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#411 Chasing wife

However, to Xuanyuan's disappointment, Xuanyuan Che's situation does not seem to be temporary.

After observing for a few days, he frowned heavily, glanced at Xuanyuan Lin in the room, sighed, and left.

Xuanyuan Che knew that he disappointed the old man, and he was temporarily safe.

It's just that when he woke up, he found that it had been many days before he had an accident, so he should have lost contact for a long time?

I don't know if Bei Mingmo knew that something was wrong with him, but could Gong Lingye be able to find out what happened here?

At this moment, his cheap brothers and sisters were not there, but a cell phone was lying on the desk beside him.

Xuanyuan Che picked it up and found that the phone was unlocked.

He opened the call interface and pressed a few numbers.

In the monitoring room, Xuanyuan Lin chewed the gum, stared at the screen with a sneer, put away his cynicism and signature smile, and brought a bit of murderous murderousness to his eyes.

He zoomed in on the screen and suddenly displayed the number Xuanyuan Che pressed.


He repeated: "What the hell?"

Then, Xuanyuan Che deleted the string of numbers, and then dialed three numbers on it: 185.

After that, he didn't seem to know what number to enter, but just looked at the screen in pain, and at the end, he hugged his head again, and the phone slipped from his hand and hit the ground.

Xuan Yuanlin raised an eyebrow: "Amnesia? Is it true?"

He looked at it for a while, seeing Xuanyuan Che was in a daze in the room, so he directly exited the screen and turned to leave.

At this moment, thousands of miles away.

Gong Lingye's cell phone rang.

After listening to the phone, he turned and rushed to the side of Song Yi, saying: "A Che is in country J, and the Xuanyuan family is temporarily in no danger."

"Then I will find a chance to tell Momo." Song Yi said humanly: "But from the perspective of the Shangguan family, the Xuanyuan family may also be a wolf den. We can't help him for the time being, just hope that he can adapt to it!"

"A Che has always grown up in the wind and water, sometimes he looks faint, but the brain is also very vigilant in case of danger." Gong Ling night said: "You tell Momo, he will be fine, give him some time , He will think of a way to contact us."

"Good." Song Yi nodded.

She sent a message to Bei Mingmo, asked her to watch a movie together, and then brushed her circle of friends.

But I did not expect to see He Wanshuang's public account after such a brush.

After going down that day, He Wanshuang and Zhang Zixun went to his friend's city.

Kun City is not far from the imperial city, and it will be there in three hours.

He Wanshuang first went to the famous "New Wish Studio" in China and met their editor Qiao He.

Qiao He has seen the column written by He Wanshuang before, so he completely believes in her writing skills. He said in the banquet: "Wanshuang, I recognize your major very much, but this column is for us to write a travel note. It is different from other travel notes, almost everything else is to go to a place and write a report about the local area. But with our request, you go to find those meaningful places, and then stay quietly, you can live for a week, also You can live for a few months and then write down the different local cultures and folk customs."

He said: "So you need to go to many places, maybe you will also deal with all kinds of people. I have read your information, you mentioned that you have had depression. Of course, I am not discriminatory, but I will also consider , Are you qualified for this job. Especially, you are just a weak girl."

Seeing Zhang Zixun seemed to be helping He Wanshuang, Qiao He raised his hand to stop: "Zixun, our column is very important, and we can't give up halfway, so I must explain the difficulties in advance and Wanshuang, which is also responsible for each other's work."

"Chief editor Qiao, if I say now that I am competent, maybe not only do you not believe it, but I am not even confident of myself." He Wanshuang looked at the middle-aged man in front of him, with a certain amount of determination: "My The information lied. I did not suffer from depression, but I am still troubled by depression."

Hearing the words, Qiao He was stunned.

However, He Wanshuang said: "So, I need to work harder to complete this work. Because, I see it as a cure for my depression!"

Zhang Zixun looked over in shock. After all, when he was helping He Wanshuang as an agent, the girl beside him was still kind of quiet and weak, and even simple things. Her father or Gong Lingye helped her.

But now...

I heard that He Wanshuang was actively treated by a psychologist. Is the psychologist using this method to let her heal herself through life?

He was somewhat relieved and hopeful for her.

Obviously, Qiao He was also persuaded by He Wanshuang's words, and he smiled: "Okay, I'm also taking the risk to give this column full responsibility to you. Wanshuang, I hope that when the column is running for the International Humanities Competition, your depression The disease has been cured!"

"Well, thank you, Editor-in-Chief!" He Wanshuang is really grateful to the man in front of him.

On the same day, they signed the contract.

And He Wanshuang also stayed in a hotel in Kun city.

She knew that she would embark on a new journey starting tomorrow.

During that journey, she alone had to step out of the mud and step through those shadows, so that those who truly loved her should not worry about her.

That night, He Wanshuang rarely slept soundly, but did not know, just across her wall, Lieyuan sank on the balcony, looked at the balcony next door, ordered a cigar, did not smoke, and waited for it to burn out.

The next day, He Wanshuang appointed her plan at the hotel.

She has to go to many places, and in those unfamiliar places, there will naturally be no relatives or friends, so she must prepare the itinerary in advance.

That day, she was busy in front of the computer for a day, and finally returned to the hotel with a stack of printing paper.

On the third day, she borrowed a car from ‘New Wish’, which would be her car of the year.

On the fourth day, she bought some necessities and went to the first stop of her travels.

In the morning, Lieyuan Shen was having breakfast in the restaurant. When he saw the door of the hotel, a waiter helped He Wanshuang put the luggage in the trunk.

He was shocked, he quickly put down the cutlery, and immediately chased him out.

He has always been conspicuous, but in order to'follow' her, he wore a low-key black sweater and a hat. The brim was very low, covering most of his face, and he was wearing sunglasses, not looking seriously. It's almost hard to recognize.

In order to avoid He Heshuang's miss, he came out carrying a bag almost at any time this time, so when he saw her going, he immediately got into his car with a backpack.

So, he followed her through the hustle and bustle of the morning peak of Kun city, into a quiet mountain road, and then came to a strange town he had never seen.