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#436 Perform the engagement

In Beiming's parlor, Beiming Mo helped Beimingxiao walk out, as did Beimingxiao's stepmother Wang, who also came to the hall.

The maid came in with a lot of gifts, and immediately heard Xuanyuanwei's laughter, obviously in a very open heart.

Bei Mingmo frowned slightly, instructing Wang's not to be nervous, but she patted Beimingxiao's hand on the back: "Second brother, don't worry, it's a big break."

Bei Mingxiao still can't see anything. At this moment, his hand is tightly holding the armrest of the chair, and the green muscles on his back surge.

He was not afraid, but hated.

He is not unaware of these few days.

The business of the Beiming family was suppressed, and his sister was forced to marry, but he could not see anything, just like a waste!

A moment later, Xuanyuanwei had already arrived in the main hall, and behind him, there were Xuanyuan Che and Xuanyuan Lin.

Wang greeted them to take a seat, pretending not to know anything, and asking if they had come to visit Beiming Kun.

Xuanyuan didn't sigh: "Hey, we did not expect this to happen, but I heard people say that when a child gets married, it may make the comatose wake up. So, am I not here for this matter?" "

He sounded magnificent, it seemed that it was really for the body of Beiming Kun.

However, Bei Mingmo found out that Xuanyuan did not want to annex the Beiming family at all!

What to say about marriage is just their guise.

The indiscriminate annexation, not to mention ugly, can also allow the Shangguan family to participate.

But what if it is just fulfilling the marriage contract?

Well, for the sake of fame, the Shangguan family does not seem to be able to participate in the division of Beiming's fat.

Of course, it is impossible for them to watch the Xuanyuan family grow like this, but if there is no valid reason, how much benefit they can get, it is likely to be discounted.

It's just, fooling them, no one from Beiming family?

Beiming Kun is now almost dead. If the previous generation's grudges are to stop, she can also blame the past.

Bei Ming rescued her deeply, and she should at least help him keep the house when he is away.

At this moment, Wang no longer knew how to answer, so he looked northward to Momo.

Bei Mingmo took the lead at the right time and said, "Xuanyuan Lord, I just came to the country of J. I don't know anything. Otherwise, would you express it?"

Xuanyuan didn't take a look at Beiming Mo, I didn't know whether she was pretending or not, but still she stepped down the steps she gave him: "Mo Mo, I heard your uncle mentioned you before, see you this year , It really deserves Liner. I came here today, naturally for your marriage with Liner."

Bei Mingmo blinked: "Brother Lin and I have seen you twice!"

Xuanyuan Che heard what Bei Mingmo was called "Lin Ge", and suddenly felt that his temple jumped, and he blocked his chest in one breath.

Xuanyuan did not smile: "Lin'er, Momo said she was not familiar with you. How did you do your homework these days? I let you young people cultivate their feelings. What are you doing?"

Xuanyuan Lin has an innocent face and a pair of eyes that are clear and harmless: "Grandpa, I think too, but I am nervous, I have never been in love, and I don't know how to get along with girls..."

Ha ha, for this acting, Bei Mingmo gave him full marks.

"Okay, you kid!" Xuanyuan sighed casually, and then rushed north to Ming Mo, said: "Mo Mo, in fact, the parents' life matchmaker's words are not bad, so know the roots and roots, everyone can rest assured together. Liner This kid has a simple mind and is a real person. He is half a year older than you and you also have a common language."

After all, he took a file bag from Xuanyuan Lin and said, "Let's settle this matter today, our family is really sincere. This is our simple proposal..."

Hearing this, Beimingxiao, who had not spoken, said: "Xuanyuan Master, haven't you always wanted a girl from the Beiming family? But Momo is not from the Beiming family. Her father was adopted by my grandfather. No blood relationship!"

The words fell and the room was silent for two seconds.

But soon, Xuanyuan laughed: "But what is Momo's surname? Even if it is adopted, it is also his own child. I believe that your grandfather naturally treats Momo's father as if he were his own."

What an old fox! Bei Mingxiao hated her teeth, but for a time she didn't know how to refute it.

But a moment later, Bei Mingmo said: "Xuanyuan family head, it is not impossible to promise a marriage contract--"

Hearing this, Xuanyuan Che's pupil narrowed slightly.

Beiming Mo pretended not to see it, and continued: "As you said, even if it is adopted, that is also Beiming, then I am also the eldest lady of the Beiming family. The only eldest lady of our family marries, Should we naturally marry the heir of your family?"

This topic was too sensitive, even the smiley expression on Xuanyuan Lin's face was accepted.

Xuan Yuanwei smiled, and smiled a little bit: "You little girl, I was a little surprised!"

After all, he turned to look at his two grandchildren and said, "I have two grandchildren and a granddaughter. Yao'er is going to marry someone sooner or later, so Momo, which grandson do you like? "

Bei Mingmo opened his hand: "Xuanyuan Lord, why did you throw the problem to me again. If I said, who can become the head of the house, I will marry someone, wouldn't it seem that I was too much money?"

Xuanyuan did not smile deeper: "So, you girl wants to watch my two grandchildren kill each other!"

"Where is it?" Bei Mingmo shook his head and looked innocent: "You are so wise, natural grandchildren will definitely agree with your decision. Moreover, Gu Yourongrongli, now, maybe your two loved grandchildren may All humility!"

After hearing this, Xuanyuan did not raise his eyebrows and looked at his two grandchildren with great interest.

He began to observe Xuanyuan Che last year, and found that he was doing things steadily, but he also had some enterprising spirit, so he was somewhat appreciative.

And Xuan Yuanlin, he always felt that this grandson was sometimes too cruel. Although the mall needs this, it is too aggressive, and sometimes it will also put the family in a dangerous situation.

It can be said that the two grandchildren, the first one felt radically inadequate, and the second, too far, he was not absolutely satisfied.

Coupled with Xuanyuan Che's signal, the balance in his heart has actually tilted almost to Xuanyuan Lin's side.

At the moment, he asked the two, but just walked through. Even he himself felt that Xuanyuan Che should give up.

"A Che, Lin'er, do you plan to participate in the competition for inheritance rights?" Xuanyuan asked Xuanyuan Lin without asking.

Xuanyuan Lin received Grandpa's gaze, and nodded suddenly, his eyes were firm: "Grandpa, you grew up with me like this since I was a child, and I will not live up to your expectations!"

Xuanyuan nodded in satisfaction, then turned to Xuanyuan Che: "What about A Che?"