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Hearing Gong Lingye's intention to let others avoid, Yue Wenqing's face suddenly changed: "So, can't I just listen to this outsider?"

    Gong Lingye had been watching his late brother's face before the night, and he did not worry about Yue Wenqing.

    At this moment, listening to her like this three times or five times, he could not help narrowing his eyes: "Sister-in-law, Nuan Nuan is now my wife, and you are in the same position at home! When I was away, her words represented my opinion! Now that we and my mother have something to talk about, it is really inconvenient for outsiders to listen! "

    Yue Wenqing's face suddenly turned black, but she was a little afraid of the cold and warning eyes of Linggong Shanggong.

    After all, her current confidence is Gong Mochen, and apparently, her son can't hold up for her in front of Gong Lingye.

    Therefore, Yue Wenqing's complexion changed and changed, and biting a silver tooth, she still couldn't take Gong Lingye and Song Yiren.

    Regardless of her reaction, Gong Lingye took the Song Yiren's hand directly and went to Mrs. Gong's room with her.

    "Mom, I have something to tell you." Gong Lingye said, taking out two pocket watches from her bag.

    The Song Yi people's pocket watch was taken by the Song Yi people from the safe in Ningcheng the day after the first court hearing.

    At this moment, Mrs. Gong saw two identical pocket watches, and the whole person was shocked: "Ling Ye, where did you get this from ?! Did you find the Rong family ?!"

    Gong Lingye said: "Mom, Nuan Nuan is actually a member of the Rong family. This was left to her by her mother."

    Mrs. Gong took her pocket watch and looked carefully. Sure enough, the engraving and steel stamp on it were exactly the same, except that the end number of a label was 1, and the other was 0.

    She raised her eyes and looked at Song Yiren: "Your mother is ..."

    "Mom, Nuan Nuan's mother is no longer here." Gong Lingye didn't want to explain the problem of Song Yi's life experience, so he just said: "Mom, I tell you this, I just want to say that when I went to Guanjia and The Rong family has been chased by the Chou family. Perhaps the people behind the scene still exist and may still be waiting for opportunities. I am with Nuan Nuan and I will hand her over to you today. I hope you can give her absolute support. And asylum. "

    After tomorrow, he will continue to sleep again. For a week, long or short and short, Gong Lingye ca n’t guarantee what will happen. Therefore, he brought the Song Yi people and hopes that the Gong family can become the strong of the Song Yi people. backing.

    Mrs. Gong pinched two pocket watches, thinking about the last words left by her father-in-law and her husband.

    The girl had rescued her a year ago, and had a good impression of her at the time.

    In fact, aside from the fact that she had some relationship with Gong Mochen, she really couldn't pick out her faults.

    What's more, Song Yiren is the woman her son likes. The son is 30 years old and brings the woman she likes back for the first time.

    and so……

    Mrs. Gong took a deep breath and reached out to hold Song Yi's hand: "If it's warm, I am Ling Ye's mother, and you will be in the future."

    Song Yiren felt relieved and nodded: "Mom, then I am also your daughter!"

    Mrs. Gong was cheered by her crisp "Mo". At this moment, she looked at it from another angle. She only thought that the Song Yi people were young and beautiful, and she was also a top student of a famous university.

    She thought of something, so she turned around and took out a white jade bracelet from a box and put it on the wrist of Song Yiren.

    Obviously happy, but pretending to complain: "Ling Ye, this kid is really true, he will make his own decision about everything he does! I won't bring you over in advance, I just cut it and played it. I didn't prepare for any meeting! This sheep The Zhiyu bracelet was my dowry back then. At that time, the palms were soft enough to be worn, but now I ca n’t wear it, I will give you as a gift! "

    Song Yi saw that the jade bracelet was white and oily, which was good at first glance, and quickly said: "Mom, this jade bracelet is very beautiful, but it is your dowry. How can I get it ..."

    "You child, hold it as you hold it!" Mrs. Gong held Song Yiren's hand and then turned to Gong Ye Ling night: "Although if the parents are not present now, you can't say anything about your wife. No. There are no less than six of us in the Gong family, six wives, wives and weddings! "

    Gong Lingye was very happy to see her mother's attitude towards Song Yiren suddenly. He smiled and said: "Mom, don't worry about the gift, I plan to hold the wedding next week."

    "Next week?" Mrs. Gong shook her head: "How can you do this in a hurry? The wedding should be a big deal! How can you and Mo Chen finally get married? How can you not be so lively? Do n’t mix it up! "

    Gong Lingye couldn't help crying and laughing. He came over, in fact, he wanted to inform his mother about the wedding next week.

    After all, there was not much time left for him.

    "Mom, you don't have to worry about this wedding, I have already prepared Bae Jun." Gong Ling night said: "Because I may have to go to country F for a while, and it is only available next weekend, so it is more hasty.

    "Going to Country F again?" Mrs. Gong was a little afraid of it. After all, Ms. Gong Mochen almost had an accident there.

    "It doesn't matter, I will pay attention to safety." Gong Lingye hugged her mother: "Mom, I have something to do with Nuan Nuan. I have to deal with the business first."

    Mrs. Gong also knew that Gong Ling was busy at night. Although she was a little sorry, she nodded: "Okay, work is important."

    "Mom, then let's go first." Song Yiren smiled.

    The two came downstairs and just walked to the door of the villa, they met Gong Mochen who came back from outside.

    In an instant, his eyes collided with them.

    Gong Mochen learned about the Weibo post posted by Gong Ling at night.

    Immediately, he landed on Weibo and saw Gong Lingye's and Song Yi's.

    He had no idea what his mood was.

    It was clear early on that they were together, but when he really saw the two get married, he felt that there was an indescribable void and sadness deep in his heart.

    He really liked her, and was attracted by her from the beginning of rejection to now.

    Even, he thought despicably that if Gong Lingye was really gone, would she one day see him again?

    However, at this moment, he found his ridiculous!

    It turned out that even though she knew Gong Lingye might be away soon, she married him so resolutely!

    He looked at the photo for a long time, and he wanted to find out from the expressions of the two, even if there was a slight reluctance, they failed!

    Whether it is Gong Lingye or Song Yi, their happiness and joy at that time can be felt even through the phone screen!

    Therefore, when he received a call from his mother saying that Gong Lingye took Song Yi back, he immediately came out of the company.

    He knew the result clearly, but he still wanted to see what they looked like at the moment. It seemed to die a little more thoroughly in order to make his dead heart!