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His face was made deeper and deeper by the dark night, and his tall, tall figure was pulled out of a long shadow by the dim light of the roadside.

    The Song Yi people looked at Gong Lingye who came over, and suddenly there was a kind of trance.

    However, when she realized that he had only one person, the trance turned into a real worry.

    What about his driver? Why is he the only one?

    Also, the impact just now was so powerful, was he injured?

    However, as soon as the thought started, Song Yiren felt that he was being dragged and came to Gong Lingye.

    "Release the people." He said calmly, his aura was full, and he was clearly only one, but it seemed that he was the one to win.

    Seeing that, some of them couldn't figure out the situation, or they still dragged the opening of the Song Yi people: "Who the hell is your mom? You just let it go?"

    However, as soon as he opened his mouth, he met Gong Lingye's eye knife.

    Terrified, he looked at his companion involuntarily: "What does this mean?"

    "Afraid of him? He's the only one, bluffing! Are the brothers afraid of him when they go together?" He said, one of them was going round with a stick.

    But at this moment, their boss came down, the man was injured in the chest, holding the car door, glanced at Gong Lingye, and suddenly changed his face: "Damn it! Gong Lingye!"

    Everyone heard it, and his face was pale and pale.

    But the boss said: "His people haven't come yet. We offended him today. It must be dead. It's not as good as the brothers desperately killed him here. I'm afraid there is still a ray of life!"

    Everyone understood the meaning of their boss almost instantaneously, and could not help but show their fierce light: "The boss is right, either die, or make a big vote before dying, or continue to brag to the dead brothers!"

    "Very well, since this is the case, let's go together." Gong Lingye said lightly.

    Although everyone was guilty, when they saw their boss rushed up with the injury, they immediately picked up the guy and screamed towards Gong Lingye.

    Song Yi's heart tightened. She looked at the surrounded Gong Ling Ye. Although he had learned Sanda, after all, he was single-handed, and the other party had weapons!

    When the people around were scattered, only Song Yi and her restrictors were left.

    She paid attention to the people over there while quietly opening the knife in her hand.

    In the battle group, Gong Lingye acted quickly, and he ruled the people first, and already knocked down their boss.

    However, the other party fell to the ground and still screamed: "Brothers, you must kill him immediately, we will be finished when his people come!"

    The atmosphere of the crowd was shocked, and he immediately worked harder.

    Although Gong Lingye knew the technique, the shirt was cut open.

    At this moment, the man who trapped the Song Yi suddenly said: "If you move again, I will kill this woman!"

    And at this moment, he suddenly felt a pain in his wrist, and instinctively, the force that restrained the Song Yi people loosened a lot.

    Taking this opportunity, the Song Yi people once again sent the knife in their hands, and then, taking advantage of the man's instinct to dodge, he ran away!

    She can't fall into each other's hands, otherwise, Gong Lingye will shrink her hands!

    I don't know if it's the tacit understanding of the soul. At the moment when the Song Yi people shot, Gong Lingye also shot quickly, knocking down a man beside him, and then quickly ran towards the Song Yi people.

    He was fast, and when everyone responded to the pursuit, he had already pulled the Song Yi into his arms.

    Softly hitting his chest, Gong Lingye clearly felt that his heart finally returned slowly: "Nuan Nuan, did they give you medicine?"

    He had just noticed that the power of the Song Yi people seemed to be very small, and he seemed to fall down at any time when he ran.

    "Well, I don't think I have any strength on my body." When Song Yi saw Gong Lingye and was surrounded by others because of her rescue, she couldn't help being anxious: "Don't worry about me, they don't want to kill me, but if you stay, you will Danger to life ... "

    "Nuan Nuan, I won't go." Gong Lingye only said this, and then pressed Song Yiren's face on his chest, holding her in one hand and holding it from a man. Stick, looking at the crowd rushing over.

    The Song Yi people simply don't know what happened.

    Her face has been buried in Gong Lingye's chest. He rarely wears a formal dress today. His upper body is a gray cardigan. It is clean and soft, and she can smell his unique clear breath and the smell of the sun.

    Near her ears were all roars and screams, and she could even hear the muffled noise when someone fell to the ground.

    Her hands were tightly wrapped around Gong Lingye's waist, and she could not see anything, only to feel that she was being carried by him, constantly changing directions, rotating, and completing one after another a very difficult movement.

    The heart is ups and downs, ups and downs, a little bit bumpy, I do n’t know what tonight.

    Until, Song Yiren felt something suddenly inserted into Gong Lingye's back, and then his whole person's movements visibly stagnate for a while. Then, warm and sticky things splashed on her palm.

    She was so terrified that her heartbeat was still, and before she had time to say anything, she heard someone shout: "He was injured and can't hold it for long, brothers, greet the woman!"

    The blood on Song Yiren's face faded suddenly. She remembered that just now, Gong Lingye suddenly turned her ninety degrees, because someone almost hurt her, and he had no time to hide, so he could only use his own body. Hard to resist?

    Her throat seemed to be blocked, and she pressed hard against the place where he was injured, but she clearly felt that, as he and they were fighting, the wound was torn and a steady flow of blood was flowing from her fingers.

    Perhaps because of the injury, his movements are obviously not as good as before. So, the Song Yi people felt that an impact fell on Gong Lingye's shoulder, his leg, and even where he had just been injured ...

    However, she was unharmed.

    I don't know how to describe the feeling at this moment. I just feel that all the defenses and vigilances erected in the past because of the experience of the previous life seem to be melted and collapsed by those blood at this moment, and no longer exist.

    It turned out that there is really a person in this world who will ignore her life and protect her in her arms only for the safety of her life!

    Song Yi people buried in Gong Lingye's arms and shouted: "Gong Lingye, don't do this, go away, leave me alone!"

    "I beg you, don't do this anymore! Gong Lingye!"

    "You are Gong Lingye, you can't fall down, can you go?"

    "I will be fine, please, Gong Lingye, I beg ..."

    He said nothing, but pressed her tighter.

    "Don't believe it, I won't believe him!" When the other party saw seven of their brothers, only three remained before falling down. One of them lifted the stick on the ground and said, "Fight this life and get on!"

    Song Yi people dared not listen and feel, but felt that every time Gong Lingye suffered, it seemed to fall on her heart.