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#400 Automatic divorce

Lieyuan Shen came along with Lie Xiaoruo, but when he arrived at the parking lot, he said that he would walk around without being with everyone.

He came over at the moment, originally intended to take a long look at He Wanshuang, but he didn't expect that, just came over and saw her.

She didn't seem to expect that he would come, so when she saw him, her eyes stopped, and immediately she moved away.

Lieyuan Shen breathed slightly, but did not stagger his eyes.

At the venue, Gong Lingye introduced Lie Xiaoruo and also had a drink with everyone, then immediately returned to the seat.

Lie Xiaoruo went with him and said to Song Yi: "Sister-in-law, I have a cup for you!"

Song Yi people got up and touched Lie Xiaorou: "Xiao Ruo, he will be a family in the future!"

"Sorry for the past," Lie Xiaoruo blinked.

Song Yi shook his head: "It's okay, I also thought it was fun."

"You modified the car very well. You have time to teach me." Lie Xiaoyuan said softly.

"Okay." Song Yi nodded. "Turn back and play with the car together."

Gong Lingye pinched Song Yiren's face: "Wife, don't be too crazy, safety is the main thing."

Song Yi raised his eyebrows: "Don't you worry about my technology?"

"Naughty." Gong Lingye rubbed Song Yiren's hair helplessly, hugged her and sat down, shouting at Xiao Ruan: "Xiao Ruo, let your sister-in-law take you to her base to play in the future, you should be interested !"

"Okay, then I'll be with my sister-in-law!" Lie Xiao said softly: "Really, I admire her last time!"

There was a great chat here, and on the other side, Lieyuan Shen was always looking at the direction of He Wanshuang, and was not close.

Beside him, a staff member asked him, "Sir, do you need help?"

"No, thank you." He said, and went to the other side.

He Wanshuang took the pick that Luo Tianqi handed to her, picked it up, and ate it. When he raised his eyes over there, he did not see Li Yuan sinking.

Her heart slightly loosened.

At this time, the mobile phone she set aside rang, saw the caller ID, and slipped to answer.

The man said: "Yuanshuang, after reading your information, my friend passed the application you submitted before, and you got a free writing opportunity for this column."

"Really? Thank you very much, Mr. Zhang." He Wanshuang's eyes lighted up: "Then I can start work at any time?"

"Yes." Zhang Zixun thought for a while: "You and Mr. Lie's divorce lawsuit..."

He Wanshuang thought for a while: "Lawyer Zhang, will this lawsuit last for a long time? If he disagrees with the divorce?"

"This is usually the case." Zhang Zixun said: "Because he has no legal errors during his marriage, if he wants to divorce, it is estimated that it will take time for mediation."

"Then I will collect the information first!" He Wanshuang lowered his eyes: "Isn't it legally prescribed? The couple can be automatically divorced if they are separated for two years. If he and I don't divorce, let's talk about it two years later. !"

He Wanshuang added in his heart, and Lieyuan Shen just apologized to her for a while, how could he delay his marriage to two years later?

"Okay, if you are free this afternoon, I'm going to my friend's side and I can take you with you." Zhang Zixun said: "I drive."

He Wanshuang was about to refuse and saw Lie Xiaoruo talking with Song Yiren. It seemed that she had already got acquainted with Song Yiren soon.

Gong Lingye had a younger sister. Perhaps there was no place for her sister by his side, and she originally liked to come out with them.

But now, she doesn't know why, she just wants to be alone.

It’s better to leave this excuse...

So, He Wanshuang said: "Okay, but I am in Yunhai Villa in the northern suburbs, not in the city."

"I drove in the past and should pass by nearby. It only takes about ten minutes to pick you up." Zhang Zixun said: "I pass by about three o'clock and I will call you when the time comes."

"Good." He Wanshuang hung up the phone.

On the other side, Lieyuan stared at her phone call, he did not miss the light of her eyes.

Who is she talking to, so happy?

He breathed slightly, walked to the edge of a stream, and lit a cigar.

Over there, after eating some fruits and desserts, everyone was ready to go climbing.

Luo Tianqi seemed to be very interested, and left Xuanyuan Che: "Brother, when are you still playing underground love? You don’t know what you are doing when we are blind?"

Xuanyuan Che smiled: "Wait for her."

"Alas, there are guys with different surnames and no humanity!" Luo Tianqi sullenly saw that Pei Jun was single, so he directly shifted his goal.

Over there, Xuanyuan Che approached Beiming Mo: "Momo, shall we go to the top of the mountain to watch the sunset?"

Bei Mingmo glanced, "It seems there is no cable car?"

"No." Aside, Gong Ling night said: "You can go up in an hour."

Song Yiren looked at the top of the mountain, her legs were already soft: "I can't move, I won't."

Gong Lingye took her hand and moved closer to her: "Her husband's back?"

She forgot to glance at everyone, everyone had already gone up, so that if she didn't move, she would be too...

After gritting her teeth, she decided to fight.

In the April season, mountain climbing is the most suitable. The sun sets after traveling through the woods and is not warm.

The branches on both sides have already sprouted with green buds, and the breeze blows past, occasionally rustling.

Everyone went this way together, and they really reached the middle of the mountain without realizing it.

The crowd rested for a while, and then began to continue.

After all, the Song Yiren had drawn too much blood before, and her body had not recovered. In addition, after ‘exercising’ again this morning, she looked at half the distance, and her legs were shaking.

The next second, the man next to him suddenly released her hand and walked to her in front of her to squat.

He turned his head: "Warm warm, come up."

Song Yiren wanted to say no, but the center of gravity was already lying on Gong Lingye's body.

He hugged her backhand and stood up steadily.

She put her head on his shoulder and whispered: "They must all laugh at me."

"They won't laugh at you." Gong Lingye said meaningfully: "They will only praise me for being strong."

"You—" Song Yiren's face was suddenly hot, and his eyes turned to see everyone watching her.

Her cheeks were hotter and she quickly buried her head on Gong Lingye's shoulder.

"Brother Ye, that's why you were late this morning?" Luo Tianqi frowned.

Aside, Lie Xiaoyuan was unclear so: "Why is he late?"

Luo Tianqi waved at her: "Adult speaking, children, don't interrupt!"

"I'm not a few years younger than you?" Lie Xiaoyuan was dissatisfied. She turned her head and asked Song Yiren: "Sister-in-law, do you usually lack exercise?"

Luo Tianqi: "She exercises better than anyone else." When he spoke, he deliberately bitten the word'sports' heavily.

Seeing Lie Xiaonuan still didn't understand, he patted her shoulder, a pair of elders said: "Sister, look for her husband in the future, follow your brother's physical strength!"

Everyone laughed. On the side, Bei Mingmo Chong Luo Tianqi said: "I think A Mian can do as much physical strength."

Xuanyuan Che heard the words and pulled the person directly to him: "Momo, I think you are suggesting something to me."