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Hearing the words, Song Ziheng's face suddenly changed, his eyes lingering, and he locked Gong Lingye to his chest.

    "Do you still want your sister to protect you from everything?" Gong Lingye looked at the boy with sharp eyes and seemed to be able to penetrate his soul: "She told me that you grew up and said that you can protect her. But now I What you see is a person who shuts himself in an airtight world! "

    Song Ziheng's hands were clenched into fists, and the repulsion in the eyes was profound and profound.

    "You are 14 years old, not 4 years old." Gong Lingye said mercilessly: "You are asking yourself in the bottom of your heart, what are you doing here besides burying your head in reading?"

    He said that he directly took out the photos of the Song Yi people when they were at the base. In the photos, the girl's face was all flowers, standing in front of the operation table, wiping the sweat on the forehead indiscriminately.

    "Did you see? She is working hard to use the newly developed success to defeat Chu Mingyao." Gong Lingye locked Song Ziheng's gaze: "But you, what did you do? You thought you didn't speak, but kept your mouth closed. Alright? "

    Song Ziheng looked at the man who was half a head taller than himself in front of him. The things he had always defended seemed to be shaken. He wanted to roar and wanted to refute, but he found that he had no position at all!

    "She said to me that she was worried about you." Gong Lingye's voice slowed down: "She is afraid that you will never speak, and that you will always be locked in her own world. Without friends, the whole circle will be you alone. "

    Song Ziheng's hands clenched into fists, his steps could not help back, his face became pale, and his lips and petals were tight.

    "Think about it yourself." Gong Lingye looked at him: "You can escape his doubts under Chu Mingyao's eyes, proving that you are careful and smart. However, you can't be confined in the past all your life, you should also have Your own independent future. "

    He said nothing, and handed a business card to Song Ziheng: "This is a psychologist I know. It is in country R. If you can figure it out, you can contact him at any time. Rest assured, he will definitely believe it and will not disclose any patients. Personal information. "

    Song Ziheng took it in, and because of his hard work, the business card was slightly creased, and then he put it in his pocket.

    At this time, Song Yi people came over and smiled: "How did you see this?"

    Song Ziheng looked down, and Gong Lingye took her by the hand: "Waiting for you."

    Because there was an important meeting at Gong Ling Night on Monday afternoon, the three of them almost ate hot pot that day and had to separate again.

    Gong Lingye and the two sent Song Ziheng to the door of the school, about to wave goodbye, and suddenly a car came diagonally towards this side.

    The Song Yi people are still packing their bags behind, and they are also far from the car, while Song Ziheng is just on the street.

    The sudden change made him unable to respond, but an arm in the oblique ground suddenly stretched out, grabbed his waist, and jumped back quickly.

    Neither of them was able to stand firm, and they fell to the steps together. The runaway car wiped their clothes, almost hit the big tree on the side, and slid a few meters before stopping.

    Gong Lingye had some pain in his arms and thighs, but it was only a pain. He propped up and asked Song Ziheng beside him, "Are you all right?"

    Song Ziheng raised his eyes, met his eyes, and shook his head. Lips and flaps moved, and compared with a mouth: "Thank you."

    At this time, the Song Yi people had run over, scared as if looking: "Are you all right?"

    "It's okay." Gong Lingye had stood up and reached out to Song Ziheng.

    He stood up with his strength, looked down at the clothes, but the down jacket had a tear.

    Looking at the traces just drawn by the car, Song Ziheng was afraid after a while, if Gong Lingye did not pull him just now ...

    Although there was an episode, the people still didn't change their plans. Song Yi hugged Song Ziheng and repeatedly told him to pay attention to safety, and then said that she would soon find time to see him again.

    Song Ziheng nodded, looking at the back of Gong Lingye and Song Yiren leaving, putting his hands in his pockets.

    There was a business card for a psychiatrist, which made him feel some pain in his palm.

    Back in the dormitory, Song Ziheng turned on his computer and searched for Gong Lingye's information.

    Encyclopedia is all about the introduction of Gong Lingye in the mall.

    He looked closely, the light under his eyes became brighter and brighter.

    When he was 11 years old, he had just become a teenager. His brother at home destroyed his worldview and outlook on life. At that moment, he only felt that the whole world had collapsed.

    He didn't know how to build it, so he crouched in that corner.

    Until now, someone pointed out his cowardice. He was angry, but he had to admit that Gong Lingye was right.

    He seemed to be a lost child, trying to find his own direction, and splicing the once broken world together.

    After returning from R country, Song Yiren and Gong Lingye were almost all connected.

    On the base, the new technology has been tested, and the next step is the detailed and detailed debugging and on-line approval process.

    At the same time, Song Yi people will take the time to complete the contract of the endorsement of Unique and Hai Sheng.

    On this day, it was the conference of the multinational auto show held by the Haisheng Group. As a spokesperson for the Chinese side, Song Yi people naturally need to attend.

    She first checked in at the hotel arranged by Haisheng, and then went to the conference site with other spokespersons.

    Need to sign in first, she walked to the sign-in desk and saw a familiar name ‘Zhang Cuixian’.

    Just wondering why this person was on the scene, Song Yiren looked at Su Mi in a pale gold halter evening dress and came over. She glanced at the list, frowned slightly, and then quickly signed at Zhang Cuixian .

    Song Yi was stunned.

    Zhang Cuixian, 19 years old, is a little girl in a remote mountainous area of ​​Ningguo.

    At the beginning, the Song Yi people met when they went to the village, and they also supported her.

    The girl was only 11 years old at the time. She was wearing old clothes that didn't fit well. The shoes were also torn. A thin face of melon seeds made her eyes big and bright.

    When Song Yiren and her mother handed the grants to her, the girl was very moved and cried and said to them: "Thank you aunt, thank you sister, I will study hard in the future and repay you!"

    Song Yiren just smiled at the time: "It's okay, you just repay your parents and the people in your hometown."

    Eight years have passed.

    Song Yi people turned their eyes and looked at the girl with delicate makeup, lamenting the magic of time.

    If it weren't for that name, and a small pink birthmark on Su Mi's wrist, Song Yiren couldn't even imagine that they would be the same person.

    She had just closed her eyes and saw that Chu Mingyao and his assistant came over from a distance.

    Perhaps because of the presence of others, Chu Mingyao changed his name: "Xiao Nuan, are you here? Tired of it?"

    Song Yiren smiled: "Fortunately, thank Mr. Chu for your concern."

    "I watched the video of your modified car a few days ago, it's amazing!" Chu Mingyao smiled: "Like my fiancee."

    Song Yi's heart sank, did he see anything?

    Just listened to Chu Mingyao as if to sigh: "I haven't seen her for a long time. I want to see her tomorrow!"

    Song Yiren felt a chill rise in his heart, but he still said: "Mr. Chu, don't be sad, maybe she doesn't want to see you sad. Tomorrow, can I go with you to see her?"