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Tiangong Group’s official Weibo posted a video about the TG-03 accident that day.

The video is short, only half a minute. It's just that I don't know where to obtain it, because it is much clearer than the one circulating on the Internet before.

No one knows what the significance of this announcement by Tiangong Group is.

Because, in the video, it can be seen that the TG-03 was driving smoothly at first, but when it came to the back, it swayed slightly. A few seconds later, it drove into the accident section and hit the homeless man.

However, because the popularity of Tiangong is too high, a few minutes after the video was posted, there were thousands of comments below.

Those comments are almost all cursing——

"Something happened, you guys didn't even fart, and now, what do you mean by suddenly posting a high-definition version?"

"Is this deliberately showing off that you have a high-definition version? Or let us see clearly, you are so careless about your lives?"

"Fuck, I really saw such an arrogant perpetrator for the first time! Is there still Wang Fa?"

"Upstairs, I'm the only one who thinks they may have slipped this video with their hands? After all, how can the perpetrators send evidence themselves?"


However, the official Tiangong did not reply.

Therefore, the following netizens scolded even more wonderfully.

However, a few minutes later, Tiangong Group posted another Weibo.

Weibo's content is very ugly: "Sorry, I just slipped my hand and posted the wrong video. But since I posted it, I don't want to delete it."

A Weibo was sent out, and the whole internet was boiling.

Because, there really is nothing more arrogant than this!

As a result, the topic of #天宫集团Hand slipping video was directly airborne in just over ten minutes.

Maybe everyone wanted to come over and watch that there was such an operation. After watching it, they didn't know if it was ridiculous or angry.

Even the Wannian Diving Party couldn't help being transformed into a keyboard man and began to yell at him.

As a result, the Weibo server was paralyzed! Paralysis! Paralyzed! Up!

This is the only time Weibo has been paralyzed not because of celebrity gossip in many years.

Weibo technicians hurriedly repaired it, and someone posted a Weibo again after finally scrolling out of the homepage, to commemorate this moment in history!

In the office, Song Yiren looked at the Weibo page that collapsed again, and smiled.

Shangguan Yan happened to come in, and when she saw her smiling, she shook her god.

Immediately, he reacted again, leaned close to her, looked at the screen, and said, "Why are you laughing when Weibo collapsed?"

"Happy." Song Yiren felt that Gong Lingye's operation was really a bit irritating.

No, it's too showy.

Obviously, he already had ten percent certainty and evidence, so he wanted to deliberately come here without looking at it. In this half an hour, the share price of Tiangong Group dropped another 1.8%.

Next to him, Shangguan Yan was completely unclear: "You said that you are angry with those netizens and scold you, so now that the server is down, do you think you have revenge?"

Song Yiren turned his head, looked at the guy in front of him with interest, raised his hand, patted him on the shoulder, and said old fashionedly: "Young man, you are still too tender!"

Shangguan Yan suddenly exploded his hair: "What young man is too tender, you are not tender? Are you four years younger than me?!"

Song Yiren was too lazy to care about him, still looking at the screen.

Shangguan Yan sighed: "You must have been mad! Hey, even if that old man goes bankrupt, he shouldn't be out of money? You are not allowed to help him with Xingye!"

Song Yiren raised his eyes: "Why, I can't bear the starry night? I have such a sense of belonging?"

Shangguan Yan was said to be the central thing, like a cat with its tail trampled on.

He raised his chin at once and said with disdain: "Cut, why? I'm so talented, why shouldn't I fight for me? I'm just worried about your old man's wife. If the old man goes bankrupt, you will be poor. do?"

Song Yiren's ‘old man’s wife’ squinted his eyes: "Want to know what to do? Well, you will sit in my office today and take a good look at what to do."

Shangguan Yan thought he had heard it wrong: "Huh? Are you inviting me to work with you?"

After all, he blushed a little.

Song Yiren looked at him suspiciously: "What are you thinking? I just want you to witness the old man in your mouth, his true strength."

After more than 20 minutes, Weibo finally recovered completely.

Ten minutes after the recovery, Tiangong Group’s official WeChat account once again posted: “Tiangong Group will hold a press conference at 1:30 this afternoon. The press conference will be broadcast live. You can watch the live video on the Internet.”

This time, the comments below finally did not scold so much, but mostly mocked.

"This is finally unable to stretch, thinking that I can fool the public, but after all, I still underestimated the power of the people?"

"Hehe, I want to see, can your press conference really turn black into white?"

"Okay, see you at half past one. I believe the eyes of the masses are sharp!"


At 1:30 in the afternoon, the press conference of Tiangong Group was officially held.

Gong Lingye and Gong Mochen, as well as several senior officials of the Tiangong Group, all arrived.

Song Yiren didn't go, because she had always been the trump card of the Tiangong Group. Even in this embarrassing battlefield, she still didn't need to shine the sword.

Therefore, only Chi Jingyu attended the technical department.

Pei Jun first said: "Today, I invite friends from the media to come over to give some explanations on the recent turmoil of the Tiangong Group. After you read the explanations, it is our official question time."

However, even though he said so, some reporters couldn't help but speak: "Tiangong Group has been silent for so many days, has it finally found a chance to wash it out? Or, did you synthesize some evidence?"

However, just as he spoke, Gong Lingye's icy gaze swept over.

This reporter hadn't seen Gong Lingye look like this for a long time.

According to the rumors, Gong Lingye was cold-blooded and cruel, and decided to kill. However, after the incident in Tiangong, he seemed to have no effective actions, which gave people who were afraid of his rumors in the past seem to have an illusion that they can be challenged.

However, it seems that at this moment, the rumored Gong Lingye is back.

Seeing that no one dared to speak anymore, Gong Lingye signaled Pei Jun to start the first topic.

"First of all, let's explain the problem with the brake system of the first batch of cars of Tiangong Group——"

The reason for adopting this order is not only because of the time of the accident, but also because this is the only fault of the Tiangong Group.

First mention this omission, with the following explanation, the first omission is easy to be forgotten.

Because the heavy reversal is in the back!

Thousands of miles away, country J.

Shangguanao usually takes a nap at this time, but he is guarded in front of the TV, watching the press conference at this moment.