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    Song Yi was stunned, and then found that everyone was watching her, suddenly a little annoyed.

    Unexplained, Gong Lingye pulled her into her arms and asked in a low voice, "Wan Nuan, did you have one?"

    Song Yi jumped in popularity, and she quickly glanced at everyone, especially after catching Chi Jingyu's expression that he had tried a small electric motor, but pretended to be an innocent look who didn't know how the power was. Depressed.

    She pushed Gong Lingye: "Why are you asking this in front of everyone ?!"

    Gong Lingye realized that Song Yi was shy, rubbed her hair, leaned into her ear, and whispered: "Baby, did you really have it?"

    Song Yi people whispered, and some murmured.

    However, after the first time, Gong Lingye took measures, she was not pregnant.

    There, someone started joking with Luo Tianqi: "Tianqi, you are so experienced, have you ever given birth to a child, or how many more stumbling girls' belly?"

    Luo Tianqi heard the words, his smiling expression suddenly froze, he lowered his eyes, squeezed the cup's hand, and tightened slightly.

    Because there were so many people, no one noticed his expression at the moment, and everyone was still chatting enthusiastically.

    Old Wu asked Gong Lingye: "Mr. Gong, when do you and Xiao Nuan plan to hold a wedding?"

    Gong Ling night said: "This year, it should be in the second half."

    The commercial war with Chu Mingyao has been officially opened, Gong Lingye estimated it, and forced Chu Mingyao to his current position for at most six months.

    In addition to debunking his true face and so on, it is conservatively estimated that this August should be able to end.

    Therefore, at that time, he will take the hands of Song Yiren to the world and declare to the world that she is his beloved wife!

    ow! "Laughter said:" In short, I will inform you in advance, I must pack a big red envelope! "

    "Yo, do you know Bao Hongbao?" Lao Pandao: "Count me one!"

    "However, if it does, do you have to do it in advance? Or hold the child for the wedding?" J asked curiously.

    Gong Lingye looked at Song Yiren and said with a smile: "If there is, do it now!"

    Although it may be a little more complicated to deal with Chu Mingyao, but he cannot let his woman pregnant with him before getting pregnant!

    "Fuck, I, he, mom want to get married too!" J said with a pimple on his face.

    "I still want the second spring!" Hua Ge also had a sly expression.

    When everyone laughed, He Wanshuang quietly stood up from his seat.

    She walked to the bathroom and relieved her emotions for a long time. Then she took a deep breath and pretended to come out while calling: "Oh, well, I will go back immediately!"

    After she finished, she said to everyone: "There is something wrong with my family. Let's go first. You guys have fun!"

    Gong Ling Night Road: "Did you drive or take a taxi, I will let the driver see you?"

    He Wanshuang shook his head: "It's okay, my dad is nearby, come over and pick me up immediately."

    "Okay." Gong Lingye nodded: "Watch out for safety."

    He Wanshuang listened to his careful instructions, and the sourness in his heart rose again.

    She thought she could bear it, thinking that it would be good if she could stay with him for a while. But today, when he heard that he was going to get married, and when he heard that his fiancée might be pregnant, she couldn't hold on.

    Afraid of his gaffe, afraid of crying in the next second, He Wanshuang can only leave.

    After leaving from Phoenix, she did not go home, but went straight along the road.

    I don't know how long I walked, I ran into a bar in sight. He Wanshuang stood at the door of the bar, staring blankly.

    Luo Tianqi said that she did not dare to drink, she did not dare to drink, she did not dare to drink in front of Gong Lingye, afraid of what she said was wrong.

    And now, there are people he likes next to him, he won't control her ...

    After he Wanshen hesitated for a moment, he walked into the bar.

    What she didn't know was that there was always a car trailing her by the roadside. After she walked into the bar, the car stopped.

    The man lowered the window glass, and locked his back with He Wanshuang stepping in, his eyes dark and unclear.

    In the Phoenix City, although Song Yi people think it should not be there, Gong Lingye still does not allow Song Yi people to drink.

    In contrast, Bei Mingmo drank happily.

    Since she was rescued, her former friends have seen only Song Yi.

    After more than two years away from home, she also wanted to go back to see her parents. However, she was afraid to bring disaster to her family.

    Today, TG-01 debuted, not only the Song Yiren team but also her!

    Because she also knows, this means that the days when they defeated Chu Mingyao are not far away!

    She was very happy, very happy at first sight, especially when she met so many friends she had known in the past.

    So after drinking it, she really felt a little drunk.

    "I'm going to the bathroom!" She said, still slowly when she stood up, before finally pressing down the feeling of just turning around and walking towards the bathroom.

    He went to the bathroom and poured water on his face, but Bei Mingmo felt dizzy even worse.

    She leaned back against the wall again, and just stepped out before hitting someone at the door.

    Instinctively, she reached out to grab something that could be attached, but when she noticed that it was Xuanyuan Che, she had touched the fingertips of his chest shirt and snapped it back again.

    However, she hadn't stood still just now, and as a result, if she lost her balance, she would fall to the ground.

    But the man in front of him suddenly stretched out an arm and grabbed her waist.

    With his arm forward, she fell straight into his arms.

    He wrapped her around with one hand and looked down at her blurred eyes: "You drink too much."

    Bei Mingmo was awake from the instant dizziness, facing Xuanyuan Che's eyes, and he was excited, and raised his hand to push him: "You also know that I drink too much, then stay away from me! Lest you impose another vote The accusation of giving away is on me! "

    The repulsion in her eyes was obvious, and what he said also stung his heart. Xuanyuan Che was slightly relaxed, but his palm was still printed on Bei Mingmo's waist.

    His voice was low: "I didn't mean it."

    She sneered and was too lazy to care about him, so she turned and left.

    However, Xuanyuan Che held Bei Mingmo's wrist and pulled her: "What happened to you before? Why did you almost die and how blind?"

    Bei Mingmo's brain was a little confused at the moment, so I didn't expect that that was because Wei Qianran hadn't hung up the phone, so Xuanyuan Che knew about it.

    She turned her eyes and her eyes became a little funny: "How do you know? Is it related to you?"

    He squeezed her arm in a sudden hand, and his heart was filled with burn-like emotions, and his lips and flaps moved, and he didn't speak.

    Bei Mingmo pulled her arm out of Xuan Yuanche's hand. She felt her body dizzy, but her brain was still awake.

    She is the one who speaks, and has always done it, stay away, away, nothing rare!

    However, before pressing down on the dizziness, the man beside him asked, "Beijing Mingmo, why did you chase me?"

    His words seemed to evoke her long-term memory. Bei Mingmo rubbed his heavy head, there was no cover at all, to be honest: "Because at that time, my most important friend died, I was uncomfortable for half a year, no life Love. I saw you just that day and thought you were hard to follow. Maybe I can pass the time, so just— "