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#68 Meet again

Later, Song Yiren and Gong Lingye spent another hour at the fitness center before leaving.

    After training in the morning, the Song Yi people were really overwhelmed. After coming out of the center, they felt tired and did not want to leave.

    Bae Jun has already gone back, and the driver of Gong Lingye drove them directly to a restaurant with good privacy.

    Song Yiren lay motionless on the table, Gong Lingye's lips twitched: "The physical strength is so poor, you will suffer later."

    The Song Yi people were agitated and retorted: "I used to do it only because I rarely exercise, but I have recently run in the morning, and I gradually get up physically, and I will not be able to keep up with the training."

    "Oh--" Gong Lingye locked her eyes and said teasingly: "Then it seems that my house will be able to withstand a few nights after a warm night."

    Song Yiren burst into tears: "Gong Lingye, do you know that the employees in your group know this?" This man, who was a rogue in the dark, was now in estrus anytime, anywhere!

    Gong Lingye shrugged: "It doesn't matter." He didn't care anyway.

    Song Yi's chest undulates and ignores him.

    After the two had dinner, Gong Lingye pulled Song Yi out: "Go to my side, some information for you to see."

    Song Yi shook his head: "No, I'm going back to school."

    "It was collected by Chi Jingyu." Gong Ling Ye looked at her: "You can't buy these materials outside of the market."

    Song Yi sighed, he really knew what she wanted.

    After all, three years have passed. Although there is no breakthrough in Ningguo ’s unmanned driving technology, Chi Jingyu, as a member of their team, will there be any research in these three years?

    Seeing Song Yiren's acquiescence, Gong Lingye squeezed her nose: "It's not good for the little things that are not too early."

    The car drove all the way to Gong Lingye's villa. The Song Yi people were still reluctant. At the back, they only looked at yawns, and finally didn't even know how to fall asleep.

    She opened her eyes again and found that she was resting on Gong Lingye's shoulders.

    I don't know what time it is. The sun outside doesn't seem to be so big. He looks down at the file. The driver is gone, and the car is quiet.

    Song Yi blinked and sat upright.

    "Wake up?" Gong Lingye put away the documents and handed the water to the Song Yi people.

    She drank and saw that there were a lot of folds on his shoulder shirt, which she pressed, and she couldn't help turning her eyes away: "Why don't you call me?"

    "I'm afraid you might get upset and get angry at me." He said naturally and gave her a glance at the time.

    It was already three o'clock in the afternoon, that is to say, she slept in the car for two hours!

    Song Yiren felt a little bad. Especially, she found that Gong Lingye had just held the pen in her left hand, that is, she leaned on his right shoulder. In order to make her sleep comfortably, his right hand had not moved at all.

    "I don't get upset, if there is still such a situation in the future, you wake me up directly." Song Yi said humanely.

    Gong Lingye heard that she actually used the word ‘later’, and she was immediately happy. It seemed that his persistence and efforts were not completely ineffective.

    Gong Lingye leaned into Song Yiren's ear: "It's fine if you don't get up, then I will wake you up to do it in the morning, you won't be angry, eh?"

    Song Yiren turned his head, and looked at Shang Gong Ling Ye's playful eyes, she looked at him for two seconds, pulled the car door, turned and walked away.

    Gong Lingye looked at Song Yi's desperate popularity and smiled deeper. Some couldn't help it, the chest cavity vibrated and laughed out loud.

    It seems that he has not found life so interesting for many years!

    After that, the Song Yi people have been in Gong Lingye's study.

    I have to say that if he takes it seriously, he looks like an ascetic president, and he is very deceptive.

    He very seriously introduced to her the materials he collected over the years, both electronic and paper, all of which were systematically classified.

    Song Yi people have always been interested in these things, so they quickly immersed themselves in learning.

    Time passed quickly because of concentration, until it was getting dark outside, Gong Ling night came in and said to take her to dinner.

    The Song Yi people realized that it was more than six o'clock and they were really hungry.

    When she saw that she was still looking at the materials, Gong Lingye gave her a USB flash drive: "I have backed up the electronic version for you. The paper version is not convenient for you to take to the dormitory and put it on my bookshelf. When you come over the weekend, read it anytime. "

    Song Yi raised his eyes and said seriously to him: "Thank you."

    "I don't like the thank you, it's useless." Gong Ling night said.

    Song Yiren knew that this guy must be asking for a kiss. She moved her heart and leaned in, pretending to kiss him, but pressed her face as she approached Gong Lingye.

    "Just now there was a mosquito. I helped you and saved you a drop of blood." Song Yiren said very seriously.

    "Really?" Gong Ling Ye narrowed her eyes: "Then I should thank you."

    He said nothing, grabbed her, bowed his head and kissed.

    She didn't stand firm, and she stepped back. He followed her steps and pressed her against the wall to kiss.

    When A Mian came over, the two were kissing inseparably. A Mian stared slightly and said, "Emperor Shao, you have let me deal with the matter."

    Gong Lingye only let Song Yi people go and said to Amian: "Well, I see, let's go to Phoenix together tonight!"

    When Song Yi people arrived, they knew where Phoenix was.

    That is the hottest high-end club in the Imperial City, which is full of handsome men and beauties and should provide some kind of service.

    Gong Lingye obviously came often, just arrived, the manager immediately received him: "President Gong, please, the private room has been arranged, and several other guests have arrived!"

    Excluding the men and women on the first floor that seem to be optional merchandise, the upstairs is quite elegant.

    "Unexpectedly, you turned out to be a regular visitor here!" Song Yiren said to Gong Lingye's ear.

    He looked down at her, his smile fainted in his eyes: "Warm warm mind? Then I will not come again?"

    Song Yiren said with a lip: "If you like to come here, it is better to get some virus, maybe you can still use poison to attack the virus and break the curse of your 32-year-old!"

    "What a cruel little girl!" Gong Lingye said that, but she was not angry. Crossing the corridor, he explained: "I am a shareholder here and often come to inspect."

    Upon hearing this, the Song Yi people were a little surprised, but then it became clear again.

    He dares to open a casino, what else can't he open? Sure enough, his cleanest identity is only the president of Tiangong Group, right?

    Apart from that, I am afraid that none of them are light.

    Pushing in the door, there was a large and gorgeous private room in front of me. There were already many familiar faces in the room.

    Pei Jun and He Wanshuang are chatting, Luo Tianqi is calling on the side, several people see Gong Lingye three people arrive, so get up and say hello.

    Hanging up the phone, Luo Tianqi came to Gong Lingye, but his eyes fell on the hands held by Song Yiren and him, with a smile on his face. Ambiguous: "Hey, little beauty, we met again."