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At the same time, Chu Mingyao's cell phone rang.

    He picked it up and saw it, Qi Yong came over, and then slipped to answer.

    At that end, Qi Yong said: "Mr. Chu, Song Ziheng you asked me to check has no clue, but I have found the information of Bei Mingmo ..."

    Chu Mingyao was so confused at the moment that he hardly listened, so he just asked: "Well, how?"

    "The real Li Xiaozi is indeed dead. Now Li Xiaozi is pretending to be Bei Mingmo." Qi Yongdao said: "After she joined the L Group, she gained the trust of Li Yuanyuan. Now, she has created the Unique perfume brand. Activities in Country M. "

    Chu Mingyao narrowed his eyes: "You mean, Song Ziheng may be in M ​​country?"

    "Mr. Chu, I am not sure about this. I only provide the information I found." Qi Yong said: "I have sent you the hotel where Bei Mingmo stayed. Recently, she has been involved in the activities, and I have already Callout. "

    Chu Mingyao said: "Ok, thank you!"

    "It's business cooperation, you're welcome." Qi Yong said, and hung up the phone.

    Chu Mingyao was about to see the mobile phone, and the assistant had called me: "Mr. Chu, it's not good! Mr. Huang from Tianyun said that we didn't deliver the goods on schedule, and we need to bear the losses! They will follow the terms of the contract. We will sue! "

    Chu Mingyao's forehead bulged with blue muscles: "Check now! Check all the monitoring! We said 10,000 sets that day! I also read the contract. Obviously it was 10,000 sets, how could it become 20,000 sets ?!"

    "Mr. Chu, all surveillance has a one-month retention period, and we have just passed ..." the assistant said cautiously.

    Chu Mingyao's heart snapped, and his hair suddenly stood up.

    At that time, the other party was still talking ‘grace’ for a week, and it ’s because of the ‘grace’ week that all the video materials have been covered!

    The copy of the contract in front of me is 20,000 sets written in black and white, and he, including Manager Xu and Wang Xin who met together on the same day, have 10,000 sets in memory.

    As if a huge mystery covered him, Chu Mingyao's hand rubbed a copy of the contract, and he slowly spit out a name: "Gong Ling Ye!"

    That day, he wondered how Gong Lingye could invite him to drink with such an important customer.

    Moreover, Gong Lingye went to the bathroom halfway, which also gave him the opportunity to exchange business cards with customers.

    At that time, he also felt that there was fraud, but at the back, whether it was bidding or bidding, or at the negotiating table, everything was in line with the process, which made him suspicious and fell back into his chest.

    And now it seems that Gong Ling Yebu's game is clear from beginning to end!

    He did n’t even know how the contract changed from 10,000 to 20,000! Only the computer password is known by him, and only the file cabinet where the contract is kept is the key to him and Wang Xin ...

    Outside, the noise is getting louder and louder, and many reporters have heard about it. It is clearly winter, but the surrounded manager Xu is sweating. On the other side of Tianyun, a lawyer was invited.

    Chu Mingyao was not in the room inside.

    He knew what he would face if he came out!

    The phone on the table rang again. He picked it up and saw that it was from Dong Wang, but hesitated, but he took it.

    At the end of the phone, Wang Dong's voice was anxious: "Mr. Chu, what is the contract with Tianyun? Several of our old guys are waiting for you in the conference room to preside over the big picture!"

    Chu Mingyao's chest was ups and downs, and his eyes were all irritable: "Wang Dong, things are not yet clear. As an important shareholder of the company, shouldn't you take the lead in those so-called rumors?"

    "Mr. Chu, that's right, but our shareholders are looking at the stock price!" Wang Dong said, opening the hands-free. Suddenly, the voice of news broadcast came from the conference room-

    "Haisheng Group is facing economic compensation of nearly 400 million yuan because of its cooperation with Tianyun Group. Although this is only a small amount for a company with a market value of over 10 billion yuan, the recent performance of Haisheng Group has really been unsatisfactory. This is The trust of investors and the market for a group is also the trust of all consumers for a global high-end technology group. I have to say that Haisheng is facing the biggest trust crisis since its establishment 100 years ago ... "

    "Today Haisheng's stock price opened higher and lower. The stock price that had been higher because of a major project fell 4 percentage points after the breach of the contract ..."

    A piece of news, heard Chu Mingyao's spine cold, his eyes are crazy: "Shut it off for me!"

    Wang Dong sneered: "Mr. Chu, we called you so, but because you were the son-in-law appointed by Mr. Xu. But Hai Sheng is so big, we can push you up as the president, and we can naturally pull you down! For us Say, who brings us benefits, who sits up, but you, let us be too disappointed! "

    His words, like a slap, slapped hard on Chu Mingyao's face.

    His hand holding the phone almost shattered it!

    His most fatal weakness is that he has no absolute right to speak.

    However, Hai Sheng ’s shares did n’t even give him any credit when Xu Qing trusted him the most!

    And the Song Yi family died dead, the disabled, and he took charge of Hai Sheng. Over the past three and a half years, he has always had the power to develop him. Unfortunately, what use is it even if he has hundreds of millions of assets?

    For a large multinational group worth more than 10 billion yuan, he is nothing more than a small shareholder holding 1.3%!

    If he walks wrong, he will still be pulled down by those people!

    And he, although he has cultivated his own power, can he kill all those of Hai Sheng? !

    A cluster of hell fires burning in his chest, Chu Mingyao picked up his cell phone and made a phone call out: "Where is Gong Lingye now?"

    When Qi Yong didn't have much time, he told him: "Gong Lingye went abroad on a business trip. I can't find the specific place here."

    "You can't find it?" Chu Mingyao's eyes were fierce.

    Qi Yong said: "Although my dad is in some departments, if the other party deliberately hides, I may still have no clue here."

    Chu Mingyao hung up the phone and opened the message Qi Yong just sent.

    "Bei Mingmo-current residence hotel, Saar City, M, five-star hotel in Faisal."

    He narrowed his eyes and called Wang Xin: "Book me a ticket, tomorrow, go to country M!"

    When he finished the command, he thought of something and said, "Call the police immediately, and say that someone has sneaked into our company and tampered with the contract!"

    At the same time, Xuanyuan Che was in the company and received a call.

    He saw that the cousin had beaten him and he answered quickly.

    "Ache, I'm back." Cousin said: "I'm downstairs in your company. I have a lot of lipstick. I packed a box. Come over and get it."