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#17 Want to dump you

At the moment, Gong Mochen and a few little ghosts came over, but there was no Gong Lao.

    Obviously, Gong Lingye just scared the Song Yi people intentionally.

    "Little Uncle." Gong Mochen greeted Chong Gong Ling Ye.

    "Well." Gong Lingye nodded. "I'll make a phone call." He said nothing and left.

    A girl about ten years old next to Gong Mochen looked at Song Yiren curiously and rushed to Gong Mochen: "Brother, is she your girlfriend?"

    She is Gong Moyan, the youngest daughter of Gong Mochen's late second uncle. Shortly after her mother was pregnant with her, her father died suddenly, leaving only their orphans and widows.

    Hearing Gong Moyan's problem, Gong Mochen's lips twitched a sneered arc, and looked at the Song Yiren, but he said to a group of imp, "She has some means, you can see her later Be careful."

    One of them is a son who is only five or six years old, and is the son of Aunt Gong Mochen. He opened his eyes and curiously said: "Is she a bad queen in Snow White?"

    Gong Mochen chuckled, didn't answer, but that attitude seemed to affirm the kid's words.

    Suddenly, several children looked at Song Yiren curiously again, and then slipped away, all scared away.

    However, one of them ran a few steps, then folded back, and went to La Gong Mochen with great determination: "Brother, why don't you run, she will eat people!"

    Ha ha, do you scare children so much? Then she will cooperate!

    Song Yiren didn't go away, she narrowed her eyes, and suddenly leaned closer to the child, with a grinning smile: "You also know that I love to eat the child's heart?"

    Suddenly, the little ghost's face was pale, and he couldn't care about Gong Mochen, the rabbit usually disappeared in two or three hits.

    Suddenly quiet around, only Song Yi and Gong Mochen were left in the corridor.

    Gong Mochen carefully looked at the Song Yiren and gritted his teeth: "What did your uncle just say?"

    "Do you want to know?" Song Yiren blinked at her and leaned in his ear: "I said to him, I suddenly felt that he was handsome, and wanted to dump you to chase him. He was afraid I would pester him, so I had to Let me go! "

    "I don't know shame!" Gong Mochen's eyes gathered, and almost immediately caught the wrist of Song Yiren: "Do you still remember your current identity ?!"

    Gong Lingye was only three years older than him, but he was better than him in every aspect since childhood. Gong Mochen's last dislike was when someone compared him to Gong Lingye!

    "Of course I remember! Rest assured, I won't go to him this year!" Song Yiren finished, pulling his wrist out of Gong Mochen's hand, and then left.

    On Monday, Song Yiren came out of MSRA and she had a document to get today, but the location sent to her by the other party turned out to be a racetrack in the suburbs of the Imperial City!

    Arriving there, Song Yiren was about to pick up the phone to call the other party, and a familiar figure suddenly appeared in his sight.

    The woman in a red riding outfit, with a slim figure and sense, is running towards the Song Yi people.

    It turned out to be Su Yunfei!

    Song Yiren did not expect that she would meet Su Yunfei here.

    In the memory, the woman splashed strong sulfuric acid on her face, and the pain that penetrated into the soul at that moment, she still remembered very clearly at this moment!

    Song Yi's hands clenched into fists, Su Yunfei is here, is Chu Mingyao also there? !

    She was trembling, hate filled her chest, tearing flesh and blood!

    Su Yunfei's horse ran on the track and came towards the Song Yi people, getting closer and closer.

    However, at this moment, the situation changed suddenly, and I saw the horse hissing, and Fei rushed towards the Song Yi people!

    The heart seemed to mention his voice instantly, so at a short distance, the Song Yi people looked up and could almost see the horseshoe that was about to be stepped down!

    At this moment, a strong wind swept across the body suddenly, and then, an arm stretched out from the oblique ground, and suddenly grabbed the waist of the Song Yi people.

    Immediately after, he took her around, and she flew up, and then landed firmly on the back of another horse.

    Near the ear, a horse hissing sounded, and then, it was the woman's scream!

    The Song Yi people were still shocked, and they saw Su Yunfei, who was still riding, fell down directly, and fell on the ground, in an embarrassed room, and was stepped on by the horseshoes.

    At the same time, the horse where the Song Yi people lived turned around beautifully and left dashingly.