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Gong Mochen turned her head when she heard the words, and saw a woman approaching.

    If she hadn't known Le Haisheng for years, Gong Mochen might not recognize her at the moment.

    Although the weather was still very cold, Le Haisheng was wearing barefoot boots, exposing a beautiful thigh. His upper body was a white fox fur coat, and his face was delicately dressed. However, I don't know why, it feels completely different from the past temperament.

    Seeing that Gong Mochen didn't say hello, Le Haisheng took another two steps forward, with a smile on his lips: "Mo Chen, how long has it been since I didn't see me?"

    Gong Mochen gathered his emotions and said lightly: "Is there anything wrong?"

    "Old friends meet, don't you want to say anything to me?" Le Haisheng's heart was full of jealousy, looking at the building opposite, his lips sneered: "Everyone has become your aunt Are you still obsessed? "

    Gong Mochen frowned, ignoring her, and turned to leave.

    "Your uncle robbed your girlfriend, are you still taking him away?" Le Haisheng shouted behind Gong Mochen: "They have been secretly together! At that time, she was still your woman!" "

    Gong Mochen's footsteps didn't stop, and she didn't bother to talk to her at all.

    Looking at the figure of the man going away, Le Haisheng's fingernails are almost embedded in the palm of his hand, and his eyes are full of strong hatred!

    At first, something happened to her family, and she was thinking of a way to marry into the Gong family. However, she had already tried to succeed, but was destroyed by Gong Lingye.

    Although she seems to be a tall lady, she can't escape the destiny of patriarchy at home.

    When something went wrong at home, she was forced to marry and married an old man.

    The old man is rich and spoils her. However, every time he saw a man's loose skin and thinning scalp, Le Haisheng felt sick.

    But she still has to be tactfully under him, and even meet many of his disgusting taste requirements.

    Every time at this time, she hated Gong Lingye more and more and hated Gong Mochen!

    It's them who made her live better than she died, but she didn't have the courage to die!

    Just then, the phone in Le Haisheng's handbag rang. She picked it up and answered, "Is it found?"

    "Well, Miss, Gong Lingye doesn't know what she is busy with. I'm afraid she is not in the Imperial City recently. But Bae Jun is married in Zhang Luo, so it is estimated that they are preparing to get married." Humanity there said: "In addition, Gong Lingye The people around him, Luo Tianqi and Xuan Yuan Che, all came back from abroad. He Wanshuang was very dramatic and married Gong Lingye's opponent Lie Yuanshen. "

    Le Haisheng heard the words, thought for a while, and said: "He Wanshuang married Lieyuan Shen, why didn't you hear about this?"

    After she got married before, she and her husband went abroad for a while, and only recently came back.

    However, after all, he has always been in contact with domestic celebrity circles on the Internet, but he did not hear that He Wanshuang got married, or that he was still married.

    "This is not very clear. In short, after He Wanshuang got married, he didn't go to work and moved to Lieyuan's Shen's house." The man said: "However, neither of them had a wedding, nor notified anyone. It should be regarded as a hidden marriage. "

    "Oh, Hidden Marriage?" Le Haisheng sneered: "It's either for what interests, or because there is no emotion ... Hejia and L Group do not have any business dealings, it seems to be the latter."

    "It's possible." The man said, "Do I need to pay attention to them?"

    "Huh." Le Haisheng said: "Pay close attention to the people around Gong Lingye!"

    "Okay." The man answered.

    Hanging up the phone, Le Haisheng sneered to himself: "I can't deal with him, can't he deal with the people around him? If one day, he knows that his friend has something wrong with him, what is his mood?"

    On that day, the Song Yi people got off work and hurried home.

    Bei Mingmo has reached the villa, at the moment, she is teasing Awen Awu.

    Seeing the return of Song Yiren, she quickly got up and reached out to hug Song Yiren: "Yi Yi, happy wedding! My happy little woman!"

    Song Yi people also hugged Bei Mingmo: "Woo, I want to tell you a lot!"

    Bei Mingmo smiled, took her to sit down, and asked again: "Zi Heng?"

    "He hasn't returned yet." Song Yi said humanly: "This guy has an idol and soaks himself in the office every day, saying he wants to do some grades before someone comes back."

    Bei Mingmo couldn't help crying: "So his idol is your husband?"

    "No, I feel he meets his brother-in-law now, and is even closer than my sister!" Song Yiren pouted.

    Bei Mingmo squeezed Song Yiren's face: "Okay, don't be jealous! Do you know how you are now, especially like a mother-in-law. I am worried that your family will find a daughter-in-law in the future. It ’s not good to see my wife-in-law! "

    Song Yiren went to Nabei Mingmo to tickle the meat: "Wow, I said that I am a wicked mother-in-law? See me I can't fix your little nizi!"

    The brains of the two were together for a long time before they rubbed their sour stomachs and sat up straight.

    Bei Mingmo asked: "That flying eagle tattoo, you said there are still many things, what is the specific situation?"

    Song Yiren heard the news and looked upright. She and Bei Mingmo went to the bedroom together, and only then began to talk about the ins and outs of all the recent things.

    Bei Mingmo had not spoken, but when Song Yiren said Gong Lingye had blood problems, he stretched out his hand and squeezed Song Yiren's hand tightly.

    She listened to her quietly, only to realize that everything was not as simple as she thought.

    As if there was an invisible hand in the sky, a net was thrown from the sky, and then slowly gathered, watching the people in the net struggling with pain, unable to escape.

    "Momo, so I even suspect that the people behind the scenes are related to the Beiming family." Song Yi said: "It's not about your parents, but your family."

    Bei Mingmo frowned: "My family's relatives ... In fact, there is no other man in the Beiming family except my uncle's family. My dad has two younger sisters, but after they get married, they have little contact with my family. So in these years, I make a phone call every New Year. "

    Song Yi said: "So, your uncle's family ... the funeral of their couple, did you go to attend, is there anything strange?"

    Bei Mingmo rubbed his temples, thought for a moment, and shook his head: "It's too long, at that time I was too young, where will I notice something unusual!"

    "Yeah." Song Yiren nodded: "What about Brother Shen and Xiaoxiao? Do you think they ..."

    "To be honest, Brother Shen, I haven't understood, Brother Xiao-" Bei Mingmo said: "Do you look like him, like the boss behind the scenes?"

    Song Yiren also said: "Yes. But no matter what, you have to be careful when you look back. In short, don't let people know my identity. Otherwise, you may also be involved because of me."

    Bei Mingmo nodded and hugged the Song Yi people: "Yi Yi, I don't know how to help you, especially your husband ..."

    She said nothing and patted the back of Song Yi: "In short, no matter what happens, I will stand by your side!"

    Song Yiren said: "Okay!"

    As she was saying, her cell phone rang and it was Bae Jun who called.

    She just slipped to answer and heard Pei Jun said: "Ma'am, I just received the news that Su Yunfei is dead."