned over, stepped on her saddle and jumped behind him, sitting on his horse.

Her hands wrapped around his waist, and her soft body was pressed against his back, leaning against his ear: "Beijing Shenshen, I like you for a long time."

Bei Ming turned his head deep.

Xuanyuan Yao took advantage of the situation to hook his neck and sent his lips up.

She covered his lips and kissed tremblingly, and the breath sprayed on his body along with the undulating chest.

In the sunshine, she finally glanced at the plane in the sky. It was very close to the ground. Obviously, in less than ten seconds, it should fall completely.

She thought of Gong Lingye, the man who did not put her in her eyes at all.

Like Bei Mingshen in front of him, he was arrogant and dangerous, with a fatal temptation.

It's just that she is also an ordinary woman. Once she likes a man, even if the next one she meets is no matter how good she is, it will be difficult for her to be bothered.

Therefore, when she knew from Shangguan Xun that one of the parachutes was bad, she thought that if it was Beimingshen, she would definitely change the parachute when she boarded the plane.

So, she secretly broke another parachute.

Then, whether Gong Lingye changed or not, he had to die!

Obviously, after the pilot parachuted, the plane was out of control, and Gong Lingye did not choose to parachute immediately. It should also be possible to think that both parachutes are bad.

He was smarter than she imagined, and even more exciting.

It's a pity that she will destroy him personally!

Because she likes Beimingshen, she fell in love with him at first sight when she was 19 years old.

At this moment, Xuanyuan Yao no longer cares about how the plane will fall. At this moment, she closes her eyes and kisses the man in front of her with affection.

At this moment, she had been waiting for a long time in her dream.

At this moment, on the horse, under the clear sky, behind her personal funeral, this kind of stimulation completely drowned her...