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When Chu Mingyao came out of the bank, he always felt something was wrong. At this time, he saw the corner of his eyes and saw Su Mi, who was driving a taxi.

    As if he wanted to find a vent for that weird emotion, he walked to Su Mi and said, "Follow me."

    The two hardly need any other communication to know what each other means.

    Half an hour later, in Chu Mingyao's villa, he pressed Su Mi on the bed.

    Since Su Yunfei's video door happened, Su Mi followed Chu Mingyao. In a short time, the two did not know how many times, but this time, Chu Mingyao was the most crazy.

    At the end, Su Mi hardly got up.

    Chu Mingyao went to take a bath, the sound of water came from the bathroom, but under the bed, there was a faint sound.

    Su Mi wondered, when she and Chu Mingyao went to bed before, she always felt something, but she couldn't concentrate on listening.

    But at the moment, the sound seemed to be coming from the bed, as if he was covered in a mouth and hummed from his throat.

    There was a huge unease in her heart, but after hearing that the sound of Chu Mingyao's water was broken, she pulled up the quilt on the bed, covered herself halfway, closed her eyes, and pretended to be asleep.

    Soon, Chu Mingyao came out and saw that Su Mi in bed was asleep, he frowned slightly, and called her name. However, the woman obviously slept soundly.

    It seems that he just used too much force?

    Chu Mingyao ticked the corners of his lips. It happened that the phone rang. He picked it up and answered, then said: "I'll go right away."

    He said nothing, glanced at the woman on the bed, and then said to the maid: "You look at her and wait for her to wake up and let her go."

    The servant nodded, then stood guard at the door of the room.

    Not knowing how long it took, the servant saw Su Mi was still awake, so she went downstairs to clean up the room first.

    At this moment, Su Mi opened his eyes.

    She closed the door quickly, jumped out of bed, listened to the bed for a while, and then slowly lifted the mattress up.

    When she saw that the woman was tied up and trapped under the bed, the whole person stepped back in awe.

    After a few seconds of delay, Su Mi made sure that the other party was still alive and active, and then slowly approached and bent to see.

    The woman's hair blocked most of her face. Su Mi looked away and found Su Yunfei, who claimed to be hidden!

    At the moment, Su Yunfei's eyes were blurred, her forehead was very hot, and when Su Mi turned her hair away, she murmured: "Chu Mingyao, the video of you killing Xu Qing is still in my hands, I recorded it at that time, hahaha ... "

    Su Mi heard this and squeezed the mattress tightly.

    Xu Qing, how could she not know?

    At the beginning, Aunt Xu took the Song Yi people to her village, gave her a large sum of money, subsidized her to go to school, helped her grandma to see a doctor ...

    Four years ago, she was admitted to a key high school, and Aunt Xu praised her for being smart.

    At that time, my grandmother was gone, and her parents who had gone out to work had abandoned her and her grandmother for a long time.

    Therefore, she had come to Ningcheng to go to school, but once planned to study hard, take a good university, and repay Song Yi mother and daughter.

    Only later ...

    When she was sad and desperate because she was beautiful and raped, she heard the Song family's changes.

    She wanted to die for a while, but survived again. After that, she became a model and happened to be a small spokesperson for Haisheng Group.

    At the moment, when hearing Su Yunfei's words, Su Mi only felt her heart beating, and she approached her and whispered, "Where is the video now?"

    However, Su Yunfei seems to have a severe fever and can't even hear what Su Mi said, only to murmur: "Chu Mingyao, I gave you the first time, how can you be so ruthless!"

    "Chu Mingyao, I will kill you!"

    "Chu Mingyao, let me go, I was wrong, I beg you ..."

    Seeing nothing, Su Mi was worried about the maid coming up, so she quickly put the mattress down.

    She opened the door, pretending to be just waking up, and sat up from the bed.

    The servant came up and saw Su Mi's confused look, so she said: "Miss, your clothes are here. Mr. Chu has left. You can go if you wear your clothes.

    Su Mi nodded and yawned: "Is there a mouse in your family? Why do I always feel like a mouse is eating a bed under the bed?"

    The servant's face changed, and immediately found that Su Mi just mentioned it casually, so he said: "Then let us look back."

    Su Mi nodded, put on her clothes, and yawned: "I'm so tired, go home and make up!"

    When she walked out of the Chu's house, she called a car, came to a bar, asked someone to borrow a mobile phone, made a phone call and went out: "Is it Shao Wang? You haven't always wanted to sleep Su Yunfei? She's feverish in People's Hospital Outpatient, high fever has no energy to play with you, don't thank me for telling you news! "

    Over the phone, Wang Shao wondered: "Who are you? How do you know my name? Wouldn't you fucking tease me?"

    At that end, Su Mi had already hung up the phone and pulled Wang Shao down.

    After she left, the maid opened the mattress, saw Su Yunfei had a high fever, and quickly called Chu Mingyao.

    But perhaps Chu Mingyao was busy and no one answered.

    The servant couldn't help it. When thinking of Chu Mingyao's advice, the woman could not die, so she had to help the man up and called another servant to take Su Yunfei to the nearest people's hospital.

    Su Yunfei had a high fever, 39.5 degrees, and needed an infusion.

    It was just that when she went to pay the bill, another servant was also opened, and Su Yunfei was missing in the hospital bed.

    At the moment, Gong Lingye has arrived at the airport and embarked on a flight to country R.

    After getting off the plane, he went directly to Song Ziheng's school.

    When I was far away, I saw the young man sitting alone by the school playground, his head down, not knowing what he was thinking.

    When Gong Lingye passed by, his figure blocked the evening sunlight, and Song Ziheng raised his eyes.

    His eyes were red, looking at Gong Lingye, and slowly stood up.

    "Have you eaten?" Gong Lingye asked.

    Song Ziheng shook his head and gestured: "I don't want to eat."

    "Take you somewhere." Gong Lingye compared the gesture of "Follow Me".

    Song Ziheng followed, and the two got into the car together.

    Soon, the car drove into the traffic and drove towards a manor in the city.

    The retro manor, elegant and atmospheric outside, walked into the castle-like place, and the waiter took the two to the happy place inside.

    When Song Ziheng came to such a place for the first time, he looked at the paper drunken gold fan in amazement, and looked like a dog and horse. He didn't know how to put it.

    A young girl came towards them, her eyes lit up, and she saw Gong Lingye, but immediately, she was scared back by the men's terrifying eyes.

    She stepped down, stepped on the catwalk, and came to Song Ziheng, fingering the young man's chin: "Little handsome boy, not yet an adult! But I like you so tender!"

    After all, when Song Ziheng didn't respond, he leaned in and slammed his face.

    Song Ziheng was completely ashamed, his cheeks were red, he pushed away the girl, turned his head and looked at Gong Lingye, his eyes were all angry!