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The next day, at the Haisheng shareholder meeting, as expected, shareholders saw their share price rise again this morning, and all eased their expressions.

    At the meeting, Chu Mingyao let out a long breath. In my heart, I was furious to see those shareholders' faces these days.

    In the afternoon, he had a dinner and it was too late.

    After drinking some wine, he called Su Mi and asked her to go to his villa at night.

    1. Ye Feng. Liu, the next morning, Chu Mingyao even hardly got up late.

    Therefore, when he arrived at the company, he did not notice the strange atmosphere in the office.

    He sat down and saw that it was past 9 o'clock, so he habitually opened his own stock and looked at Haisheng's stock price.

    When he saw it was green, he could not believe his eyes.

    Just about to call Wang Xin over, Chu Mingyao's eyes were still bright, and he saw the push of today's news page——

    [Tiangong Group will launch a full range of artificial intelligence products at 0:00 on the 5th, including: housekeeping robots, pets and bodyguards, high-definition simulated real human robots (male / female models), and professional field service robots. 】

    Chu Mingyao looked at the news for several seconds before it opened.

    On the page, it is an overview of Tiangong Group's robots. Below, there is a link that is specifically for the comparison of Tiangong and Haisheng products.

    When Chu Mingyao saw the comparison chart above, he understood everything in an instant.

    There are several products, and the design over Tiangong is indeed slightly higher.

    For the two products with almost the same parameters, the price of Tiangong Group is one to two percentage points lower than that of Haisheng.

    In other words, the Tiangong Group completely launched the products that had been prepared long ago and launched a price war with them completely after their Haisheng conference.

    If it is usual, Hai Sheng can't afford it.

    However, in the case of YR-07's overall defeat, if the price war is still fought, Hai Sheng will not lose a star.

    The loser is the brake right of the entire market!

    Looking at the stock price that has been hovering up and down in the green area, Chu Mingyao picked up his mobile phone and made a phone call to go out: "Check, all the itineraries of Gong Lingye in the past six months!"

    The other party apparently froze for a moment, then asked: "Gong Ling Ye? President of Tiangong Group?"

    "Yes!" Chu Mingyao's eyes were cold.

    "I'm afraid this is difficult. You know his identity--" The other party was a little embarrassed.

    "No matter what the price is!" Chu Mingyao gritted his teeth: "I suspect Song Ziheng was taken by him, you come to check from this line!"

    "Okay, I know." The other party hung up.

    Chu Mingyao put away his phone and got up to pour water into the pantry.

    Some employees saw him coming out and knew that Hai Sheng had encountered some problems recently, but they were afraid to say hello to Chu Mingyao.

    Who knows, their president is still as kind as ever. With a smile like Mu Chunfeng, he also helped a colleague pick up the keychain that fell to the ground.

    "Thank you Mr. Chu!" The female colleague said with a smile.

    Chu Mingyao smiled: "The tea is very hot, be careful."

    The female colleague was flattered and nodded again and again before leaving.

    When she left, Chu Mingyao looked at her back and tickled her lips slightly.

    She is the lover of Hai Sheng Wang Dong, and he investigated a few days ago that Su Yunfei was taken away by Wang Dong's son.

    Wang Shao is a good woman who does n’t learn anything. Su Yunfei is taken away. She just thought about the addiction to bed with her, not because of the video Su Yunfei holds.

    Therefore, Chu Mingyao is not in a hurry to get people back.

    However, because of the stock price issue, Wang Dong had put pressure on him. He had no clue, but now he suddenly has a solution that is invulnerable!

    It seems that walking around the pantry today is not nothing!

    Chu Mingyao returned to his seat and ordered Wang Xin: "Help me book a plane ticket to the Imperial City, yes, tomorrow."

    In recent days, Song Yi people are almost resting.

    However, she is a non-stop person, so on the 5th day, she went to the base early in the morning.

    Although TG-01 completed the research and development, but this is not their end point.

    Therefore, when they saw the same people in the operation room, everyone smiled at each other, and then they put into work again.

    The next day, Song Yiren had a unique brand promotion event in Tianhe Square, so in the morning, she prepared the dress and drove to the square.

    When she arrived, Bei Mingmo had also arrived and waved at her: "Warm baby, see which color lipstick I use is better?"

    Song Yiren laughed and picked one: "I think this biting lip makeup is particularly beautiful."

    "Well, listen to you!" Bei Mingmo quickly put on makeup, and when Song Yiren changed her dress, she patted her shoulder: "I go out and look at the venue, you put on makeup and Sister Xin come directly."

    Song Yiren nodded: "Go, go, see you later!"

    Bei Mingmo bid farewell to the Song Yi people, quickly walked to the outside booth.

    At the moment, Chu Mingyao was in the taxi. He came today without an assistant, but with two bodyguards.

    When he passed Tianhe Square, he turned his eyes and saw a picture on the big screen. His pupils shrank suddenly and told the driver: "Stop!"

    The taxi driver froze for a moment, then said: "Sir, you can't stop here casually."

    Chu Mingyao pulled out several 100 yuan banknotes directly from the wallet and threw them: "Stop!"

    The driver answered and parked the car on the expressway.

    Chu Mingyao got off and crossed the road directly from the overpass to Tianhe Square.

    In the middle of the square, there is a non-open-air booth, and many people have gathered at the moment.

    Bei Mingmo is looking at the final layout of the scene, and then rushed to the manager from the public relations department today: "Too many people, use the second set of plans."

    The manager of the public relations department nodded and quickly arranged.

    The Song Yi people, who have already finished their makeup, are arranging their hair and preparing to go to the background of the scene.

    At this time, Chu Mingyao step by step came to the crowd of Tianhe Square.

    Behind him, there are two bodyguards, and in their hands, they are holding the photo just taken from the LED screen-the photo of Bei Mingmo.

    There were many people in front. Chu Mingyao turned away from the crowd and finally came to the stage in front.

    It should be an offline promotional event held by Unique Perfume, they can only be on the periphery, and inside, they need a special invitation card.

    Even so, because several traffic stars have been invited today, the number of onlookers is still increasing.

    At 12 noon, the event officially started.

    The host first came to the stage to speak, and then said: "Have our unique perfumer, Sabrina, come on stage to speak!"

    Backstage, Bei Mingmo wore a champagne dress and walked out slowly.

    She took the microphone handed over by the host and bowed slightly to the audience: "Hello everyone, this is Sabrina."

    Under the stage, Chu Mingyao's pupils tightened instantly, looking at the woman on the stage, his hands gradually clenched into fists.