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#418 Omnipotent

Shangguan Ao put aside his doubts about the Song Yi people's face, and turned his eyes back to Gong Lingye again, and introduced him to the others in the room: "Aye, this is your brother-in-law and your sister-in-law."

Gong Lingye looked at Shangguan Yue at night, the man looked mature and cool, the temperament was calm, and there were faint traces of years at the end of his eyes.

"Brother, sister-in-law." He greeted, beside him, Song Yiren also called.

"Four younger brother." Shangguan got up and hugs Gong Lingye politely.

"This is your second cousin, Shangguan He, and your second sister-in-law." Shangguan Ao continued to introduce.

"Fourth, welcome back." Shangguan He made a smile, his wife also greeted the Song Yi people very enthusiastically.

"This is your third brother Shangguan Xun." Shangguan proudly said: "Your third brother is half a year older than you and has not been married yet."

"Third Brother." Gong Lingye and Song Yi greeted each other.

"Aye, Uncle has been talking about you for a long time." Shangguan Xun said, giving Gong Lingye a strong hug: "Tonight I have prepared a wind banquet for you, and our brother will have a happy drink!"

He is regarded as one of Gong Lingye's cousins, and looks most like Gong Lingye.

It's just that his facial features are softer than Gong Lingye's. Even when he laughs, he has a unique gloomy temperament.

He let go of Gong Lingye, and then looked at Song Yiren again, his eyes slightly darker: "Let's also join Yu."

He didn't call it'brother and sister', but called'Xiao Yu', which made Song Yi people's hearts move slightly. I am afraid this person is very difficult to get along with.

"Okay, I will bring Nuan Nuan to participate." Gong Lingye smiled.

"Aye, this is your fifth brother's friend." Shangguanao introduced the last young man, and then asked the housekeeper: "What about the old five? Why didn't you see anyone?"

"Homeowner, the five young masters should have gone to the racetrack." The butler said.

"Stinky boy! Call him back immediately!" Shangguan Ao ordered.

"Yes!" The butler took orders and went to work.

The servant walked over and seated Gong Lingye and Song Yi, so everyone sat down and began to talk.

Song Yi looked at the living room and couldn't help but sigh.

This huge living room resembles a feudal dynasty hall, and the man sitting in the position of the head of the house, he always implies that he has begun the selection of heirs.

Ha ha, Gong Lingye had encountered such a thing last time. Now, I am afraid it is another bloody storm.

Feeling a little sighed, she stood up: "Everyone is out of company, I want to go to the bathroom."

"Mrs. Four Young, I will take you." The maid got up and took the Song Yi out.

The two walked out of the hall. Outside, Amian and the two bodyguards were still there. The Song Yi let them rest aside. This allowed the servant to go back and walk into the bathroom by himself.

As soon as she came out of the bathroom, she felt a gust of wind blowing in the air. Then, a young man in a horse-riding suit ran over and nearly hit her.

He had already passed by her, but suddenly turned his head.

When looking at the face of Song Yi, his eyes burst into shock.

"Beauty!" He gave birth to a pair of peach eyes. When he laughed, he still had two dimples on his cheeks, but he didn't look girlish, but because of the excellent genes of Shangguan's family, he looked like a handsome man with a lot of heroism.

"Beauty, what's your name, who's friend? Why haven't you seen you before?" He asked several questions in a series, and there seemed to be stars in his eyes.

Song Yi frowned slightly, and before the time had come to say anything, the servant saw and greeted the man: "Five young masters, are you back? The owner is looking for you just now."

"Fine, I know." The man waved his servant impatiently, and continued to stare at Song Yiren with bright eyes.

"Want to know who I am?" Song Yiren's lips twitched at this moment: "You should call me Sisao."

"Four sisters-in-law?" The man repeated it doubtfully, and then said: "You are Brother Ye's--"

He didn't say the word "wife", so he stopped.

Looking up and down at the Song Yiren, he smiled after a while: "Do you have 21 this year? I am 26. I look older than you. You should call my brother. Oh, yes, my name is Shangguanyan. You might be able to call My brother Yan!"

Having said that, he was expecting Song Yi to call him.

Song Yi people feel funny, how could the Gong family have such a young master? It seems to be totally different from his brothers.

She was too lazy to care about him and turned directly to the hall.

Beside him, Shangguanyan continued to talk to her: "Sister, why can't you think so, marry my old man who is my fourth brother? Look at me, he is four or five years younger than him, and he is proficient in riding and playing cards..."

Song Yiren hadn't approached the hall yet. After hearing this sentence, she stopped deliberately and lowered her voice to Shangguan Yan beside her: "Want to know the reason?"

He nodded and leaned in curiously.

"Because what you said, he will, and, there will be others." She said, without waiting for him to react, walked in quickly.

Her words tickled Shang Guanyan's heart and quickly chased it: "Sister, what else can that old man have?"

However, because it was already close to the entrance of the hall, and it happened that everyone was talking in the hall at the moment, Shang Guanyan's words were suddenly heard clearly by everyone.

Shangguan Ao immediately frowned: "Laowu, what kind of system are you? That's your four sister-in-law!"

His words made Shangguan Yan suddenly sullen, lowering his head: "Uncle, I'm wrong."

Then he turned to look at Song Yiren: "Four sisters-in-law." The voice was very low, reluctantly.

Song Yi's lips and lips raised, and his tone was like an elder: "The fifth brother was just unclear, and those who do not know are not guilty, just remember it later."

Shangguanyan grinded the rear molar in a depressed mood.

It seems to be just a small episode, and it passed quickly.

Obviously, Shangguan Ao has given up on Shangguan Yan, so he opened his eyes and closed his eyes to his various playful behaviors.

Everyone chatted for a while. Shangguan Ao needed a rest after all, so he left first.

At night, it really was a grand feast of style. However, it was only four o'clock in the afternoon, and someone came to ask Song Yi and Gong Lingye to choose dresses.

Song Yi people think that, like Shangguan's family, which looks pedantic and traditional, the dresses are estimated to be cheongsam, but unexpectedly, they are all the same styles as the upper-class society in China.

Gong Lingye chose a black suit and a blue tie, and asked the tailor to modify it slightly according to his size.

And Song Yi chose an ice-blue long skirt with a V-shaped structure on the front and back, but in front of it, she pinned a white flower with pearls, blocking the daydreaming scenery.

Afterwards, there are specialized stylists for makeup and styling. At 7 o'clock in the evening, the dinner officially began.

The banquet was in the hall in the middle of Shangguan's house. The hall with a classical appearance, pushed through the door, but seemed to have entered another modern society.