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Gong Mochen said nothing more, adding: "Uncle, you know who I want."

    Gong Lingye seemed helpless: "Mo Chen, I will not give you Nuan Nuan."

    "In this case, why did you help me just now?" Gong Mochen locked Gong Lingye's eyes tightly.

    "You are my loved one, I will help you naturally. Moreover, I also think whether you get married will not affect my relationship with Nuan Nuan." Gong Lingye said calmly: "Mo Chen, I know I am Nuan It ’s really hard for you to be warm together, but I ’m not going to let her to you, and watching the pair of thoughtful mothers and daughters entering the room are two different things. ”

    Gong Mochen did not speak, staring at the water in the glass.

    "You have to believe that life is very long, and you will meet the other half who really belongs to you in the future." Gong Lingye finished and patted Gong Mochen's shoulder: "I have a meeting this morning, so I will go first."

    Gong Mochen looked at the back view of Gong Lingye's departure, and squeezed the hand of the glass until the joints were white.

    If it were not Gong Lingye today, he might be in pain all his life.

    He lost, lost completely, defeated.

    Gong Lingye went directly to the company from the old house and was busy all morning. Therefore, neither he nor Pei Jun noticed the entertainment news that had just been released early in the morning.

    In fact, the original entertainment news had nothing to do with him, because the report was a popular and rich second generation at the banquet last night.

    However, by coincidence, in the photo of the rich second generation, Gong Lingye happened to be in the mirror, or when dancing with Lie Xiaoruo.

    The rich second-generation gossip girlfriend is a traffic star, so the topic is very high. After the report came out last night, it quickly occupied the hot search.

    However, last night, some people noticed sharply that in the two chapters of the photos, there are two passers-by whose face value is quite high.

    The beginning of the topic is not high, but it is getting hotter and hotter. Some people even extracted the pictures and sharpened them to restore the pixels.

    Suddenly, the frypot was on the Internet, and they lamented the beauty of their prosperity in the picture.

    And Gong Lingye usually only appeared in financial news, and there were almost no positive shots every time he appeared, so everyone did not recognize him at first.

    Until someone mentioned that this was a palace banquet, when the male host in the photo was supposed to be Gong Lingye, the Internet was boiling, and they all lamented what kind of fairy value the palace is!

    Why do many other presidents have big belly poops or bald Xie Ding? Whatever Gong Gong Ye or Gong Mochen, they look so distracting.

    So, the topic of ‘Gong Lingye and the Mysterious Mixed Girl’ dancing quickly climbed to the hot search.

    However, Bae Jun was busy all day. No one noticed this on Tiangong Group.

    In addition, Gong Lingye ’s gossip cannot be reported, but this is not reported, but discovered by the eyes of the vast number of netizens!

    Song Yi people have been busy at the base today, and they almost ate lunch in front of the computer.

    In the evening, the first round of testing was finally completed, and Song Yi sighed with relief, took out his mobile phone, and planned to read the news and posts.

    She first opened Weibo and habitually browsed hot search topics, but she couldn't help it.

    [Gong Lingye dances with a mysterious mixed-race woman, this is the true look of Lang Cai]

    Song Yiren opened the post and saw two photos from different angles.

    The photo was obviously taken secretly, and the angle was not very good, but the side faces of the two and the surrounding environment could also be clearly seen.

    Song Yi people have been to the Gongjia Grand Ballroom, and they can be distinguished from the murals next to them.

    While looking at the picture, everyone is dancing, but Gong Lingye and this girl are obviously the protagonists on the field at that time, because many people are watching them.

    This girl is completely strange to Song Yi people, at least she can clearly know that it is not Gong Lingye's circle of friends.

    So, when he went to a birthday party himself, there was a gossip? !

    Song Yi people squeezed their phones, and their hearts were clearly uncomfortable.

    Aside, Chi Jingyu handed over a lollipop: "Why, just like someone grabbing your husband?"

    Song Yiren was said to be the central thing, and suddenly remembered what Chi Jingyu said about the 'electric motor'. Suddenly, she was upset. She stood up, lifted her leg and kicked Chi Jingyu.

    "Hey, hey, Xiao Nuan, I also boast that you have been a little woman recently, why are you ..."

    Song Yi kicked him again, then reached out, grabbed the lollipop in his hand, and then walked away.

    Behind him, Xiao Pei said: "Chi brother, what if she warms her?"

    "God knows!" Chi Jingyu shrugged: "Take gunpowder!"

    The Song Yi came out of the base and went directly to their apartment.

    In order to facilitate work, she rented a single apartment in the north of Dicheng, and only went to Gongling Night over the weekend.

    She bought some food at the door of the community first. When she entered the corridor, she saw a familiar figure beside the elevator.

    Obviously I didn't expect Gong Mochen to come. The Song Yi people were shocked and greeted immediately: "Brother Mo Chen, why are you here?"

    "I'm here to find you." Gong Mochen apparently just came out of the company, in a suit, without even taking off his tie.

    Song Yi people thought for a while: "Is there anything?"

    "I want to talk to you." Gong Mochen said.

    Song Yiren thought for a while and said, "Then wait for me, I go upstairs to put things down, let's go to the cafe opposite the community?"

    Gong Mochen nodded and waited for her downstairs.

    The Song Yi people put things away, and together with Gong Mochen found a secluded place in the cafe and sat down.

    Both were a little silent until Gong Mochen first said: "I will go to country F tomorrow, and it will take at least six months to come back."

    The Song Yi people thought about it and asked, "Don't you return during the New Year?"

    "No, it is estimated that there is no time." Gong Mochen said.

    The two remained silent for a while, and Gong Mochen finally asked, "Are you really together? Didn't he force you?"

    Song Yi took a deep breath and nodded: "No matter how it started, but now, it is all my voluntary, I really like him."

    Hearing the phrase ‘like’, Gong Mochen felt that his breath was squeezed by an invisible hand. He almost tried his best to control his emotions before asking: “Why? Because he is so good?”

    Song Yiren was still thinking about what to say, and Gong Mochen spoke again.

    He locked the eyes of the Song Yi people: "Because he is better than me? Now, I have begun to catch up ..."

    He went to country F to work hard and make up for everything that was missing in the past, then, would she ...

    He knew that he missed, missed her who only followed his gaze at the beginning, and did not understand how precious it was until he lost it.

    But who said that if you miss one time, you will miss your whole life? He can now recover, is it too late?