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#395 Gong Lingye's Analysis

When the Song Yi people woke up again, they found it was already dark.

She was still in Gong Lingye's arms, he was still sleeping deeply.

He is really tired, so many hours of high tension in thinking, and the choice of life and death across the border, must be difficult for her to imagine?

She leaned back in his arms and waited quietly.

It wasn't until midnight that Gong Lingye woke up for the first time.

He listened to the voice and asked Song Yiren: "Warm, did the cruise ship not open?"

Song Yi nodded: "I arrived at the port by night."

"Why don't you wake me up?" Gong Lingye moved.

"It's very tiring to see you, so they let Bae Jun not disturb you." Song Yiren said, getting up to get clothes for Gong Lingye.

He pulled her into his arms: "Wife, is it better to have a cold?"

She nodded: "It's gone."

"Are you still seasick?" he asked again.

She shook her head: "You're not dizzy when I'm here."

Gong Lingye laughed, dressed in a thorny manner in front of Song Yi, and then took her hand and got off the boat.

A Mian and some injured men had left first. When Gong Lingye and Song Yi came out, Pei Jun said, "President, are you going back to the villa?"

Gong Lingye nodded and asked, "Is the genetic identification report taken?"

Bae Jun shook his head: "It's not too late."

"Go and get it at work over there tomorrow." Gong Ling said at night: "Lie Yuan sank contact?"

Bae Jun said: "He has contacted, you just had an accident on your side, so..."

"Okay, I'll handle it tomorrow." Gong Ling night said.

When he arrived home, the genius had just turned bright, Gong Lingye took Song Yiren to sit down, and his tone was serious: "Nuan Nuan, what we thought before was actually wrong."

Song Yiren knew that he was going to talk about this discovery, so he sat down and took paper and pen.

Gong Lingye saw this and scraped the tip of her nose: "Baby, how can you be so cute?"

He said nothing, he couldn't help but kiss her, then said: "I first said my discovery, you write it down."

"Country J should be controlled by three major families at present, and they can even influence the political situation of State J." Gong Ling Yedao: "Respectively: Shangguan, Xuanyuan and Beiming family. As for the others, it is not yet clear."

"The symbol of the Beiming family is the flying eagle, and the symbol of the Shangguan family is the scepter. Obviously, the former is less powerful than the latter."

"Our Gong family, the former Shangguan family and Rong family in China, the common enemy is the Beiming family. Obviously, this Beiming family has nothing to do with Momo's father, but the family on the j side."

"The Beiming family set up a bureau against Chu Mingyao. I almost didn't have to come forward and used Chu Mingyao's hand to retaliate against the Rong family."

"Whether Gu Zhiyun is related to the Beiming family, I can't judge this at the moment."

"However, everyone in the Shangguan family should live for a hundred years, which means that the blood problem has been cured. So, I suspect that there is medicine there, or that it is treated with someone like Gu Zhiyun. they."

"This time I went to country j and found that their commercial cities are highly developed, absolutely because of the result of so many years of humiliation."

"When I was going to leave, I was hunted by several forces at the same time. It is certain that there is the Beiming family, and the other, because there is no tattoo, I can't infer."

Song Yi people couldn't help but be shocked when they heard this.

Although she had seen that Gong Lingye had no obvious wounds on her body, she still unconsciously put down the pen and took his hand.

"Nuan Nuan, I'm okay." He comforted her and continued: "My guess now is: Shangguan's house on the other side of country j is actually my family's house, perhaps because of the war that occurred in my grandfather's generation, so My grandfather is gone, so the owner of the palace in the j country should be my father's brother. After all, if it is my grandfather's brother, it feels less likely. Because if they are still alive, the youngest should There are also over 85 years old."

"But when I crossed the border, someone actually helped me." Gong Ling night said: "Some people want to kill me, some people want to let me go, what does that mean?"

Song Yiren thought about it: "If you and the Shangguan family belong to one family, then in fact, strictly calculated, you may also have their inheritance rights. Therefore, in addition to the world feud, the Beiming family, you want to kill you. There may be your cousin. Because, you threaten their interests."

"Yes." Gong Lingye nodded: "In this world, there are no eternal enemies, only eternal interests. Therefore, they will make an appointment to attack me at the same time."

He thought about it for a moment, and added: "From the perspective of the prosperity of the country j, I think there should be no head-on conflict between the Shangguan family and the Beiming family, and they even shake hands for the benefit. At least, on the surface."

Song Yi people are puzzled: "Then why the Beiming family has to deal with the two of us so much?"

"The Rong family should not have much strength in the country j, or there is no Rong family at all. So the Rong family in Ning country naturally became the target of the Beiming family." Gong Ling Yedao said: "The Gong family is in China. First, it has been out of the control of country j. Second, it is also because of interests."

Song Yi people suddenly realized: "Because they are all surnamed, so, in fact, the Shangguan family of country j, actually happy to see that the Gong family was suppressed. In this way, if you and Mo Chen have something wrong, they can justify it. Inherit everything from the Chinese Palace?"

"That's the reason." Gong Ling Ye narrowed her eyes: "It's just that I don't quite understand it."

He said: "Since my death is beneficial to the Shangguan family, why did someone secretly help me this time?"

Song Yi people bit the pen, but they can't figure it out.

Gong Lingye saw that she was biting her pen like an elementary school student. She couldn't help remembering that when he first saw her in the previous life, she was still a college student, and she asked questions of professors very academically, but ignored him completely.

He pulled her off the stool, sat down on his own, and picked her up on his lap again, looking at the Song Yiren's record.

Her handwriting is beautiful, but there is no lack of atmosphere, just like her personality, there is a kind of unyielding faintness in the tenderness.

He kissed her on the cheek, but when he saw the words "Uncle" and "Three Uncles" on the paper, his heart suddenly flashed.

"I know." He took the pen and wrote on it.

Under the name of his father, he wrote the names of him and Gong Mochen, and then, uncle and third uncle, randomly wrote a few words of ‘上官xx’.

His words are powerful and powerful, with a domineering expression in the deep, beside the Song Yiren's font, he can't even say the harmony.

He pointed to the words "Shangguan xx" and asked Song Yiren: "Nuan Nuan, look, is it all a competitive relationship?"

Song Yi nodded: "They should all chase you down."

"Then who do you think will not kill me?" He followed the temptation: "If the person who helped me is a member of the Shangguan family, then, in the Shangguan family, I will not endanger anyone's interests?"