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"Satisfied?" Bei Mingmo deliberately prolonged his voice: "You turn over and I will tell you."

Xuanyuan Che glanced at the balcony that he could jump over with a support, and shook his head: "No, Momo, that's not good."

How could he turn to her room when he was a guest at her house on the first day?

Bei Mingmo couldn't help laughing, and deliberately teased him, blinking and said: "I'm afraid they will see it, so I don't have a bad impression of you?"

Seeing Xuanyuan Che's default, she smiled more openly: "Ache, why are you so cute?"

After all, Bei Mingmo was holding the balcony and was about to crawl over to touch Xuanyuan Che's head.

They were on the second floor after all, and Xuanyuan Che saw it, so scared that he quickly reached out to pick him up.

Bei Mingmo didn't jump off, but sat on the edge of the balcony and said, "If my parents see it in a while, I'll say you picked me up!"

Xuanyuan Che: "..."

Condescendingly, she watched him anxiously, giggling non-stop, and finally waited for Xuanyuan Che's face to turn black before saying, "Are you angry?"

He pursed his lips, tightened his jaw line, propped up and came to her side, then jumped to her balcony, picked her up from behind, and placed it on the balcony.

Bei Mingmo was puzzled, Xuanyuan Che directly beat her up and went to her bedroom in a few steps.

So this guy turned into a wolf after being teased?

Bei Mingmo sank into the soft big bed, and Xuanyuan Che also pressed down in the next second.

He clasped her hands with one hand and raised them directly above his head, the kiss was crazy.

He breathed between his lips and teeth, but the faint smell of green grapefruit and mint came from the end of his nose, which was the perfume she made for him.

It seems that this guy did not forget to spray perfume!

Who said that you don’t like perfume?

Only soon, Bei Mingmo was already submerged in someone's deep kiss.

Xuanyuan Che ended with a deep kiss, he stood up without a word, and then walked out.

Bei Mingmo was puzzled, but noticed the changes in him sharply.

She stood up and smiled at him: "Oh, has the fire started?"

Xuanyuan Che didn't say a word. After passing by the balcony, he closed Bei Mingmo's balcony door. Then, when Bei Mingmo heard a little movement, he fell silent.

She simply got out of bed and ran out barefoot.

Opened the balcony door, there was already no one there, and then I looked at Xuanyuan Che's side, there was no one, but a vague voice came from his side.

So, did he take a cold shower?

Bei Mingmo almost lost his breath with a smile, and then returned to his bed and fell back on his back.

For a long time, she still felt funny, and went to the balcony again. Seeing that Xuanyuan Che would never go to the balcony again, she took the phone to send a message to Song Yiren.

At this moment, Gong Lingye had just returned home from Ningguo.

Along the way, he hardly read the news. Only after arriving home, I heard Song Yiren say that some experts even took out the incident of the TG-03 hitting a person, extending it to the hidden danger of driverless cars.

At that time, he curled his lips after listening: "Nuan Nuan, this is what I'm waiting for."

Song Yiren puzzled: "Ling Ye, if this incident is really caught by the people involved, it will affect the entire industry."

"In fact, this controversy has never been broken when the first batch of driverless cars came out." Gong Lingye said: "It's just because all the data of several companies show that the accident rate of driverless cars is actually far. It’s much lower than that of manual driving. So, I got the approval only later."

Song Yiren nodded: "But now—"

"Isn't it to expand the influence?" Gong Lingye squinted his eyes: "It seems that the time wasted to give Xiao Ruan the medicine, let us be on the right side. I think, after tonight's fermentation, by tomorrow, we will post this on Weibo. It must be a hot topic, and even other media around the world, such as Twitter, will also become a hot topic."

He continued: "At that time, it will not only involve the Tiangong Group, but also several well-known foreign automobile manufacturers."

Song Yiren's heart shuddered: "So, can we take advantage of the questioned incidents in the entire industry to fight a turnaround?"

"Yes." Gong Lingye nodded, with a faint smile in his eyes, he kissed Song Yiren's cheek: "Wife, are your reports ready?"

Song Yiren nodded: "Everything is done, divided into two versions, one is a professional version, and the other is a popular version for the general public.",

Gong Lingye rubbed her hair: "Thank you, baby, when we finish these days, we will take a good vacation."

Song Yiren laughed: "I'm afraid it's a bit difficult."

"Why?" He pulled her to his lap and looked at her with a smile.

"Because I'm worried that your business will be too good by then, and you won't be too busy." Song Yiren reached out and poked Gong Lingye's nose playfully.

He let her poke: "Actually, I thought before that once we couldn't find the evidence that the car passed, it's a big deal to announce our research and development results and let the real authority judge it."

Song Yiren was surprised: "This way, wouldn't it be equivalent to making technology public?"

Gong Lingye nodded: "Yes. In this case, the industry will be completely reshuffled. However, even if the technology is disclosed, I believe that we will always be the one on top."

"In fact, you can make it public if you can find it or not." Song Yiren looked at Gong Lingye seriously: "Then why did you change your mind later?"

"Because I thought of some pictures." Gong Lingye looked at her deeply: "Think of the appearance of seeing you in the laboratory for the first time, and also of the way you and your comrades forget about sleeping and eating and taking the company as their home."

He said seriously: "So I am reluctant to make it public."

Song Yiren's heart was softened by his words, so she leaned softly on Gong Lingye's shoulder.

He turned his head and kissed her: "Nuan Nuan, tomorrow will be a brand new day."

Early the next morning, Gong Lingye went to the company.

Seeing him at the front desk, he was startled.

After all, Gong Lingye did not show up after the TG-03 accident. According to the report, he may have been finding a way out for himself.

Now it seems that he is back again, still in a suit and leather shoes, cold and powerful, which makes people sure.

Upstairs, in the office, everyone felt agitated when seeing Gong Lingye coming back. They only felt that today would be an unusual day.

In the morning, Gong Lingye asked Pei Jun to organize a meeting.

He simply explained to the senior executives that no matter if any reporters come over today, he will remain silent, because Tiangong Group will hold a press conference in the afternoon.

At the beginning of the morning, the share price of Tiangong Group continued to fall, and the online reports were all about self-driving cars.

Because the voice of doubt is too high, related companies have been unable to sit still, and have jumped out to refute.

As a result, the Internet is noisy.

In the midst of this chaos, the Tiangong Group official micro-updated.