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That night, Lieyuan was busy late.

    When he came out of the group, he drove past a porridge shop, his eyes stopped.

    That is, a week ago, he brought He Wanshuang to eat here.

    At that time, she rarely smiled at him, and then talked about her spring trip in junior high school.

    She said that she did not like to talk at that time in junior high school and usually only communicated with the same table. On the weekend, the teacher organized a spring trip to the river, but she didn't want to go, but was pulled by the same table and joined the squad leader's group.

    At that time, part of their group was responsible for making dumplings and part of them was responsible for cooking porridge.

    She was divided into the porridge squad, a few girls, but was stunned.

    Later, a classmate went to another group to borrow a bottle of alcohol. She didn't think about it at the time, and took it over to firewood that she couldn't reach for a long time.

    However, the moment she fell, the flame suddenly jumped up. She was scared to step back quickly. The alcohol bottle in her hand suddenly spilled out and splashed on her face because of inertia.

    She said that fortunately, there was no Mars coming up, otherwise, her face would be finished.

    It was exactly morning at the time, and Lichun ’s sunlight fell on her cheeks, coated with a soft halo. His eyes suddenly paused, and he rushed at her casually: "Fortunately, otherwise I would not have such a beautiful wife Now! "

    At that time he had just finished speaking, her face was flushed, and then she bowed her head to eat, and burned the tip of her tongue.

    Thinking of the past, Lie Yuan's eyes darkened again, and he squeezed the hand of the steering wheel to increase his strength.

    And just as he turned the corner and was about to get on the overpass, Yu Guang suddenly saw a familiar figure in the corner of his eye.

    I saw a girl sitting on a bench along the street outside a shopping mall. Her head was buried in her knees. She looked small and pitiful, like a stray cat abandoned.

    Liyuan Shen knew that it was He Wanshuang's clothes, and that down jacket was still given to her by his mother when he took her back to country G during the Chinese New Year.

    Isn't she going to Gong Lingye? Why are you here alone?

    However, she married him and never put her mind on him, he did not like her, why should she bother?

    He married her before, but because she had his children. Coupled with his mother's illness, I always hoped that he could settle down and have a baby. Therefore, he would marry her quickly.

    Now, he is not willing to divorce, just because he can't swallow this breath.

    Liyuan Shen thought of this and drove directly from He Wanshuang's side.

    He got on the overpass and saw that He Wanshuang in the rearview mirror disappeared completely. At that moment, he felt how uncomfortable the car was.

    Just as he turned over the overpass and was heading towards his home, Lieyuan Shen suddenly went to the left turn and turned around.

    He was so upset that he couldn't add up, until five minutes later, he re-circulated back to the mall that he had just passed by, and his upset was at the apex.

    However, the person who had just sat on the bench was gone, where it was empty, leaving Lie Yuanshen's heart abruptly empty.

    He slowed down and looked quickly around.

    I saw a faint figure on the green belt on the side, it was He Wanshuang!

    Almost immediately, the car stopped, and Liyuan Shen strode towards He Wanshuang until she came to her.

    "He Wanshuang, are you intentional? Do you want to die?" He asked condescendingly.

    She didn't move, and nothing happened.

    He bent down to touch her, his fingertips touching her hand, terribly cold.

    Lieyuan was shocked in his heart, and quickly hugged him up.

    She was very light and seemed to have no weight in his arms.

    Under the street light, her eyes closed tightly, and her breath was barely audible.

    This woman!

    Lieyuan's chest undulated, and he quickly walked into the car, placing He Wanshuang on the passenger seat, and turned the heating to the maximum.

    She leaned weakly on the back of the chair for a long time, still motionless.

    It wasn't until he crossed the overpass that she slowly opened her eyelids.

    On his side, Lieyuan Shen was relieved.

    He made a phone call to Li Xiaoxiao with Bluetooth on the car: "Xiao Ruan, is there any ginger at home? You help me make a bowl of ginger soup."

    Lie Xiaoruo responded: "Okay, I also have a little cold, just drink it."

    Lieyuan hung up the phone, his jaw line tightened and galloped all the way.

    There weren't many cars on the road at night, and I arrived at the community in a short time.

    Lieyuan Shen took He Wanshuang down and saw that although she seemed to be awake, her eyes were half-squinted and she was clearly still in a semi-coma.

    Before, I heard from my mother that a woman should take a good rest after giving birth and keep warm.

    My mother didn't have a good baby before, but later she often had a cold and fever. Now, she still suffers from ...

    Lieyuan Shen looked down at He Wanshuang and said coldly: "You don't love yourself like this, you deserve to die!"

    She didn't respond, leaning weakly on his chest.

    When he walked to the elevator, he suddenly remembered that he drove her out today, knowing that she didn't bring her wallet and mobile phone, and also locked the door.

    He tightened his eyebrows tightly and took a deep breath, holding He Wanshuang to open the door.

    "Brother--" Lie Xiaoruan heard the opening of the door and saw Li Yuanyuan even holding He Wanshuang. He couldn't help but be surprised: "How are you ..."

    Lieyuan Shenjing straightened He Wanshuang into the master bedroom and put it down, then, Chong Lie Xiao said softly, "Xiao Ruan, is Jiang Tang ready?"

    "Well, the temperature is just right." Lie Xiao said softly, went to the kitchen to hold a bowl, and looked at He Wanshuang suspiciously: "Is she all right?"

    "It should be frozen." Lieyuan Shen took Jiang Tang and turned to Lie Xiaojue softly: "You don't have to worry, go to rest!"

    Lie Xiao shrugged softly and turned to leave.

    On the head of the bed, He Wanshuang remained motionless, Lieyuan Shen fed Jiang Tang to her mouth, and she had no tendency to drink.

    "I think you are really looking for death." Lie Yuan squeezed He Wanshuang's chin and poured Jiang Tang into her mouth.

    However, the warm liquid flowed directly along the corners of her lips, and soon wet her clothes.

    His eyebrows were immediately twisted, and Jiang Tang was released, and the hand holding her chin suddenly increased his strength: "He Wanshuang!"

    She seemed to be finally awakened by him, slowly raising her eyes, looking at him a little bit dejectedly, her eyes gray.

    The strength of Lieyuan Shen's hand suddenly became much smaller. He was angry and smiling. He took a sip of ginger soup and then bowed his head suddenly, closing He Wanshuang's lips.

    Her soft lips and petals were all cool, he was a little shocked, but she immediately pried open her teeth and slowly passed Jiang Tang.

    After a sip, he looked at her for two seconds, and then continued again ...

    She didn't seem to react a little until he finished feeding, and then coughed low.

    Lieyuan glanced at He Wanshuang, turned around, went to the bathroom to put hot water in the bathtub, then turned back, leaned over and undressed He Wanshuang.