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Bei Mingmo's lips moved. "I'm just avoiding an enemy."

    Xuanyuan Che glanced down the corridor, where there was no one left.

    Bei Mingmo knew that he had misunderstood, and his heart surged and frustrated.

    He had just turned his back on the phone and the man was talking on the phone, but he kept listening to the other party, so there was almost no sound. When she pulled Xuanyuan Che, Xuanyuan Che's spirit was concentrated on her body, and naturally no attention was paid to someone passing by.

    However, to say more is useless, there is no need for explanation between them.

    Bei Mingmo stood straight: "Just be offended."

    Xuanyuan Che leaned on her side with one hand, the voice was cool, but there was no emotion: "If you want someone to play, then I am sorry, you chose the wrong target."

    Bei Mingmo raised his eyes: "I know, you can rest assured, not."

    He let go of her and walked straight into the private room. His back was indifferent and cold, as if he would never cover the hot ice.

    Bei Mingmo took a deep breath and walked towards the private room.

    She must have gone out today without looking at the almanac. Forget it, the boat is already done, so be it!

    In the next few days, it was almost the concrete implementation of the contract. During the period, Bei Mingmo also saw Gong Lingye, and Xuanyuan Che and her never had any contact other than work.

    In the past few days, Song Yiren was fully involved in the research and development base of Dicheng until she received a call from Gong Lingye that he was about to return to China.

    Gu Tingxue's condition has temporarily stabilized after the operation, but needs to continue treatment at the institution in country M. Therefore, Gong Lingye returned with Xuanyuan Che.

    When the flight arrived in the Imperial City, it was already one o'clock in the morning. Because it was too late, Gong Lingye didn't let Song Yi people pick up the plane, but sent her a message and agreed to have dinner together the next evening.

    I do n’t know if I really responded to the phrase ‘Xiaobeisheng ’s new marriage’. Song Yi came out of the operation room and went to the dressing room at the base first.

    She had put several clothes here before, just thinking that if she had to go on a date at night, she had to change to a beautiful one.

    At this moment, she chooses and chooses, and finally she is satisfied.

    The imperial city entering October was already a bit cold. The Song Yi people wore a white sweater and a light gray wide-leg cropped trousers. They were paired with small boots and trench coats, and they looked fashionable and young.

    Because she did not pass the Tiangong Group from the base to the restaurant, she asked the driver to take her directly to the restaurant.

    It was still early, and the Song Yi people stood alone by the road listening to songs, waiting for Gong Lingye.

    Opposite, her face appeared on the LED screen of the mall.

    She hasn't noticed these days. Has the endorsement advertised for Unique been online?

    Song Yiren was thinking about it, and felt that his bag was pulled by someone.

    As soon as she turned her head, her mouth and nose were suddenly covered by people, and a pungent smell came, only to feel a dizziness.

    She was shocked and struggled hard, but the other party was so strong that she quickly pulled her into the parked van.

    "It's time to get it!" The two men imprisoned the hands and feet of the Song Yi people and rushed to the driver: "Hurry up."

    As the pungent smell of the nose tip poured into the sense of smell, Song Yiren found that the power in her body was rapidly draining, her mouth was covered and unable to make a sound, and her hearing became a little blurred with the dullness of her senses.

    Just before the consciousness fell silent, I heard the man say: "People caught it and let her hit the money first."

    Gong Lingye went to the client's meeting this afternoon. At the end, the driver received a call saying that his mother suddenly fainted, so he let the other party leave.

    He drove out alone, and just arrived in the street opposite the restaurant, he saw a van coming.

    He didn't pay attention, but when he merged into the left turn lane, he saw a familiar figure.

    Almost instantly the pupils contracted, Gong Lingye suddenly merged the car into the left lane. At this moment, the Song Yi people have been dragged into the van, and then the van has started and went away.

    Gong Lingye was in the opposite lane. If he wanted to come over, he would need to turn around. However, once he turned around, he would probably lose his trace of the Song Yi. He turned his eyes and aimed directly at the middle isolation net.

    The one-meter-high isolation network is spliced, so there is a splicing interface every ten meters, which is active.

    Gong Lingye accelerated sharply and directly hit the fight interface. Suddenly, she only heard a large metal impact sound. The isolation net had torn a four-meter wide mouth.

    In the shocked eyes of the surrounding car drivers, Gong Lingye's black car had already roared away.

    After turning around a corner, the van found that it was being followed.

    However, the other party is a luxury car, and the speed is very fast. If there are many cars on this road, I am afraid that it has already been caught up.

    "Boss, what should I do?" Someone glanced at Song Yiren and said: "It's better to be in the car now, let her do it first, just finish the video and throw it down?"

    The driver was the boss. He quickly avoided the car that nearly hit him and scolded: "Fuck, it's cheaper for you!"

    Hearing the boss's agreement, several people stared at each other and said, "Let's go together!"

    Someone turned on the phone to start recording, while some people had squatted down, ready to untie Song Yi's clothes.

    But at this moment, the boss suddenly hit the steering wheel, and all the people in the car did not stand firm, and fell out together.

    Because of such a flicker, the Song Yi people bumped into the car wall, and a burst of pain came, but it made her consciousness a little sober.

    "Damn, that car is here!" The boss scolded, and accelerated again.

    The Song Yi people slowly opened their eyes and touched a small knife that fell on the ground with their hands weakly. Then, without everyone's attention, they squeezed it in their hands.

    "Boss, he, what is he going to do?" Before the men's exclamation in the car had fallen, the Song Yi people heard a sharp tire and ground friction, and then their car crashed into the car in front, and then , Suddenly stopped.

    "Fuck!" The driver scolded, his chest hit the steering wheel, and there was a sharp pain.

    Behind him, the few men who had just stabilized were also on fire, and the guy in the car got up. One of them seized the Song Yi people, and the others opened the van door and jumped down.

    The Song Yi people were still dizzy, and when they got out of the car, they squinted and quickly glanced around.

    They are near a bridge pier, which is quite remote, surrounded by a demolition area, the lights are very dark, and no one passes by.

    She squeezed the knife, and was dragged by the man to bypass the van. Only then did she realize that the car in front was familiar, but it was Gong Lingye's car!

    At this moment, the door of the black car in front opened, and the familiar figure came down.