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#71 One million for you

Gong Lingye was in a happy mood and reached out to take Song Yi into his arms, but still beating the punch: "Okay, know your enthusiasm, I will give you the information tomorrow morning."

    Song Yi ignored him and took a drink vigorously and took several sips.

    Seeing this, Gong Lingye squeezed her nose: "Nuan Nuan, you don't know, you look like a puffer fish now!"

    Tonight, Luo Tianqi played especially well. It seems that after Gong Lingye ’s remarks, he really only regarded Li Xiaozi as a lady with wine. He no longer looked at her even when she said that she did not drink He didn't force him, he just played a kissing game with another girl.

    Seeing that the time was almost running, Gong Lingye took the lead to propose a break. Chi Jingyu drank a lot of wine, but the whole person was still awake and patted Luo Tianqi's shoulder: "Brother, go back."

    Luo Tianqi also stood up, took out his wallet and tipped.

    He first sent the girl 1,000 and then scraped the tip of her nose: "Play again next time."

    I just played poker, won and counted as my own, and lost as Luo Tianqi. The girl won a lot and was in a good mood. I got close to Luo Tianqi and kissed his cheek: "Handsome, I will call me next time . "

    Not many men are so handsome and willing to spend money.

    No, the key is to be handsome. I want to play with him without collecting money!

    As soon as the girl left, Luo Tianqi took another 10 pieces from his wallet and handed it to Li Xiaozi. His voice was also faint: "Beauty, if you want to learn like your sister, you look like this. No sex. "

    Looking at the 10 blocks in front of her, Li Xiaozi thought that she had not won a penny just after playing cards. She lowered her eyes and pinched the 10 blocks a little.

    She knew he was humiliating her deliberately, but four years ago, she really had no choice ...

    "Why, too little?" Luo Tianqi looked at her: "If too little, I have a way to make you earn more."

    Li Xiaozi heard the words and raised his eyes.

    Luo Tianqi saw that she had taken the initiative to watch it. Suddenly, the jokes at the end turned into Bingfeng: "It seems that you haven't changed at all for so many years!"

    With that, he took her wrist and walked to the bathroom.

    Outside, everyone had reached the corridor, Chi Jingyu saw Luo Tianqi did not come out, so he said: "I'll go and see Tianqi."

    However, just after entering the private room, he heard the voice of men and women in the bathroom. He quickly retreated and took the door of the private room tenderly. talk."

    In the bathroom, Luo Tianqi pressed Li Xiaozi against the wall, his hands clasping her ribs: "There is still a way, you sleep with me once, I give you money once, do you want it?"

    Li Xiaozi looked at the handsome face close to the man, her lips and petals were shaking, and her body was terribly cold.

    She thought about seeing him again, but she didn't expect such an embarrassing way.

    And if she had to betray her body, it might as well be given to him ...

    She asked him: "How much can you give?"

    "I am the heir of the Rock Group, how much money can you give me?" Luo Tianqi's lips and petals made a cold smile: "You didn't expect it, the poor boy turned into what he is now! Knowing that I have money, how would you choose? "

    Li Xiaozi's eyelashes flickered, looking at Luo Tianqi inexplicably.

    Indeed, when she was with him before, she saw him go out to work, saw him eating a roadside stall, saw him wearing cheap T-shirts and jeans, and thought he was really a poor boy.

    Unexpectedly, it turned out that he was not Lu Tianqi, but Luo Tianqi, the heir of the famous Luo Group in China!

    Her lips overflowed with a smile, a little bit desolate, as if mocking her blindness: "Oh, originally, you lied to me, even the name said false."

    "Yeah, if it wasn't for me to tell a fake, how do you know that you are a voracious woman at all ?!" Luo Tianqi sneered: "Look, when we talked for three years, I regarded you as a treasure, no Let me touch you. Now that I mentioned money, you let me go! "

    Li Xiaozi heard his merciless sarcasm, thinking that the heart that was no longer in pain seemed to be strangled by a knife, but she put away the expression of her previous uneasiness and embarrassment, and asked him frankly: "Na Luo less open Bargain, I will let you sleep, how much does it cost at a time? "

    Luo Tianqi heard Li Xiaozi say this shamelessly, his eyes ignited a strong hatred, as if she could burn her: "Like a woman like you who has been slept by sleep, Bai makes me play I think it's too bad Disgusting! However, thank you for appearing in front of me again today, and seeing that you are having a bad time, I suddenly feel better! "

    He said, reaching out to tear Li Xiaozi's clothes, he bit her thin white neck, and his voice seemed to ooze out of hell: "You have fed the dog for years, you tell me, how much you want, I will satisfy you , It ’s the teaching fee you gave me! "

    With a painful and trembling touch on the neck, Li Xiaozi drew in a breath, and at this moment, embarrassment and humiliation made her wish that she would die.

    However, she couldn't.

    She heard herself say, "I want one million."

    "Oh, you really deserve yourself!" Luo Tianqi sneered, violently ripped Li Xiaozi's skirt.

    Suddenly, the girl's skin was completely exposed to the air.

    Almost without any prelude, Luo Tianqi held up Li Xiaozi and rushed himself in.

    The moment passed through without any adaptation process. The blood on Li Xiaozi's face faded, her back leaned against the icy wall, nowhere to climb with her hands, she had to grab Luo Tianqi's arm.

    Luo Tianqi was surprised by the tightness of the girl's body. At the moment, he clearly felt the barrier in her body.

    Looking at her white face and bitten lip. Flap, he sneered while striking her body hard: "Where did you make up the membrane? The effect is really good, so I think you are For the first time! "

    "Want to know? Then next time I ask the doctor to give you a business card?" Li Xiaozi said intermittently because of Luo Tianqi's impact.

    Suddenly, Luo Tianqi's movements were harder, and every time, she could almost knock her apart.

    At first, Li Xiaozi could barely grab his arm, and when she reached the back, she was so painless that she slid down weakly.

    As a result, Luo Tianqi picked her up and put it on the hand-washing table, and then arrived again.

    The faucet on the sink is inductive. Perhaps because Li Xiaozi is close, water flows out of the faucet and rushes to her body. She feels as if she is constantly being washed by two temperatures. , Her consciousness is getting weaker ...

    At the end of Luo Tianqi, it was discovered that Li Xiaozi had passed out.

    He came out of her body and watched her fall to the body on the washstand all at once. His eyes were red: "Li Xiaozi, you forced me ..."