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Song Yiren couldn't help crying when he saw the second sentence sent by Gong Lingye.

    Seeing Chu Mingyao coming, she smiled at him and said, "Mr. Chu, what do I need to do after I sign the contract?"

    Chu Mingyao said: "You usually go to work, so as not to delay you to work, so I have already spoken to our staff on the side, arranged for you weekend promotion and shooting, they will be docking with you."

    Song Yiren nodded: "Thank you Mr. Chu, I will work hard to complete the task!"

    Chu Mingyao smiled and said: "It's just that our designers here want to see you this afternoon, and we will customize the dress for you. So, when you come out from the venue in the afternoon, you and I will have a look.

    Song Yi nodded.

    In the afternoon, the exchange meeting ended and Song Yi went directly to the studio.

    In the studio, it is the special edition YR-07 sedan that Chu Mingyao drove that day. The beautiful body and lacquer surface show design and luxury everywhere.

    Just when the photographer asked the Song Yi people to try a few shots in the past, there was suddenly a commotion outside.

    Soon, the sound of high heels moved from far to near, and then someone shouted, "Miss Su!"

    Su Yunfei stepped on high heels and walked in. He glanced and saw the Song Yi people under the lights.

    Her eyes suddenly ignited a burst of fire, and then looked down, Chu Mingyao sat down abruptly, looking at the Song Yi people beside the car.

    Realizing the strange atmosphere, everyone turned their heads and set their eyes on Su Yunfei.

    "What are you doing here?" When Su Yunfei was angry, he didn't have the usual sweetness in his voice, but a bit more fierce momentum.

    Chu Mingyao didn't speak, the photographer explained: "Miss Su, we are auditing for Miss Yu's endorsement today ..."

    "Audience?" Su Yunfei sneered: "What experience does she have? A woman with no experience, who can rely on a face, can be Hai Sheng's endorsement?"

    Song Yiren stood in the spotlight and gazed quietly at the flying woman in front of him. His heart sneered, very good, and the noise was more intense, so it was more in line with her intention!

    Sure enough, when he heard Su Yunfei's sentence, Chu Mingyao couldn't sit still.

    He stood up, frowned, and asked Su Yunfei: "Why are you here?"

    Ha ha, come here when it comes to this! Su Yunfei's shooting this time should be a week, there is no Internet connection, there is no idea what happened outside.

    However, this morning, she suddenly had a stomachache, and the crew worried that she had sudden appendicitis, so she hurried to the city hospital.

    Although the inspection revealed that he only had a bad stomach, Su Yunfei received a message:

    Chu Mingyao signed a spokesperson in Hua Guo, a 20-year-old girl. Not only that, Chu Ming Yao also transferred Hai Sheng's royal team to Hua Guo with a photography team!

    Su Yunfei suddenly remembered that when she heard that Chu Mingyao was coming to China, she hinted at him and she wanted to come.

    However, he said that he had meetings all day long and had no time to accompany her.

    It ’s good now. He ’s in a meeting. He ’s about to drive to bed with others, right?

    Moreover, arrange her to shoot in the place where the bird does not shit, don't you just want to tune her away, so that she will not disturb his date? !

    Now that he was up, he asked why she came?

    Could she still see other women taking her place? !

    "Did I not come to see you?" Su Yunfei tried hard to bear his anger, leaned his body over it, and affixed it to Chu Mingyao: "Ming Yaoya, people come to see you specifically, don't you ask them whether they are tired or not? ... "

    Feeling that his arm was soft and close, Chu Mingyao subconsciously glanced at the direction of Song Yiren.

    Sure enough, the girl was obviously shocked, a small face was pale, grieved and helpless, especially pitiful.

    His heart tightened, and he quickly pushed Su Yunfei away, and said in a serious tone: "I work here, what do you have, wait until the work is over! You go back first and finish your shooting."

    Where can Su Yunfei accept such a thing? She was very hateful, but she knew that so many people had to face Chu Mingyao, so she leaned on the past again: "Her husband, I'm really not feeling well. Will you go with me?"

    What Chu Mingyao was about to say was that the Song Yi people had walked aside, and they were alone in the corner.

    He felt that his patience with Su Yunfei had reached the limit. Outsiders looked at him as if he was just holding Su Yunfei's waist. However, only Su Yunfei knew that Chu Mingyao's strength had suddenly increased and he could almost strangle her.

    She was so angry that she just wanted to chop the Song Yi people in the corner!

    In the past few years, she has been unable to see the light because of being a mistress of Chu Mingyao. It's easy enough to see the light, but Chu Mingyao is hooked on a coquette!

    Because of the pain in her waist, the expression on her face became more and more distorted, and at this moment, Chu Mingyao spoke to the photographer and others: "You go back first."

    Several people saw the wrong occasion and left quickly.

    Song Yiren nodded to Chu Mingyao from afar, and nodded, and went out.

    However, she did not deliberately go far, and not long after she came out, she heard Su Yunfei's footsteps.

    "Bitch, you stop me!" Su Yunfei shouted at the Song Yi people.

    Song Yiren waited for this, she stopped and turned to look at the woman who came by.

    "I didn't teach you enough last time, right? I'm here to seduce my husband!" Chu Mingyao is away, Su Yunfei's whole person has changed, and his eyes seem to be quenched: "Do you know that the man who robs me will What is the end? "

    Song Yiren blinked her eyes. She looks like a pure and beautiful college student at the moment. How innocent and innocent she wants: "I don't know! But I'm not afraid, because President Chu said he will break up with you as soon as possible and marry me. Yes! In the future, he will protect me, I am not afraid of anything! "

    Su Yunfei's eyes widened instantly: "Bitch! What are you saying ?!"

    "Why are you scolding me? I didn't do anything, but President Chu took the initiative to chase me!" Song Yi's face was shy, and there were some small capers: "He took me in a car developed by their company. There are a lot of flowers, we eat cake together ... Evening, evening ... Chu always hurts me, she said that I am younger, better than your body, he has been tired of you, he ca n’t get rid of it! "

    Song Yiren looked at Su Yunfei's angry face, and added innocently: "Aunt Su, you said, people are disgusted with you, you always stick to others, this should be called cheap? My language and literature? Not good, but do n’t deliberately bully me! "

    Su Yunfei shivered with anger, raised his hand, and slapped it hard against the face of Song Yi!

    Song Yiren knew that Su Yunfei had used her life's strength all this time. If she was hit by her, her face must be swollen!

    She is not so stupid, although she hopes that two dogs will bite the dog, but there is no need to lose herself.

    So, when Su Yunfei wanted to touch her face, she quickly crooked to the ground ...