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Xuanyuan Che was stunned, Bei Mingmo couldn't help but looked at the past, the eyes of the two collided, both paused, and then moved away separately.

    Song Yiren knew the inside story and did not speak. On the other hand, Luo Tianqi said: "Xiaoshuang, you don't know. Ache may be getting married, too, and Miss Wei!"

    He Wanshuang really did not know, could not help turning his head: "Brother Che, when do you have a girlfriend?"

    Xuanyuan Che saw everyone looked at him, his tone was a bit weak: "It's just a family marriage."

    "Is that true?" He Wanshuang thought for a while: "Do you like Miss Wei?"

    At this moment, Bei Mingmo just took another piece of cake to eat, and she had beautiful manicure on her hand, and the whole person looked delicate and fashionable.

    But maybe it was in front of her friend. She started directly and grabbed a strawberry. The expression she looked at was full of gossip.

    Xuanyuan Che somehow felt dazzling for no reason.

    He said: "It doesn't matter whether I like it or not, I've only seen it a few times."

    Bei Mingmo remembered Xuanyuan Che's attitude at the beginning, and it seemed that this sentence was the most appropriate. Yeah, this man is probably the same for everyone, but fortunately she realized it early.


    She smiled. Although she had the purpose of distracting her energy to transfer her sadness, she acted in the painful time when she lost her best friend, and she almost took the pursuit seriously.

    Simply, withdrawing in time, now he can no longer control her emotions.

    After everyone ate the cake, Luo Tianqi began to coax: "Brother Ye's proposal was successful today, how can he not drink? Come, let us not drunk today!"

    "I have prepared the room for you already." Gong Lingye said, and asked the servant to bring the wine over: "It's too late at night, and I will live on my side. I hired a new cook and the breakfast was done well.

    "Ye Ge is so well prepared, it seems that he wants to intoxicate us!" Luo Tianqi picked up a bottle of wine: "Come and come, although we have few people, but still a game!"

    "What to play?" He Wanshuang asked.

    "Fight against." Luo Tianqi said: "We prepare 6 draws, two people who draw the same draw as a group, two groups of PK competition, no matter what performance, in short, the remaining two draw referees to draw, Those who do not participate in the performance will decide the outcome, and drink if they lose! "

    "Luo Tianqi, are you the sequelae of drumming and passing flowers in kindergarten as a kid?" He Wanshuang said.

    Luo Tianqi raised his eyebrows: "Then you'd better pray to be with me. I'm so good at singing and dancing, especially when I say paragraphs ..."

    "It's worth it, less bragging, PK is PK!" He Wanshuang said.

    Gong Lingye also felt ok, so he went to the study to get pen and paper, wrote 6 sheets of paper, and folded it up to let everyone smoke.

    In the first round, Song Yiren and He Wanshuang selected one group, and Xuanyuan Che and Luo Tianqi selected another group. Gong Lingye and Bei Mingmo are referees.

    "Sister-in-law, will the flame dance that is hot online recently? Or shall we come to that?" He Wanshuang asked.

    Song Yiren did n’t know what a flame dance was at all. She thought for a while: "Do you know how to dance in Latin? I can dance in male steps."

    "Okay!" He Wanshuang will naturally, the two use their mobile phones to open the music and jump directly.

    Opposite the PK field, Luo Tianqi saw this, turned his head and looked at Xuanyuan Che beside him, and said: "A Che, otherwise you are a steel pipe, I dance a pole dance?"

    Xuan Yuan Che lifted his leg directly and kicked Luo Tianqi down.

    It seems that there is no need to judge the outcome at all. In addition, the judges are Gong Lingye and Bei Mingmo. Naturally, the group of Song Yiren won.

    Xuanyuan Che came off the court, took the wine glass, and drank it.

    Beside, Luo Tianqi also drank and smiled: "Hey, this time I mainly met pig teammates!"

    The atmosphere suddenly became lively, Gong Lingye even asked the person to bring the guitar and violin over.

    In the second game, Song Yiren and Luo Tianqi were drawn to the referee, while Gong Lingye and He Wanshuang were drawn to a group, opposite Beimingmo and Xuanyuan Che.

    "This time is interesting." Luo Tianqi said to Song Yi: "Look at your girlfriends will dance on the steel pipe of A Che?"

    Bei Mingmo was also a little helpless. She turned and asked the man beside her, "What's the performance?"

    Xuanyuan Che was thinking, at this time, his cell phone rang.

    He picked it up and saw three words on it: "Wei Qianran."

    Because Beimingmo was quite close to him, he also saw the name above.

    He said sorry to her and walked aside to answer.

    On the one hand, Luo Tianqi was afraid that the world would not be chaotic: "Brother Ye, you are about to start acting, and you will lose when A Che returns!"

    However, as soon as he finished speaking, he saw Bei Mingmo picked up the guitar from the side, then sat on the wicker chair and tried out the sound, and then began to play.

    Luo Tianqi stunned, looking at the woman in the center.

    Bei Mingmo's long hair was scattered, and the big wave covered his half of his face. His eyebrows were under the small colored lights around him, and he looked a little confused and dreamy.

    At the end of the prelude, she began to sing aloud: "You fell asleep, I watched your face quietly. Listening to your breathing, listening to your heartbeat, suddenly I want to tell you, thank you for the beauty that I have brought me in the past."

    The Song Yi people sat down and beat Bei Mingmo.

    "There are many setbacks in life. Your voice gives me a lot to rely on. Listening to you talking about the future, listening to you laughing out loud, suddenly wanting to wake you up, and now accompany me to go around the mountain."

    Xuanyuan Che came over after answering the phone and saw this scene.

    The girl was sitting under a tree blushed by the autumn wind, holding the guitar and singing lazily and lazily.

    Her voice seemed to use skill, a bit more hoarse than usual, suddenly with the smell of vicissitudes, her long fingertips crossed the strings, and the whole person sat in the flickering lights, making people There is an unrealistic trance.

    "You are my treasure, and I have always been proud of you. Even if your dreams are tired and tormented, you still hold on tightly, and your sincere attachment will never let go."

    The autumn wind blew, her long hair flew gently, she continued to sing: "You are my treasure, I have always been proud of you. No matter how troublesome the outside world is, you still embrace the simple embrace, the melody of life, the more Sing higher ... "

    At this moment, Xuanyuan Che felt that he never seemed to know Bei Mingmo.

    Although she often appeared in his world two years ago, although he had all her contact information at that time, but at that moment, she felt that the girl in front of him was so far away.

    The people he knew before were probably wearing masks, laughing or making noises. She wisely calculated, step by step, tempted and approached, but never paid sincerely.

    Now, when he clearly saw her singing this song, his eyes were quiet and serious.

    It seems that the person in her song is more important than anyone else.