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Bei Mingmo was awakened by heat.

    She felt as if she had fallen into the steamer, and the lid of the steamer was still so tight that she wanted to move and was bound by her hands and feet.

    But at this moment, something touched her, and the touch was hot, making her uncomfortable.

    Bei Mingmo frowned, twisting his body. Suddenly, that thing was even stronger.

    Although she was very sleepy, but because she was uncomfortable, she pushed the thing in front of her hard.

    Because almost exhausting the greatest power in his sleep, Bei Mingmo was awake a little consciously by this force.

    It seems that the person I just pushed was a person? !

    When Xuanyuan Che was pushed away by Bei Mingmo, the whole person was stunned for a while, and then he suddenly awakened: This seems not to be a dream at all? !

    He opened his eyelids, and his goal was a furry head.

    The waves rolled up, scattered between the pillows and his arms, and as he raised his arms slightly, her face was clear.

    Bei Mingmo removes makeup, and the whole person looks smaller than during the day.

    The fair and beautiful facial features, without the sharpness of makeup, appear soft and quiet.

    It turned out that she smelled the strange fragrance on her nose.

    Just, how is she in his room?

    As the doubt just rose, the girl in her arms suddenly opened her eyes.

    Bei Mingmo was stunned to see Xuanyuan Che for a moment.

    However, when she realized that she was really wearing pajamas in his arms, a certain string of her brain was tense and completely sober!

    "Why are you here?" Bei Mingmo said, pushing his hand on Xuanyuan Che's chest, and the whole person left his arms.

    "Miss Beiming, should I ask you this sentence?" Xuanyuan Che said sarcastically.

    "Xuanyuan Che, clearly—" Bei Mingmo just said here. As he scanned the room, he found that the words behind him suddenly stuck in his throat.

    There were men's clothes in the room, but none of them. But she has always been used to putting clothes on the bedside table when she sleeps, and you can get them with a hand.

    "Nothing to say?" Xuanyuan Che's lips twitched a seemingly arc: "Unexpectedly, it was impossible to seduce, Miss Beiming even used such a method!"

    Bei Mingmo was still thinking about what was going on, so he didn't refute anything, but instead put on his clothes and stood up, scanned the room and found that it was really like she walked the wrong room last night and rubbed her hair. Shen temple.

    Why didn't she go wrong, but why did she go wrong? Is it really too old?

    Only, he said she deliberately tempted him in this way? Ha ha.

    Bei Mingmo turned suddenly, her eyes fixed on Xuanyuan Che who had just got up, her heart surged for a while, and she approached him step by step.

    "I seduce you?" She raised her lips, and when she woke up, she was not quiet and soft when she was asleep, and she seemed a bit sharp: "Xuanyuan Che, do you know what is temptation?"

    She said nothing, raised her right hand violently, hooked his neck, and then tipped her toes close to his ears, her tongue sticking out, and licked the pinna on Xuanyuan Che.

    Feeling that the man in front of him was instantly stiff, Bei Mingmo turned his face, gently biting Xuanyuan Che's earlobe, and the voice was enchanting: "This is the temptation, remember."

    The moment she left his ear, her empty left hand gently and slowly drew a circle on Xuanyuan Che's chest muscles. Immediately, her fingertips were pointed on the small bump on his right chest, and she pressed it lightly.

    In the end, he released him suddenly, turned around and walked away.

    Xuan Yuan Che only felt that a fire suddenly ignited on his chest, there was a fire just because of the physical contact between men and women, and there was anger at Bei Mingmo's actions.

    Seeing her leave so arrogantly, he almost moved before the brain, slammed forward two steps, buckled her arm, and pulled back.

    She was pulled around by him, and he pushed her body forward, pushing her against the wall.

    "Xuan--" Before Bei Mingmo's words were spoken, he suddenly blocked his lips.

    Xuanyuan Che felt that the whole temple was jumping, and his chest held a breath, so the action can be said to be rough and unruly.

    He couldn't bear the arrogance of the woman in front of him, and hated her indifferent attitude. Therefore, his kiss was not half tender.

    He just wanted to squeeze her to death, or ask her to beg for mercy, and wanted to see her indifferent camouflage on the surface to see what she was inside!

    But, I didn't expect that a woman with a watery poplar flower, her lips and petals were so soft, like the jelly she had eaten in her childhood, soft and elastic, and with a sweet fragrance, it was softer than her body.

    The kiss softened unconsciously, getting deeper and deeper.

    However, just as Xuanyuan Che was about to pry open Beiming Moya, his cell phone suddenly rang.

    Perhaps it was a harassment on the phone, and it didn't continue with a bang, but it was enough to break the atmosphere in the room at the moment.

    Xuanyuan Che slammed back, stepping back half a step.

    He looked down at her and found that Bei Mingmo's eyes were slightly teasing.

    Suddenly, my heart was once again infested with anger. Xuan Yuan Che smirked at the woman in front of him with one hand: "Since you like to seduce so much, then I will complete you! But for you, I don't know how much I have kissed People, so it does n’t matter? "

    Bei Mingmo's cold feeling towards Shang Xuanyuan's eyes, her heart rarely had a hint of hatred.

    She squinted her eyes, but she smiled brighter than ever: "Yeah, I don't care! But you are different, Mr. Xuanyuan. Just kissed so strangely, won't it be the first time?" "

    Xuanyuan Che's face suddenly sank.

    Bei Mingmo raised his hand on his chest: "The technology is so poor, so I am sorry to get an axe? I'll practice it later and come to me!"

    "North! Ming! Mo!" Xuanyuan Che held Bei Mingmo's wrist.

    The temperature of Bei Mingmo's eyes also cooled down. She looked directly at Xuanyuan Che's eyes, saying one by one: "You can rest assured that I will not say a word to you except for official business in the future! ! "

    After she finished speaking, she took her arm away and turned around and left.

    The room was suddenly quiet, and Xuanyuan Che thought of the eyes of Beiming Mo just now, and he refused.

    At that moment, he saw how she tore the camouflage.

    Bei Mingmo returned to the room angrily, originally thinking of leaving, but then thinking about it, why?

    She was drunk and went to the wrong room last night, not intentionally. She left early but seemed to run away from crime. She's doing a good job, what are you afraid of?

    Bei Mingmo figured it out and opened the quilt to sleep.

    It's just because my heart is so angry and annoyed that I can't fall asleep.

    Thinking of something, she stood up straight, pulled out pen and paper from her bag, and began to draw the design.

    M has been quiet for more than two years, she is back now, and it ’s time to release the new ...