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#153 I'm afraid of fire

After the Song Yi people came out of the shower, Gong Lingye was reading materials on the sofa in the living room.

    He has also taken a shower, his hair is still a little wet, wearing a light-colored nightgown, the whole person faded away. He went to the cold and powerful atmosphere of the weekdays and seemed to be a lot softer at home.

    Song Yi people walked over: "I finished washing."

    After all, she suddenly reacted again. She seemed to invite him to sleep like this. So he quickly said: "Are you hungry?"

    After asking, I suddenly felt that I was really brain-tight. When I called in the evening, Gong Lingye did n’t say that he and Luo Tianqi had dinner?

    Just thinking of ways to remedy it, Gong Lingye nodded: "Well, a little hungry, do you want to eat supper?"

    "You didn't have enough to eat at night?" Song Yi surprised.

    "There was no appetite at the time." In fact, he only took two dishes and was drinking the rest of the time.

    "It's so late, or eat at home." Song Yi said: "I don't seem to be full, I can eat a little more."

    "Go out to eat, the cook at home is not here." Gong Ling night said: "I haven't come back recently, so let him go back."

    "It's okay, it's too late. It will take a lot of time to go out, otherwise, will I go to cook?" Song Yiren finished and suddenly realized what should she do?

    Gong Ling glanced at the bottom of her eyes and stood up: "Nuan Nuan, will you cook?"

    Song Yi people are not everything, she had never entered the kitchen in the previous life, and she couldn't even cook eggs.

    And if Yu Ruo Nuan herself, she searched the memory, it seems that it will not. After all, Yu's family is a little 'noble', and there are special servants at home.

    However, the words were already there, so the Song Yi people still silently said, "Just be a tomato and egg noodle, okay?"

    Gong Lingye said with interest: "Good."

    Song Yi was worried and went to the kitchen. Before leaving, Chong Gongling said at night: "You just wait for me here, I will call you later."

    She went in and found the ingredients first, relieved and needed everything she needed.

    Then, turn on your phone, look through the cooking app, and search for 'tomato egg noodles'.

    She has always been a strong learner. After reading the ‘Instruction Manual’, she feels it is quite simple.

    She took two pots and started boiling water. Then, she beat the eggs again, mix well, cut the tomatoes and set aside.

    When the oil is burnt, the Song Yi people follow the instructions and pour the eggs first when the oil is hot.

    However, she never knew that there was water in the eggs, and she was a little too hot to fire. When it was poured in, hot oil splashed out suddenly, and a drop fell on the back of her hand in the crackle.

    Sudden pain and the flames in her sight made Song Yiren feel that she was back in the nightmare. She threw away the shovel in her hand because the movement was too panic when she threw it.

    She screamed in fright, turned and ran.

    Outside, Gong Lingye heard the movement, almost flying and ran over, just walked to the kitchen door, a soft body hit his arms.

    He had never seen Song Yi people panicked like this, holding his clothes tightly in front of his chest. Because of the force, the nails caught him a little bit hot. The pain was so painful that she was full of uneasiness, almost drowning Lived in driftwood, holding him tightly, pressing all his strength and center of gravity on him.

    "Nuan Nuan, what's the matter? Was it burnt by oil?" Gong Lingye hurriedly picked up the Song Yi people, and then walked to the gas, turned off the stove, and took her to march out: "Let me see if I was injured Alright? "

    Song Yiren still held his neck tightly and refused to let go.

    He also realized that she was mainly mentally frightened rather than injured, so she still let her hold him and reached out to pat her back.

    It took a long time for her tight nerves to relax slightly.

    He felt it, so he talked about it in general: "Nuan Nuan, if you let go of me, I will see where you are getting hot."

    Song Yiren slowly let go of Gong Lingye, raised his eyes, there were tears on his cheeks, and his voice shivered: "Gong Lingye, I am afraid of fire, I thought it was burning me ..."

    Her eyes were red, and her small face was covered with water. The whole person was in his arms, and she was petite, small and trembling.

    "Nuan Nuan, look, there is no fire, it's okay, don't be afraid, no matter what happens, I will protect you." Gong Lingye said, hugged Song Yi again, and then took her hand to see.

    There are three red dots on the back of the white hand. Fortunately, none of them blistered.

    "Nuan Nuan, I'll apply scald cream to you." Gong Lingye said, letting go of Song Yiren.

    Song Yi was in shock, his eyes followed Gong Lingye, and his eyes were waiting.

    Soon, Gong Lingye took the medicine box, found the scald cream, and carefully applied Song Yi people with a cotton swab.

    A cold touch came from the back of the hand, and Song Yi people calmed down a little.

    She looked at Gong Lingye's lowered eyes, and the side of the face where he seriously applied her medicine, and said, "I'm afraid of fire, I was burned by fire before ..."

    At first, he was crippled and devoured little by little by fire until he felt completely dead, which he would never forget in this life.

    At this moment, Gong Lingye just finished painting and raised his eyes.

    Song Yi people took a deep breath and tried to put aside those nightmares.

    She took the initiative to lean on Gong Lingye's chest, drawing the temperature from him, and said: "Are you angry because I invited those people today and didn't tell you in advance? Also, I didn't give it You said, why do I know them ... "

    Gong Lingye heard Song Yiren's voice with a nasal voice, and his pity was more profound: "Warm warm, if it's embarrassing, don't say it."

    "Not embarrassed, but--" Song Yiren's hands tightened consciously, her nails were all faded because of the force, she said: "Actually, have you almost guessed it?"

    She raised her eyes to look at him: "You must think that I am not like Yu Ruoyuan, my personality has changed, I have met many strange people, right?"

    Gong Lingye nodded and reached out to wipe the tears on Song Yiren's cheek: "Well, I'm a little puzzled."

    "I'm not the former Yuruo Nu." Song Yi took a deep breath and locked Gong Lingye's eyes tightly.

    He didn't seem to be surprised, but just listened to her quietly.

    "The people who appeared at the base today, including Chi Jingyu, I do know." Song Yi was a little panicked. "I want to make a more advanced driverless car, so I called them. I At that time, I was thinking that if any of them changed or was against me, you would protect me. "

    After all, she raised her head and her lips and petals were shaking tremendously: "Gong Ling Ye, will you protect me?"

    Gong Lingye nodded and said seriously, "Warm warmly, do your business with confidence, since under my eyes, I will guarantee your safety 100%!"

    Song Yiren's eyes were a little red: "I don't believe you, but I think in the subconscious that you are my biggest escape route, but if you tell all the truth, will this escape route disappear?

    She didn't know how to express her complex emotions, but just looked at him with red eyes.

    Gong Lingye was so confused by Song Yiren's eyes that he sighed and bowed his head to kiss her eyes: "Nuan Nuan, no matter who you are, I am a woman I like. I will let you know, I am The retreat will not disappear, even if I am not in this world, it will always exist. "

    So much so that the hardest moment after that, or years later, he remembered her expression at the moment.

    She faded her usual toughness and reason, removed her defense and disguise, leaned on his arms, and cried fragilely and helplessly, saying that he was her only escape route, and she was afraid of losing it, instead of not believing he.