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Gong Lingye's words almost ignited all the reason of Song Ziheng.

    When he saw Gong Lingye's index finger, he would pull the trigger, and he immediately hated: "Gong Lingye, you killed me, my sister won't let you go! I won't let you go! I also want you to be buried! Like Chu Mingyao, you will go to hell sooner or later! "

    Song Ziheng shouted hard, as if to vent all the misery of his misbelievers.

    He was trembling and his eyes were all mad, so he didn't see the arm that Gong Lingye had already dropped, and the smile of relief on his face.

    Hearing that the teenager was still scolding himself, Gong Lingye rubbed her brows helplessly, walked behind Song Ziheng and cut the tendon rope tied to Song Ziheng with a knife.

    Song Ziheng was free and immediately rushed to Gong Lingye: "What trick are you playing? Tell you, I don't believe you anymore! I want to kill you!"

    Because of his anger and great strength, Gong Lingye stepped back a few steps.

    Gong Lingye stabilized her body and grabbed the arm that Song Ziheng smashed: "Why, I can talk, so I can scold people?"

    "You have a beast-like heart--" Song Ziheng roared here, but the words suddenly stuck in his throat.

    He glanced at Gong Lingye in amazement. Just now, Gong Lingye said he could speak?

    "I--" Song Ziheng said again.

    This time, unlike the past, he seemed to be strangled by his vocal cords every time he wanted to speak, but he made a sound easily and naturally.

    "I really can speak?" He said to himself again.

    Although the tone was a bit jerky, he didn't even know that when he started, he had changed his voice.

    It was n’t the voice of the eleven-year-old boy in the past, but a slightly deep, thick male voice that was strange and strangely known, but it was my own voice.

    He stood there and made a few more syllables.

    He was really talking, he was really able to talk!

    After being dumb for three and a half years, I was finally able to speak!

    The shock and joy in his heart was like a tide, and he suddenly surrounded him.

    "I really can talk!" He kept mumbling, and muttered again: "Sister, I can talk!"

    Shivering all over, his eyes hot, the feeling of ecstasy is only known to him!

    Song Ziheng was laughing and crying, his throat rolled, and his eyes were red. He slowly raised his eyes and looked at Gong Lingye in front of him.

    If it was said that he didn't know what Gong Lingye was going to do before, but at this moment, he knew it all.

    Gong Lingye was stimulating him from the beginning to now!

    Heartbeat suddenly hit the chest, Song Ziheng looked at the tall man in front of him, his lips and flap moved: "Thank you for helping me."

    Gong Lingye patted his shoulder at night: "The method is simple and rough, so she can only carry your sister, otherwise she will desperately fight me!"

    Song Ziheng's hand was clenched tightly, and he said: "It's fine, I want to talk long ago."

    If Gong Lingye didn't use this method, but gradually, he really didn't know how many years he would be silent in the silent world again!

    "Why are you helping me this way?" He asked again.

    "Because you are her younger brother." Gong Lingye spoke extremely ruthlessly: "If it were not for her, you have nothing to do with whether you are dead or alive!"

    Song Ziheng thought of those who had just roared into Gong Ling Ye, and was a little annoyed: "Brother, I'm sorry, just now."

    Gong Lingye raised her eyebrows: "Do you recognize my brother-in-law now?"

    Song Ziheng pursed his lips and said nothing.

    Gong Lingye patted his back: "It's all sweat, go change clothes, I will take you on a horse."

    Song Ziheng nodded and changed clothes with the waiter.

    Changed his riding outfit, and put on a down jacket. The two chose a horse and took it out.

    It was getting darker outside, and the sunset set the horizon out of Phnom Penh.

    Song Ziheng had rode a pony when he was eleven years old, but at that time his parents were afraid that he would fall. He also ran on the grass for a little while.

    Therefore, when Gong Lingye took him to make the horse really run, he was in a hurry.

    Anyone who has ridden a horse knows that once the horse runs, its legs must be clamped to the belly, the waist should be straight, and the strength in the hand cannot be relaxed.

    Of course, for those who are on horseback all the year round, everything can't be easier. However, for those who rarely ride horses, it takes a lot of energy.

    Song Ziheng looked at Gong Lingye in front of him, his heart was unwilling.

    He can no longer be looked down upon by him!

    All the way to the top along the mountain road, the sky was completely dark, Song Ziheng was sweating all over, and his hands and feet were shaking slightly.

    Gong Lingye controlled the horse to stop. He looked at the bright lights in the distance and rushed to Song Ziheng beside him: "Here, you can shout hard. I know you have been depressed for more than three years. For your child, it ’s not easy for you to stand here now. "

    Song Ziheng retorted: "I am not a child."

    Gong Lingye smiled: "Follow you."

    Song Ziheng turned his head to look at him, only to feel that the dark riding suit of the man beside him seemed to blend into the night.

    "Brother-in-law." He called him.

    Gong Ling night said: "Huh?"

    "Thank you!" Song Ziheng said sincerely again.

    "Thank me to grow up and protect your sister. I let you learn to believe in people, it does not mean that you are not vigilant about things. You have to believe that as long as you are strong enough, you will not care if that person is sincere to you Because you have the ability to cope with all the betrayal and injury. "Gong Ling night said:" When you are free, I will take you to hunt. You are too weak, you need to do more men's sports. ski!"

    "Okay, I will exercise!" Song Ziheng thought about the last time he played, and added: "I will always play with my classmates in school in the future!"

    "Well." Gong Ling night said: "If there is any need, please contact me at any time."

    Song Ziheng nodded and raised a smile on his lips.

    He used to think that when he was older, he would go out with his dad to play football, horseback riding, skiing, driving, and even play diving, catching fish, hunting, but all the happiness in his life was at the age of 11.

    After that, those sports that I want to try are always buried in my heart.

    He locked himself up, making a model with his head down, not communicating with people, leaving home, and having few friends.

    Now, Gong Lingye takes him to play, takes him to ride a horse, and also says he will take him back to hunt.

    The kind of expectation of my father in my heart seems to outline a little bit, with a concrete and true look.

    He was always not good at expressing his heart, so even if he was rolling his emotions, he only nodded to Gong Gong Ling Ye, then, looking away, he shouted: "I am Song Ziheng, I will speak!"

    "I am born again today!"


    This young man who has experienced too much pain since he was 11 years old has finally rejoined the once fragmented worldview.

    He glanced at Gong Lingye beside him, thinking that he would also work hard to become the same as Gong Lingye, with a strong and bright heart.