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Xuanyuan Yao was pale with pain, and after more than an hour of tossing, she felt that she had lost half her life.

The clothes were torn, and Shangguan Xun had just treated her, not treating her as a person at all.

But after putting on his clothes, he threw her a new dress like a gentleman, and said: "It tastes good, I will call you later, and you will come. As for other conditions, I will talk to your brother."

Xuanyuan Yao understood that if Shangguan Xun defeated Beiming Shen and the Beiming family had no one, then Shangguan Xun would definitely need to talk to Xuan Yuanlin about sharing.

And he wants to help Xuanyuan Lin become the homeowner and pull down Xuanyuan Che, which also involves specific interests.

For her, all she has to pay is her body.

A sense of shame struck the whole body, and Xuanyuan Yao's hatred for Shangguan Xun was deepened a bit.

However, she and Xuanyuan Lin both sought each other, so she could only endure.

Dressed, she was about to leave, but was pulled by the man again. He raised an eyebrow: "Wait."

Xuanyuan Yao already had a bad hunch in his heart.

Sure enough, the next second, Shangguan Xun pulled in a young maid, and then he said: "Miss Xuanyuan, next time we play with her! Remember to practice when you go home, how to role-play a qualified maid people!"

Xuanyuan Yao's face, which had been slightly reddish, turned pale again.

She looked at the man in front of her, only to feel that the kind of hatred was just behind her skin, burning her soul, if she could, she really wanted to kill him!

But she still nodded and smiled, then left gracefully.

As soon as Xuanyuan Yao left, Shangguan Xun pressed the woman on the window sill of the bedroom.

He was much gentler this time, so that at the end, the maid was flushed and embarrassed.

He waved his hand away.

Turn on the computer, in front of the layout of the Jincheng family.

Shangguan Xun gently scratched with his finger on it, his heart sneered.

Ha ha, a well-known Xuanyuan Yao, sent to the door to count what?

At the beginning, when her reputation was not destroyed, he did not look at her. Now, how is it possible to put her in the eye?

Xuanyuan Lin had some skill in the past, but Xuanyuan Che's return, Xuanyuan's tilt of the balance over there, suddenly made Xuanyuanlin impetuous.

Some shortcomings were exposed to Shangguan Xun.

A pair of siblings, but they are all straw bags.


Shangguan Xun looked at the Beiming family, his eyes deepening.

Bei Mingshen, he can't ignore it, but needs attention.

The Beiming family died of two people. This will not only hit Beiming deep, but may also achieve him.

Shangguan Xun's gaze continued to patrol the Beiming and Xuanyuan families.

Although Bei Mingshen is now a person, although he should be disfigured and still needs treatment, disfigurement does not mean short-lived.

In terms of strength, although the Beiming family was away in the days when Beiming was not there, it was a lot of losses.

However, the dead camel was bigger than the horse.

In addition to the short period of half a month after Bei Mingshen returned, the strong thunder means quickly let some of the previous wall head grass taste the regret.

Therefore, he has almost recaptured most of the previous loss of the Beiming family.

The strength of the iron and blood means Shangguan Xun could not help but appreciate.

Wouldn’t it be wise to be against an enemy like Bei Mingshen?

After all, he can unite the Xuanyuan family to embezzle the Beiming family, and he can also unite the Beiming family to divide the Xuanyuan family first!

A Xuanyuan Yao, put on his body, for him, nothing can change!

While Shangguan Xun was thinking, Beimingshen, dozens of miles away, received a call.

He has really been busy all the time recently. He has just finished his official duties. Now he is ready to take over treatment. He is about to lie down and see that Bei Mingmo has called him.

He immediately slipped and answered, "Momo?"

"Shen Brother." Bei Mingmo said: "How have you been? Has the skin been repaired?"

"It's still in the treatment period." Bei Mingshen motioned to the doctor to go out first.

Bei Mingmo said: "Well, you should pay attention when you are treating. There are some things that really make me feel too trapped. Take the Tiangong Group as an example... So, you have to make sure that those doctors and nurses are fine. ."

Hearing Beimingmo's words, Beimingmo could not help raising her lips slightly, and said, "Okay, I will be careful."

Bei Mingmo said again: "There is one more thing, I--"

Hearing Bei Mingmo's hesitation, Bei Ming deeply asked: "Do you want to talk about the Tiangong Group?"

Bei Mingmo sighed: "Shen Brother, you know everything."

She said nothing and slowed her tone again: "You know, I and Nuan Nuan are good friends, and then something happened to Tiangong Group, and I was very worried about her... Moreover, when in China, Gong Si Shao Gang Have passed me many times, so..."

"Momo, what do you want me to do?" Bei Ming asked, looking deep at the snow on the ceiling.

"Isn't that the black box not found for that flight?" Bei Mingmo pondered: "The accident happened near country J. Could you help me find out where the black box is?"

After all, she asked Song Yiren, Song Yiren said that there is no problem in the design and manufacture of aircraft, so the only thing that can return Tiangong Group's innocence is the black box.

When Bei Mingmo heard Bei Mingmo's words, he paused for a moment and said, "Momo, my father's death was directly caused by Gong Lingye. At that time, Xuanyuan Yao and Shangguan Xun wanted to kill him. After he escaped from the crisis, he opened directly The plane went to the Beiming family, killed the old housekeeper and seriously injured my father."

Bei Mingmo's breath suddenly froze. For a time, all the words were stuck in his throat.

Indeed, Beiming Kun can basically be said to be killed by Gong Ling Ye.

However, Beiming Kun killed Gong Lingye's relatives and Song Yi's family.

Many of the previous generation's grievances and complaints could not be measured at all, but Gong Lingye's shooting of Beiming Kun was seen by the bodyguards of the Beiming family.

"Momo, I can't help him." Bei Ming deep tone said calmly: "I can at most let the hatred between me and his family draw a sentence because of the death of my father. I won't go to those few The revenge of the gun is back, but this is all I can do. As for his life and death, I am not a philanthropist, and it is impossible for me to commit evil with the Shangguan family because of him."

His tone was solemn: "Momo, I can promise you anything else, but this matter... I'm sorry, I represent the interests of the Beiming family."

Bei Mingmo sighed: "Shen Brother, I understand."

"How are you doing recently?" Bei Ming squeezed the hand of her phone tightly: "Is everything going well in life?"

Bei Mingmo responded: "Well, it's just a bit busy at work."

She said nothing, and suddenly remembered something, said: "Yes, brother Shen, A Che proposed to me...I may be married. I don't care if his grandfather disagrees, we plan, let's go back first See your parents, and wait for the wedding date, so go get the card first!"

Bei Mingmo suddenly felt that the air in the room suddenly became depressed. He paused for a moment and said: "Well, I know."

She continues.

He felt astringent, his taste seemed to be immersed in his heart.