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Trying to calm down the consternation and discomfort in his heart, Lie Xiao-soft faced the camera and still smiled brightly: "Of course the third match! Since it is a friendly match, there is no last word to give up!"

    She said so, but greeted her with some applause.

    Song Yiren, the reporter also said: "Miss Yu, just now Miss Lie said that the third game is going to happen, what do you think?"

    "Of course I am willing to accompany you!" Song Yiren smiled and looked at Lie Xiaoruo: "Miss Lie, just the third game, should I ask someone to come up with a question?"

    Seeing Li Xiaoxiao's doubts, Song Yiren explained: "What are we standing here for today, then, should the key people have a say, do you say?"

    Lie Xiaoruo understood that Song Yiren was referring to Gong Lingye, and her chest was undulating. Today, the original plan to make the other party ugly, but did not expect that she lost completely!

    She said: "Okay."

    She lost in front of him, and lost before losing, life is very long, no one can say there is no chance of flop!

    Song Yiren knew that Gong Lingye didn't like to appear in front of the media, and she couldn't expose their relationship, so she rushed to the reporter: "Miss Li and I will not accept interviews with you in the third game.

    The reporter looked inexplicably and looked at Lie Xiaoren for help.

    Lie Xiaoruo spoke with Song Yi people this time: "Everyone, sorry."

    The reporter was also a little sad, but still had to leave.

    At this moment, Song Yiren and Lie Xiaoruo came together on a meadow in the manor.

    Gong Lingye had already been informed by the Song Yi people, so he didn't say much. He said directly: "The two stood on the same distance from me, to see who ran in front of me first, and who counted the winner. "

    Lie Xiaoruan glanced at her high-heeled shoes. Although she felt a little disadvantaged, she thought about it. She has such long legs. She does n’t believe that she really runs but is shorter than her opponent!

    Over there, Bae Jun became the referee: "Two ladies, prepare, run!"

    Song Yiren just stepped up and found that Gong Lingye had run over to her. He walked quickly, and because he was so close, it only took more than ten seconds to come to Song Yiren.

    He stretched his arms and hugged her in his arms.

    Lie Xiao looked at them dumbly and stunned, his eyes completely frozen: "You despise the rules!"

    "Rules?" Gong Lingye said, "Miss Lie, I only said which of you will win in front of me first. I didn't say that I can't move."

    "You--" Lie Xiao's soft eyes shattered.

    Gong Lingye held Song Yi in his arms and looked at Lie Xiaoruo: "Miss Lie, I looked at your brother's face and didn't do anything. The reason why I am willing to come here today is just because my home is warm and lacking Exercise, you should come out and play more. It is rare that someone will accompany her to play, and I will eat and eat when she comes out. "

    "But—" His eyes became cold and sharp: "It won't be that simple next time!"

    Lie Xiaoruo looked at the man in front of her, and there was a burst of enthusiasm in her eyes.

    No matter how strong and careless the girl is, there is actually a soft side. She stood there, suddenly feeling a bit cold.

    Gong Lingye obviously no longer gave her a single look, he took Song Yiren's waist and bowed his head to kiss.

    Song Yiren had put on the white blue-and-white cheongsam and red cloak when she came here. In front of Gong Lingye in a black suit, there was a strange harmony through time and space.

    His fingers passed through her long hair, and the two kissed as if there were only one another in the world.

    I don't know when it started, there was a lot of snow under the sky, and the snow fell down, and fell on the hair of the two. In the distance, there seemed to be the fragrance of Lamei.

    Lie Xiaoruo looked at the two who forgot to kiss in front, only to feel that every breath was late.

    She grew up to 26 years old, she wanted something from childhood, her family taught her, even if that thing is not hers, she will strive to get it.

    And now ...

    Just now she clearly saw obvious disgust from Gong Lingye's eyes.

    She feels that her 26-year world view seems to be facing subversion.

    At this moment, Lie Xiaosoft's cell phone rang, and she picked it up and saw it from Lie Yuanshen.

    All of a sudden, her eyes were red: "Brother."

    "Sister, how did you find Miss Yu?" Lie Yuanshen was on a business trip these days and saw the news as soon as he came back.

    "Brother, I lost." Lie Xiaoruo tried hard to hold back without crying, still holding his chin high: "In three games, I lost!"

    Especially in the third game, losing to a defeat.

    "It's okay, how can there be a game in life that doesn't lose?" Lie Yuan Shen comforted: "Brother will pick you up now, we will go out to watch a movie at night!"

    "Brother, I want to be alone." Lie Xiao said softly.

    "Okay, let's go home first." Lie Yuan sank.

    Over there, Gong Lingye touched the tip of her nose when she released Song Yiren: "Baby, are you angry?"

    The Song Yi people still raised their feet and stepped on him: "Don't let the flowers get irritated in the future!"

    Gong Lingye suddenly thought she smiled so sweetly at that Lu Yuge, so she narrowed her eyes: "Nuan Nuan, you seem to have forgotten what I called to remind you before?"

    Song Yi's face changed, and quickly fled.

    Gong Lingye caught up with her in two or three steps, picked her up, and the two screamed and walked out. Only then did she find that Lie Xiaoruo had disappeared somehow.

    That night, the Internet was full of reports on the legendary victory of the Song Yi people. Even Ning Guo, Chu Mingyao saw the hot search.

    There are still a lot of videos above, and Chu Mingyao looked at the girl in the video and his eyes moved slightly.

    I do n’t know if it ’s his illusion. When he saw Yu Ruo Nuan who was refitting the sports car calmly in the video, he somehow thought of Song Yi, the one who was personally destroyed by him.

    After watching the video, he turned his head and saw a group photo on the shelf behind him.

    It was a group photo of him and Song Yiren. In the picture, the girl's cheek was still a little childish, and he, perhaps because of his experience, was only two years older than her, but he was a bit mature.

    That year, he was in the third grade and she was in the first grade.

    He took the picture down, looked at it, and somehow thought of what it looked like when Song Yi died.

    Suddenly irritated, he got up suddenly and put the picture frame back in the distance.

    He reopened his office, but for some reason, he always felt that someone was watching him behind him, and his eyes were deep and cold, as if with resentment in hell.

    He froze and turned his head, but saw nothing.

    There was only a sudden shock, accompanied by a sudden rise of sweat and a frantic heartbeat.

    At this moment, the Song Yi people embarked on a flight to R with Gong Lingye.

    She will introduce Gong Lingye to Song Ziheng and tell him that in the future, there will be one more member of their family.