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#103 Dog biting dog

"Su Yunfei, what are you doing ?!" Chu Mingyao was suddenly angry and slammed Su Yunfei's wrist.

    Su Yunfei did not stand firm, and took a few steps back before barely falling.

    Seeing that Chu Mingyao had murdered her for Song Yi's sake, her fire was even bigger, and she said to Song Yi: "You slut, when did I say that you are a little vixen? No! You are a vixen, you are Is it true when you see a man? It ’s a hook to my man! You said, did you all go to bed last night ?! "

    He said nothing, and looked to Chu Mingyao: "That little bitch has made you comfortable in bed? How many times have you done it? Hehe, do you think she is young and beautiful? God knows how many men have played ..."

    "Slap!" A loud slap sounded.

    Su Yunfei looked at Chu Mingyao in shock, with a sharp voice: "You beat me for a bitch!"

    Chu Mingyao pays much attention to the image on weekdays and rarely gets angry in public, especially now that there are outsiders.

    However, Su Yunfei had been eating boring dry vinegar since the emperor city that day, and was unreasonably making trouble at the airport. He was very angry at the time.

    So after he came to Pingcheng, he ignored her directly and did not answer her call last night.

    Unexpectedly, Su Yunfei still found it today, and, when he was having a good time talking with a little girl!

    Su Yunfei seems to be scolding the Song Yi people, but Chu Mingyao feels that his dignity is being challenged.

    The most important thing for him is face. Su Yunfei made him lose face in front of interested girls, making Song Yiren feel that Chu Mingyao is a man in fear, which is simply unbearable!

    He grabbed Su Yunfei's arm with a cold voice and a murderous tone: "Su Yunfei, it's enough!"

    Su Yunfei knew that Chu Mingyao was angry, and she was also a little scared. When she was about to be soft, she listened to Song Yiren.

    Song Yi people have been hiding behind Chu Mingyao before. At this moment, she sees that the war is about to subside. How can she make them do it?

    Therefore, she pulled on Chu Mingyao's sleeves, her big eyes were scared, and even cried out: "Mr. Chu, I'm sorry, it's all my fault! Don't worry about me, I'll be alone!"

    Then he said to Su Yunfei: "Sister, I'm sorry, I promise to never talk to President Chu anymore! When I saw President Chu, I walked away, I was wrong, sorry, you chat ..."

    With that said, turning around would run away.

    Chu Mingyao was originally annoyed by Su Yunfei, and now he sees the pitiful appearance of the Song Yi people's birdie, so in comparison, Su Yunfei's aggressive look is even more abominable.

    He quickly chased Song Yiren: "Yu Xiao classmate! Xiao Nuan! Don't cry, it's because Brother Chu is wrong, and you are not protected! You don't run, a girl is too dangerous, I will take you to dinner!"

    Behind him, Su Yunfei heard Chu Mingyao whispering to coax other women like this, suddenly more angry: "Chu Mingyao, you forgot how did you get to today? If you go with this bitch today, you believe Do n’t believe me to do something you regret ?! "

    Chu Mingyao heard the words, stepped, and slowly turned his head, at that moment, his eyes became very cold, the tone was not fluctuating, and the peace was shocking: "Su Yunfei, if you really want to try, Try to show me! "

    Su Yunfei's hands clenched into fists in an instant, his nails almost embedded in the palm of his hand.

    Her chest undulated, and she didn't know how much will she used to barely suppress her jealousy and anger.

    She glanced resentfully at Song Yiren, then turned and left.

    The Song Yi people looked at Chu Mingyao with some fear: "I think she misunderstood me and must hate me!"

    "Don't be afraid, I will send someone to protect you." Chu Mingyao said, "She likes to catch the wind and catch the shadows. I don't see a woman beside me that makes you wronged."

    The Song Yi people shook their heads and stopped talking with their eyes closed.

    Chu Mingyao pointed to a shopping mall in front of him: "Yu Xiaomate, the seafood over there is doing well. Do you have allergies, can you eat seafood?"

    Song Yi's previous life was allergic to some seafood, but Yu Ruo Nuan's body had nothing to eat, so she nodded: "Okay, thank Mr. Chu."

    "I said you don't have to be so polite." Chu Mingyao saw Su Yiren keeping his distance from him. Suddenly, he was even more annoyed with Su Yunfei.

    The two went to the restaurant together. The Song Yi people ordered a glass of mango juice that they couldn't touch in their previous lives. They slowly drank and looked at the window with quiet and sad eyes.

    She is trying to do a play, and she is thinking about it. It seems that the relationship between Chu Mingyao and Su Yunfei has long been a problem, but they have never broken up.

    The only reason is that those interests are entangled?

    Su Yunfei does not love Chu Mingyao. She is not too sure. However, Chu Mingyao is now sitting in the Haisheng Group. How is Su Yunfei willing to give up this cake?

    Chu Mingyao obviously already had Su Yunfei's thoughts in mind, but because he had killed people together, perhaps Su Yunfei had evidence of Chu Mingyao's fear in his hands.

    Therefore, the two are now so stalemate, sometimes seemingly affectionate, in fact there are already cracks.

    It may seem fragile. In fact, those things that are not visible in the hand have become the closest community of interests.

    Perhaps she later found the truth and evidence from the beginning, and could start with the rift between them.

    The dishes quickly came up, and Chu Mingyao greeted the Song Yi people to eat the dishes, and the tone was once again restored to the gentleness and courtesy of the past, even the half-choice, teasing or suggestive words are no longer there.

    Song Yiren knew that he was letting her relax her guard.

    The two of them ate each meal with one's heart in mind, and finally, after the lunch, the Song Yi people looked much more interested.

    So, Chu Mingyao took her to several scenic spots, and even took her to the iconic clock tower and took a few photos.

    Before meeting Bei Mingmo again, Song Yi people don't know whether to relax or lose.

    However, Chu Mingyao's interest was very high, he just didn't feel so relaxed for a long time, so, at the end of the dinner, he invited Song Yiren to watch a movie together.

    The two came out of the theater. Chu Mingyao proposed to send Song Yiren back to the hotel. Song Yiren said the name of the hotel, and then he smiled and said: "We are in the same hotel."

    "It's so coincident?" Song Yiren laughed. When the two said that they entered the hotel with laughter, Song Yiren saw Su Yunfei's figure flashing away in the lobby on the first floor.

    Back in the room, Song Yi quickly turned on the computer and found a small club with special services. Then, he made an anonymous call using network software.

    More than ten minutes later, a woman in a cool dress came to the hotel and knocked on the door of Chu Mingyao's room.

    The door was opened quickly, the man had just taken a shower, and there was still some water on his body. The woman at the door had a soft voice and fell straight on the man: "Sir, am I in the wrong room ..."