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#453 Keep your marriage fresh

The two sat down on the sofa. Instead of calling the servant, Gong Moyan took a cotton ball and began to treat Xiao Pei a little bit of the wound.

She moves very lightly, her eyelashes tremble slightly, and her hands shake even more, as if he is a fragile master, and she can't touch it at all.

Xiao Pei feels funny: "Child, you are like this, I'm afraid I can't be a doctor."

Gong Moyan held his breath and waited for the grass and soil on Xiao Pei's right hand to be carefully cleaned, before raising his eyes: "Brother, I said I wanted to take the same major as you, did you forget?"

"I am a professional who also has to do a lot of experiments, and children with unstable hands can't do it either." He deliberately teased her.

Gong Moyan shook his head: "I was just afraid of hurting you."

She added in her heart: I usually don't shake.

He smiled: "Let's go, children grow up and eat more meat. I'm afraid they have already started a fire!"

Gong Moyan put away the medicine box and got up, followed Xiao Pei out.

Just not far away, she suddenly stopped him: "Brother, can you not call me a child?"

She was aggrieved: "I have a name. My name is Gong Moyan, I told you."

In the sunlight, Gong Moyan stood there happily, his big and bright eyes filled with grievances, as if he had bullied her.

So much so that years later, Xiao Pei still remembered that the little girl was behind him, accusing him of not remembering her name.

He smiled, and the ghost raised his hand and patted her head gently: "Remember, Mo Yan, let's go."

She felt that her heartbeat missed a beat, and that kind of unspeakable leaping seemed to overturn the honeypot, filling the whole heart into the mouth as if eating sugar.

When I was young, it was always so easy to meet. Obviously he just called her name, and everyone also called it, but she just heard the taste of spoiling from his mouth.

She followed Xiao Pei happily, and sure enough, Gong Lingye over there was already on fire.

Aside, Luo Tianqi took a kettle to control the size of the charcoal fire, Chi Jingyu said with a smile that he could debut to sell mutton skewers under the flyover.

Luo Tianqi smiled and said proudly that he was going to sell mutton skewers, which is also the younger brother of Red City mutton skewers. After all, this value, wherever you go, the girls will scramble to buy later.

Bei Mingmo couldn't see Luo Tianqi's blandishness, splashing cold water on him: "Tianqi, are you sure you can keep your face value when you are exposed to the sun and rain every day? And, I am afraid that all of you will be sheepskin smell by then? Would you like me to mix a perfume for you to neutralize?"

Everyone laughed. Luo Tianqi shrugged. Seeing that there was a person beside him, no matter it was a girl, she put her arm on Lie Xiaoruo's shoulder and hugged him to his side. She smiled wantonly: "Cut , Even the smell of sheepskin is the most sexual. The skewered brother! Do you mean... little soft girl?"

Lie Xiao froze for a moment, then broke free Luo Tianqi: "Much worse than my brother!"

Luo Tianqi blinked and saw Gong Lingye had already started a kebab.

Gong Lingye and Song Yiren wore a couple again today. He is a white T-shirt and black trousers, while Song Yiren is just the opposite. Black T-shirt and white sweatpants.

Very monotonous color, worn on the two, but indescribable harmony.

In the sunlight, Gong Lingye was flipping the lamb skewers, his movements were familiar, his expression was focused, and he sometimes sprinkled some cumin on it.

He stood there, in a world of his own.

Even the kebab was grilled by him with the taste of coexistence of elite and domineering.

Luo Tianqi silently said: "Brother Ye, you are not a single dog anymore, you don't need a concave shape to attract females!"

Gong Lingye raised her eyes slightly and said in a light tone: "I am attracting my wife. Even if I am married, I must keep the marriage fresh!"

Luo Tianqi stained his head and turned his head toward Chi Jingyu, saying: "You can't imagine your boss like this?"

Chi Jingyu seemed to think about it for a while, and then said: "Don't look at who is my boss's wife? There is nothing fussing about it."

"Lying trough, you have joined the new project of Starry Night now, and you are embracing the boss's legs." Luo Tianqi looked at the brother who had no rhythm in pain.

"It's not the boss lady, it's my boss." Chi Jingyu smiled and raised an eyebrow at Song Yiren: "The real Yu Yu."

Luo Tianqi lifted his foot to kick Chi Jingyu and was avoided by him. The two chased and beaten there.

Aside, Gong Ling Ye Chong Lie Xiao Jue said: "It's good to see Tian Qi like this."

Lie Xiaoruo thought of the day again, so he didn't speak, just took the chilli noodles and said, "Brother, do you want to put it now?"

"Well, but don't make that, it will be hot in your hand." Gong Lingye said, let Gong Mochen come.

Lie Xiao's heart suddenly flowed through a cluster of warm currents. Her elder brother was very kind to her. She didn't seem to care much about her when she looked at it, but she was concerned about these details.

She had nothing to do at this moment, so she ran to the Song Yi people, peeled the fruit with her, and made fruit salad.

"Sister-in-law, is it good to get married?" Lie Xiao asked softly.

The Song Yi people thought for a while and said, "Who to see and who."

"Then what about you and my brother?" Lie Xiaosoft asked, and immediately explained: "Sister-in-law, I don't mean that..."

Song Yiren smiled when she saw her anxiously explain: "No, I did not misunderstand."

She said nothing, thinking for a while, said: "I feel good with your brother. And I feel that no one will be so good with anyone. I am glad that I met him."

Lie Xiaoren heard the words and leaned back slowly on the back of the gazebo's chair.

She seemed to have never encountered such feelings.

"Sister-in-law, I admire you, and I don't know where I will be..." She sighed: "My character is not very good, and I have a bad temper. I used to say what I want at home, no one said it was bad. No one is so used to me here, I realized that I might not be right before."

Song Yiren saw Lie Xiaoruo's confusion, and his heart suddenly softened: "Xiaoruo, in fact everyone has a process of growth. As long as they are aware of the problem and are willing to change it, they will have time."

"However, I found that no one likes me." She looked at Song Yiren in annoyance: "I am obviously pretty, with a good figure and good academic performance. Why doesn't anyone really like me?"

"Maybe the fate hasn't arrived yet!" Song Yiren used a toothpick to give Lie Xiaosoft a handle: "Also, maybe because you have fewer boys in your usual circle. Or, do you change jobs?"

Lie Xiaoren heard the words and his eyes lit up: "Yes, why didn't I think of it?"

There was a bit of anticipation in her eyes: "I want to take off this year!"

Her voice was a bit loud, causing people around to look over.

Luo Tianqi heard the words and choked on his mouth with a smile: "Hey, Brother Ye, your sister hates to marry so much, do you know?"