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"She has nothing to say to you alone." He Mu said.

Lieyuan Shen reached out his hand: "Shuanger--"

However, as soon as his hand touched He Wanshuang's arm, she shrank suddenly, as if to avoid something terrible.

Lie Yuanshen's movements froze instantly, and the whole person didn't know what to do.

Aside, Father He took the documents from the bag that Pei Jun took: "Yueyuan Shen, just right, we have something to give you."

He said nothing. He took another pen and handed it to He Wanshuang: "Xiaoshuang, they are all ready."

He Wanshuang took it over, and when he saw the big letters "Divorce Agreement" above, his eyes seemed to be burnt.

It was just that the reaction was so fast that when she took the pen, turned it over and signed her name, everyone thought that her expression was empty from beginning to end.

He Wanshuang signed the letter and handed the agreement to her father. She didn't want to say anything to Lieyuan Shen.

Father He checked it again, and then handed over the document: "Yueyuan Shen, my daughter has already signed it. Are you signing now or?"

Lieyuan stared at the words, but felt that his breath seemed to be blocked, suppressing his chest so dull and painful.

Seeing that he didn't answer, Father He directly delivered the document to Lie Xiaoruo's hands, and then left a sentence: "This marriage, Xiaoshuang is away from you! If you don't sign, then see you in court!"

Then, Li Yuanyuan saw He Wanshuang leave quickly together with several people, He Wanshuang did not even look back.

He stood there, thinking that the wind of spring could even make life hurt.

"Bae Jun." He followed two steps: "This matter--"

Bae Jun turned his head, and there was only a polite expression on his cheek: "Mr. Lie, the debt of the Star Night Group, we should also get back!"

He said nothing, got in the car and left.

Tiangong Group, Gong Lingye held the shareholders meeting again.

He didn't show up for several days, although the employees of Tiangong Group only thought he was on a business trip, but the shareholders, although they didn't say anything, were still doubtful.

After all, even if people are abroad, can video conferences or teleconferences be held? Don’t participate, and hand over many projects to Gong Mochen, there will be no major events among them...

At this moment, when they saw Gong Lingye, the crowd seemed to see their loved ones, and the heart hanging in the throat fell back into the chest.

Today, Song Yiren, Chi Jingyu, and Xiao Pei returned to the group meeting. Before Gong Lingye held the shareholders' meeting, she brought things and went to the president's office in advance.

Although Gong Lingye's wedding didn't invite any media, he married Song Yiren, but he told the world.

So, just after the Song Yi people went up, the assistant secretaries of the president's office called "Boss Lady" directly. That smile was more passionate.

Song Yiren was also the first to see such a battle. With a decent smile, in the eyes of everyone, he walked into Gong Lingye's office.

He was ready to go to the meeting room, but was stopped by her, and then took out a cosmetic bag from his pocket: "Wait, Ling Ye, we have to put on a little makeup."

Gong Lingye frowned. Was he refusing any make-up even for his wedding photos?

Song Yiren knew that he would be like this, took him to sit down, fearing that he would resist, he simply sat directly on Gong Lingye’s lap and said: "You look really bad now, I will put on a nude makeup for you , They certainly can't see it, but it can make you look much better!"

Gong Lingye still rejected: "No need."

"You just listen to me!" Song Yi said softly: "Not to deal with the L Group? If you look bad, they think you are sick, what if the execution is not enough?"

Gong Lingye narrowed her eyes: "Dare they dare?!"

Song Yiren couldn't help crying and laughing. When he thought of something, his eyes lit up: "Moreover, you just got married and it's not good. The shareholders will think you can't! They will think you have a kidney deficiency!"

In a flash, Gong Lingye's eyes dimmed: "Wife, I have a kidney, I don't know if I can do it?"

He said, pressing her waist tightly in her arms for a few minutes. Suddenly, Song Yiren found that someone's somewhere changed...

She didn’t know what to say, and coaxed him: “I know you’re good, you know, but shareholders don’t know...”

"I have a meeting right now, and you have come to my office. I was delayed because of your two-hour meeting. Do you think they still don't know?" he said, reaching for Song Yi's sides and trapping her. Between him and his desk: "Wife, eh?"

Song Yi: "..."

She shouldn't discuss with him the question of whether men can do it!

But, she really thinks he is not looking well now! She had a headache and thought of another way.

Today, she also put on light makeup and applied lipstick on her lips and petals, so as long as she left a mark on his face, he could not stop wearing makeup!

Thinking of this, the Song Yi people went straight up and pressed a kiss on Gong Lingye's cheek.

Seeing that he had a lipstick mark on her face, she was immediately proud and took the screen of the phone to show him a successful look.

Gong Lingye was funny and helpless, and compromised: "Nuan Nuan, I really can't take you!"

Song Yiren was proud: "I will be fine soon. Before your meeting time, you will not be unable to get up and down. Let them think you have a short time!"

Gong Lingye felt that Song Yiren slid softly on his face with a puff. His tone gradually fell: "Warm warm, it seems that I have been sleeping for a week, and I haven't touched you recently, do you want it?"

Song Yiren shook his head: "No, no, no, I'm recovering from a serious illness and need to recuperate!"

She quickly applied Gong Lingye with a layer of makeup. Finally, she dipped a little lip glaze with her fingers to make his lip color more ruddy and satisfied: "Well, so handsome!"

He raised an eyebrow: "Waiting for me in my office."

After all, I took the documents and went to the meeting.

At this moment, when the shareholders praised him for going to country f and did not get tanned, he became more energetic, and Gong Lingye thought of how Song Yiren had just put on makeup for him, and his heart was warm.

The meeting quickly entered the topic, first listened to the subordinates summed up some of the previous revenue data, then, Gong Ling night said: "The l group originally only made fashion circles and luxury goods, and has invested in some real estate projects since China. Recently, Xiao A piece of land in the southern part of the city, they seem to have intentions."

One of the shareholders said: "We also fancy that piece of land, what does Mr. Gong mean?"

"I got the news, that piece of land can't be taken, the specific reason you will know soon." Gong Ling night said: "But wouldn't it be impressive for them to give up too simply?"

Gong Mochen said: "Uncle, you mean, pretend to compete with them, and finally pretend to give up because you consider too much investment?"

Gong Lingye nodded his head, appreciating the light: "No matter what, it is interesting to have everyone play together."

He said, "I don't care about the l group in other countries, but in China, since I don't know how to give us the face of the Tiangong group, let them go back and forth!"

Everyone was shocked.

Gong Lingye glanced around and said lightly: "Within three months, directly swallow all their business in China."