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Unable to help, she raised her hand and kissed her fingertip lightly.

    Sensitive fingertips felt like an electric shock. Bei Mingmo's hand shrank unconsciously, but he was clenched again by Xuanyuan Che.

    He said: "I really don't know about you, then I will understand from now on. Anyway, you are not saying that you just have to marry before the age of 29? There are still a lot of time and we have many opportunities."

    Bei Mingmo didn't know when he became so able to speak, or, in fact, he would have said it, but she never knew it.

    She moved and didn't let him move away. She couldn't help saying: "I'm going to work, it's not a joke, I have a task to explore the market here."

    Xuanyuan Che nodded: "Are you going home for the New Year?"

    Bei Mingmo's expression suddenly changed, and he smiled and said, "Which home?"

    He suddenly felt a little distressed and stared at her: "Come back to the imperial city with me. When Chu Mingyao's affairs are resolved, I will accompany you back to Ningcheng."

    Bei Mingmo didn't say anything, just said: "I'll say it later!"

    In fact, Chu Mingyao and Chu Mingyao have made clear today. She feels that she should be able to go home.

    I just thought of going home, and my heart inevitably felt a bit close to home. I have been missing for so long, I do n’t know what happened to Mom, Dad and Brothers?

    She took a deep breath and tried to suppress the rolling of her heart.

    Xuanyuan Che released her, Bei Mingmo was free, and immediately sat at the desk.

    She is not escaping, but she really has a lot of work, just hope to finish early, so that the New Year can be easier.

    Xuan Yuan Che sat on the sofa, looking at the girl in front.

    He suddenly remembered what happened when he first saw her. I didn't seem to remember it at the time. Looking back at this moment, I realized that every detail was so clear.

    That day, she wore a professional attire and entered the negotiation room.

    He has seen a lot of beautiful girls, and a lot of talented professionals, but the two qualities are combined, but it seems that there are not many.

    During the banquet, she bit the price and various terms tightly. At that time, she should have just entered the workplace soon, so she has not been able to master the ‘degree’, so it seems a bit aggressive.

    However, at the time, her major made him change some college students.

    After the business negotiations, he thought they no longer met, but unexpectedly, they met her again during non-working hours.

    He had some impressions that day because he almost didn't recognize her at the time.

    She wore a very casual and fashionable skirt, which was very different from the professional dress of the day, and her eyes were different from the conference table. She looked particularly depressed that day, and she was dressed brightly, but she could not cover the fatigue and loneliness of the whole body.

    After that, he met her frequently.

    And she didn't have the appearance of depression that day, but instead looked like a smile and bright sunshine every day.

    She just nodded and greeted him at first, and met more times later, simply chatting with him.

    Although, almost all she said, he just answered one or two sentences.

    However, she didn't seem to be angry anymore, she was still flying and looked tired.

    Then, she went step by step and took the opportunity to buy roasted sweet potatoes on the roadside. She forgot to bring money and asked him to give him the opportunity to give money. When he met next time, he asked him to add WeChat and said he would pay back eight yuan.

    He almost got through her calculations, but for some reason, he took out his mobile phone and scanned her the QR code.

    She also seemed to understand psychology very well. After paying back his money, she didn't worry about chatting with him immediately. Instead, two days later, he asked him about work-related things.

    Later, she often discussed work with him, from discussing work, and then slowly talking to private life, and then, asked him to watch movies.

    That time, he almost went, but a classmate happened to come to him, so he told her next time.

    I wonder if she thought it was his refusal. After a few days, she hadn't sent any news.

    In the past few days, he always felt that he was not used to something. He couldn't even look at the mobile phone that often rang, but after realizing it, he put the mobile phone aside.

    He admits that she is subconsciously giving her a sense of her presence.

    After that, they met again at a negotiating table. At that time, she did n’t seem to know him. She was more genuine for the benefit of her company. However, after the meeting, she took the initiative to chat with him, as if there was no contact in the previous days .

    He felt a little strange in his heart, but he also felt that the kind of irritability that seemed to be entangled in the heart was seemingly gone.

    But that night, he met his college classmates again.

    The university classmate was also in that restaurant, when she saw her eating out with him, she laughed and teased: "A Che, are you two talking?"

    He shook his head, undecided.

    The classmate said again: "But you have to be careful. The elementary school girl has talked to many boyfriends, each of which does not exceed three months."

    He froze at that time, then frowned, saying, "We didn't talk."

    The classmate immediately understood and said, "That's why she's chasing you? Or else bet, she'll be fresh, chasing you up to three months!"

    At that time, he didn't take it seriously, and he didn't mean to bet at all, and his classmates were obviously joking, and he chatted with him again, and went to the bathroom.

    And he, returned to his seat, saw the light of her smiling eyes, and inexplicably raised a thought: really only three months?

    I wonder if it was because of that sentence, he began to watch the time frequently. Only then did I realize that it was almost three months since I knew her unconsciously.

    So, he went to look at the contract when he negotiated and saw the date above. Then he took the calendar to calculate, and suddenly discovered that if it was his birthday, it would be exactly three months.

    In the past, he seemed to have had a birthday, but it didn't matter if he was a few hairdressers, he would call him. If they were in the same city, everyone would gather.

    But for this birthday, he looked a little vaguely until the birthday.

    On the same day, exactly one of his classmates went to Ningcheng for a meeting and went to his company to find him, so he chatted a little.

    The classmate also said that several old classmates also came. There was a place in the evening and he was asked to go together, which happened to be his birthday. However, he turned away with a ghost.

    So, they chatted a few words at the door of the company, and then they left.

    After he went back, he looked at the calendar again and found that today is really the last day of three months.

    Inexplicably, there was a similar happy mood. He felt that it seemed that her three-month period on others did not work for him.

    He even thought, after today, maybe he can promise to associate with her, then ...

    Unexpectedly, he became somewhat expectant until he had dinner at home and waited for the time.