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#161 Olive branch

Gong Lingye opened the document: "Then let her continue to misunderstand."

    It is enough for him to be conscientious, and unrelated people need not waste their lips to explain.

    The day the Song Yi people received Song Ziheng's passport, Gong Lingye also received a confirmation letter from Chu Mingyao.

    No., in the office of Chu Mingyao, Ningcheng Haisheng Building, the assistant knocked on the door of his office: "Mr. Chu, Miss Su just called me and said that she had finished shooting and will come back tonight.

    Chu Mingyao reconfirmed his luggage and turned over a contract from the side: "This is a promotional video that I arranged for her to start recording the day after tomorrow, so she will go to the filming site with the film crew tomorrow."

    "Okay, President Chu." The assistant nodded and took the contract to leave.

    At this time, Chu Mingyao's special help came over, took his suitcase, and the two went to the airport together.

    "This time I go to China, I have prepared all the surprises you prepared for Miss Yu?" Chu Mingyao asked.

    Special Assistant Hao Zairen said: "All are ready. Mr. Chu, this time Miss Su's shooting schedule is also very tight. There is no phone or internet at the shooting location, so I won't disturb you."

    Chu Mingyao nodded, leaning on the back seat satisfactorily with his eyes closed.

    A few hours later, Chu Mingyao had come to the streets of the imperial city.

    He did not call an assistant, but walked alone in the streets of the Imperial City, and the whole person seemed to become brisk.

    The AI ​​exchange meeting hosted by Tiangong Group is the day after tomorrow. He came here deliberately in advance, just for tomorrow's appointment. No, it should be called an invitation.

    The Song Yi people have been busy at the base these days.

    Only this afternoon, Unique perfume has a promotional event, she must cooperate to attend.

    So after the publicity, she ate with Bei Mingmo. It's still a bit early, and the Imperial City in the evening seems to be much more lively because of a recent light show.

    When Song Yiren and Bei Mingmo went to a net red ice cream shop to line up, Song Yiren suddenly saw a familiar figure.

    She grabbed Bei Mingmo's arm and held her behind, whispering: "Momo, I saw Chu Mingyao. On the street, you look forward, at three o'clock."

    Bei Mingmo's nerves were also tense, and he looked away from behind Song Yi and looked at the street. So, I also saw Chu Mingyao in a shirt and trousers!

    It was this man who forced her to jump into the sea and be blind, separated from her loved ones! I really want to tear him up like this!

    "Momo, he seems to have come over." Song Yiren blocked Bei Mingmo again: "You go now, I will deal with it."

    "Yi, you alone ..." Bei Mingmo worried.

    "I'm not the first time I met him." Song Yi said humanely: "Moreover, I must also produce evidence that I was in the imperial city, so as not to save Ziheng and doubt it on my head."

    Bei Mingmo hesitated and responded: "Okay, I'm nearby."

    She quickly turned around, quickly integrated into the queue, and then disappeared.

    At the same time, Chu Mingyao turned his eyes and saw the Song Yi people.

    His eyes lit up, so he walked towards this side.

    "Yu Xiaomate." He smiled at her: "We meet again."

    Song Yi looked astonished and said: "Mr. Chu, how are you here?"

    "I came here on a business trip. I just arrived today. After I checked in at the hotel, I walked out." Chu Mingyao looked at Song Yiren, only to feel that it was not long before she disappeared. It seemed that the girl was more beautiful than before. After coming down from an event, she also painted light makeup and a dark white dress. The whole person looked pure and noble and elegant.

    "Well, I just ate with my colleague and came out to buy an ice cream." Song Yiren smiled playfully: "Is Chu always going to participate in the AI ​​exchange meeting?"

    Chu Mingyao laughed and already took the initiative to queue up: "Yeah, this time there are two purposes, one is to participate in the exchange meeting, the other ..."

    He paused: "Eating ice cream, I will tell you."

    Song Yiren smiled for a while, and then suddenly, with a serious expression: "Did Miss Su not come?"

    Chu Mingyao shook his head, his expression was still gentle, but there was a trace of impatience flashing between the eyebrows: "She has a notice and is busy."

    "Hmm." Song Yiren nodded and kept a certain distance from Chu Mingyao.

    The atmosphere seemed to be embarrassing all at once, until Chu Mingyao arrived and asked Song Yiren: "Yu Xiaoxuan, what do you like?"

    Song Yi said: "Mango durian flavor, thank Mr. Chu."

    Somehow Chu Mingyao suddenly thought of the Song Yi people. She never seemed to eat mangoes.

    After taking the ice cream, the two said while walking.

    "Yu Xiao classmate, I saw your endorsement for Unique perfume." Chu Mingyao directly stated the purpose: "Just as the contract of Haisheng's spokesperson in Ningguo expires, I would like to invite you to be our spokesperson for the coming year."

    Song Yi people stunned, his heart could not help but ridicule. However, she was flattered on her face: "President Chu, I can't do it. Even the advertisement of Unique perfume is actually very nervous ..."

    "Yu Xiaoxuan, please don't shy away first." Chu Mingyao smiled gently: "Aren't you very interested in driverless cars? Tomorrow at 10 o'clock, our Haisheng Group's special edition car will be shipped. When the time comes, I will show you the car! "

    Upon hearing this, Song Yiren's eyes brightened: "Is it different from the YR-07 in the 4S shop outside?"

    Chu Mingyao nodded: "There are some changes."

    Ha ha, Song Yi people sneered, it seems that she really has to go to this horrendous feast!

    The next morning, Song Yi people arrived at the track under the package of Chu Mingyao, and at the same time, A Mian had already brought more than a dozen people to Ningguo to start layout in advance.

    On the track, a black driverless car was quietly parked there.

    Chu Mingyao walked in front of the car, helped Song Yiren drive the door, and smiled at her: "Yu Xiaomate, please."

    When the Song Yi people got into the car, Chu Mingyao also got up and sat opposite the Song Yi people.

    Because it is driverless, there is naturally no traditional steering wheel gear, etc., so there is a lot of space in the car. The two people sit on the sofa-like seats, and there is a white coffee table between them.

    Chu Mingyao pressed the start button. Suddenly, there was a pleasant piano sound in the car. With the piano sound, the beautiful light and shadow slowly fell on the roof, and the car was full of flowers.

    Immediately afterwards, the center of the coffee table in front of Song Yiren slowly unfolded, and then, a delicately shaped cake rose from below.

    Flowers and cakes are beautiful for a while.

    Sitting in front of Song Yiren, Chu Mingyao smiled and said: "Yu Xiaomate, last time you won the robot contest. I was too busy to celebrate for you. I make up today ..."

    He said that he seemed to inadvertently change his suit jacket to another position. Suddenly, the Song Yi people saw a few of the characters above-

    Haisheng Group spokesperson contract.