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Thinking of this, Su Yunfei shivered violently.

    Su Mi seems to be too lazy to take care of her, but just takes a heavy breath and sighs generally: "But don't worry about it, President Chu is falling in love with others. Maybe he will soon forget you and you will be free! "

    "Did he fall in love with others?" Su Yunfei turned suddenly, grabbing Su Mi's arm.

    "Yeah, you may have heard of that girl too!" Su Mi carelessly grabbed the rhinestones on her nails: "That's the spokesperson of China, Yu Ruonuan."

    Yu Ruonuan's name, she went to Chu Mingyao more than once. When he heard him call it when he was most excited, Su Mi knew that Yu Ruonuan was different for Chu Mingyao.

    Sure enough, Su Yunfei's face changed when she heard the name.

    She gritted her teeth: "Bitch!"

    "President Chu told me that the only woman he loved in his life was Yuruan Nu." Su Mi sighed: "President Chu is actually an affectionate person! You are locked up every day, maybe you don't know something? President Chu? Because of a management problem, he was impeached by shareholders today, and he is no longer the president of Haisheng. "

    Su Yunfei shocked: "What do you say ?!"

    Su Mi again said: "He is in a bad mood today, just told me a lot. He said that he will be just an ordinary person in the future, but fortunately, there are more rich deposits than ordinary people. He will take With these deposits, he took Yu Ruonuan to live abroad. He said he had always longed for the life of men plowing and weaving women, so he planned to go out and buy a piece of land and grow some things. If Nuan likes sunflowers, he plans to plant a whole sea of ​​flowers for her ... "

    She sighed: "It's really romantic! A man can do this for a woman, so envious!"

    "They also plan to have a boy and a girl, preferably brother and sister, and then a family of four together ..."

    Su Mi has been whispering about the future, while Su Yunfei clenched his hands into fists, his eyes were scarlet!

    Chu Mingyao even planned the future of He Ruoruan!

    He was planning to imprison her for a lifetime, and then stay with other women!

    She was pregnant with the child, and Chu Mingyao took the knife to scrape it out, and said that he would bring the child to stew soup; and he and the children of other women, he should take care of growing up!

    Why? !

    Her chest is undulating, her eyes are full of crazy hate and unwillingness!

    She and Chu Mingyao did the same thing, killing the Song family together, oh no, it should be said that the main criminal was Chu Mingyao, she was just a helper!

    However, the principal offends with impunity and goes to live abroad with a beautiful young woman, but she is ruined, loses her freedom, and suffers day and night. Why? !

    If she publishes the video ...

    Su Yunfei thought of it here, but felt that his whole body was burning.

    Once announced, Chu Mingyao will definitely be sentenced to death, and she?

    She was a little afraid, but when she looked down and saw the mottled wounds on her hands and belly, hatred filled Su Yunfei's entire chest.

    Anyway, she may be tortured to death at any time by him, any other concerns? !

    She's going to die, she's gone forever, then Chu Mingyao will also be buried!

    Su Yunfei snatched the smoke from Su Mi's hand, sucked hard, and felt the spiciness pouring into her lungs. She smiled and laughed wildly: "I want Chu Mingyao to die! ! He must die! "

    At this moment, Su Mi understood that all the preparations she had made had finally reached the moment of closing the line.

    She turned her head with tears in her eyes: "I love him, I really love him! He was my first man to love, but after using me in bed, he would turn around and look after another woman! Su Yunfei You ’re right, if you ca n’t get it, it ’s better to destroy it! ”

    Although Su Mi ’s sudden change of mindset is somewhat difficult to figure out, Su Yunfei has been completely crazy at the moment, so he has not paid attention to these illogical details.

    She coughed and smiled lowly: "Su Mi, you actually love him? Do you know who he is? He is self-proclaimed, but the murderer who killed his fiancee's family!"

    "What?" Su Mi shook her head, her face pale: "I don't believe it! Impossible!"

    "Oh, in my hand, but there is video evidence of his murder!" Su Yunfei smiled and approached Su Mi: "Do you know? The three people who died in the Song family were killed by him!"

    Su Mi shook his body: "It was all killed by him? Do you really have video evidence ?!"

    "Oh, when he started, I was afraid that he would kill me together, so I left a hand!" Su Yunfei said one by one: "I will make his video public!"

    "But, you haven't thought about it. What if he had already found it before you arrived at the police station?" Su Mi said: "It would be better if you give me a copy and I will call the police!"

    Su Yunfei thought about it, although she did not believe in Su Mi, but anyway, the video was in her hands, and instead of sending it to Su Mi, she was gone.

    So she said, "Okay, I will send you a copy!"

    The video has been online all the time, Su Yunfei has long remembered the URL and password, and soon she downloaded it to her mobile phone and sent it to Su Mi.

    But at this moment, there was a sound outside from the taxi driver who just said: "Someone seems to be coming nearby, and I don't know if they are looking for you. You have to go to the graveyard to hide!"

    Su Mi and Su Yunfei changed their faces, and then Su Mi pulled Su Yunfei and ran out: "The cemetery is my grandfather's control, we will stay there for a few days!"

    After all, the two quickly merged into the night ...

    A few minutes later, someone came to this small courtyard and searched around, and found nothing.

    Chu Mingyao's expression was distorted when he received a call from his men: "Find! Find it at any cost!"

    Having said that, he thought of something, and immediately called out: “Pay attention to Su Yunfei ’s circle of friends and all her social accounts! If you post any video, delete it at any cost! Say hello to the media All other videos about me are stopped immediately! Don't consider how much you spend! "

    He checked. Su Yunfei jumped from the second floor. Judging from the degree of her determination at the time, this woman was not afraid of dying.

    If this is the case, she is likely to directly publish the original video, then, he will really be lost!

    So no matter how much money he spends, he must stop the video!

    Su Yunfei cannot escape from Ningcheng, as long as she is there, he can find a way to find her out, and make her video unable to send out!

    In other words, once she posted the video, he would have known it for the first time, then, he grabbed her and would definitely let her die!

    At the same time, Su Yunfei and Su Mi had reached the cemetery.

    There is a basement in the cemetery. There are no lights or network signals. In the winter, it is cold and gloomy, like hell.

    The two curled in, and just waiting for the opportunity to announce the video!