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#125 Last WeChat

There were screams and wailing all around, as well as the sound of something breaking, Gong Lingye found something was crushing on his leg, and then, something fell down on his back.

    He spit out a blood and called the name of Song Yi again and again, but his voice quickly drowned in a panic torrent.

    The Gu Tingxue beside him has completely disappeared. I don't know whether it is still alive. The noise around my ears is completely calm as the moment the things above the head fall.

    The earthquake was surveyed and rated at 7.0. The epicenter was located in the Huaihai District of H City, with a focal depth of 15 kilometers.

    Many houses in City H collapsed, and the auction house was damaged because it was an old building.

    When the entire attic was in ruins, it might have been a coincidence. After the Song Yi people were hit by wooden beams, she formed a small triangular area there.

    So, although there was still something falling afterwards, nothing could hit her.

    She felt that her forehead was very painful, it should be broken, and her arms and toes were very painful, but there was no injury elsewhere.

    There were screams and wailing all around, and her brain had a brief coma, but she quickly woke up.

    She didn't know how long the ground had vibrated, but only felt that her life had never been longer.

    And in the sight, in the complete darkness, you can see a little shimmer in the distance.

    The ground was finally calm, and Song Yi moved around and reached out the phone from his pocket.

    For a moment, she didn't even know who to call.

    Suddenly, afterwards, she felt sad and waved. She clenched her cell phone, raised her head, and blinked hard.

    Sure enough, one should not believe people easily, but no, at the juncture of life and death, his actions already told her, who is his choice!

    She had suffered a loss in her previous life, but she still loosened under his offensive, thinking she could try to believe him once, she thought she could accept him, but when danger came, he would protect Gu Tingxue in his arms Just leave her alone for a moment, told her, in fact, she is the one that is optional!

    Song Yiren opened the phone, clicked on the dialog box with Gong Lingye, shaking his hand and started typing: "Gong Lingye, thank you for putting all my courage back to its original form!"

    Does he know how difficult it is for her to take a step?

    She was bruised all over, almost exhausting all her strength, just because of his warmth to her, making her feel that she could also try to believe and try to accept the world.

    However, after all, it was an empty joy.

    Song Yiren finished typing and clicked to send, but found that the mobile phone network signal was very poor, and I wondered if it could be sent successfully.

    She no longer looked at the screen, but propped herself up, and then the light of the mobile phone crawled forward.

    The hand was stabbed with a wooden thorn, and a string of blood was added to the fingertip in an instant.

    At the moment when the pain came, Song Yiren's tears endured for a long time, somehow, he broke through the defense and rolled down.

    But it was only a little pain, she should have been used to it.

    At the beginning, in the basement of the cruise ship, Chu Mingyao and Su Yunfei tortured her by a thousand times more pain than they did now. At that time, she could not resist crying. How can she become so fragile and coquettish now?

    She tried to take a deep breath, draining the feeling of depression in her chest, and moved on.

    Cautiously along the way, the Song Yi people didn't know where to climb, nor did she know that she could go out or get deeper and deeper.

    Until she saw a shiny thing in front.

    She pointed the light of her mobile phone at that thing, and her heart missed a beat in a flash.

    I saw a piece of wood and glass, and a ring was lying quietly inside.

    The heart-shaped pink diamond is surrounded by a circle of azure blue diamonds, as if a pink heart is lying in the middle of the sea.

    Song Yi reached out his hand and picked up the ring.

    From the moment I started, the familiar feeling came out, as if something lost and finally recovered.

    In the light of the mobile phone, the two engraved letters YR were so clear that the Song Yi people put the ring on their hands, and the blood in their hearts was agitated.

    This is the first time she has touched what she once was.

    It's her, she was lost in an accident five years ago; but she changed her identity and found it back in today's accident!

    At this time, another aftershock came from the ground, and the Song Yi people closely guarded their heads, but they were still hit by something. Then, they lost consciousness.

    When I woke up again, there were rescue sounds near my ears.

    Song Yi people listened hard and found that they should be close to the surface.

    Her cell phone had no power and turned off, she cried for help, and then, she heard someone surprised and said: "There are still people over there!"

    Seeing the blue sky again, the Song Yi people had a feeling of the rest of their lives.

    The ring was clenched in her palm, and she looked at the ruin through the lights from the rescue team.

    A few hours ago, she was still carving beams and paintings when she came, but at this moment, only the broken walls remained.

    Many rescuers are busy, carefully lifting the people buried underground.

    "Miss, you are injured, I will take you to the hospital." Beside him, the rescuer helped Song Yi humane.

    "I'm fine, just take a break." Song Yiren said, but his eyes were searching in this ruin.

    She had to admit that although Gong Lingye abandoned her at the last minute, she still worried about his safety.

    Just then, a familiar figure broke into sight.

    It is Amian.

    Amian brought many people and was searching with a flashlight.

    While he was looking, he was still looking at the display on his phone.

    Then, his pupils shrank and pointed to an orientation: "Over there!"

    Immediately, the people he brought began to clean up the wooden boards and pillars on the ground until someone surprised: "Found it!"

    Through the blurry light, the Song Yi people saw someone crawling underneath, a person came out, and then another one came out.

    "How is Emperor Shao?" A Mian rushed over to check Gong Lingye's situation.

    Soon, he breathed a sigh of relief: "It should just be stunned by heavy blows, and his breathing and heartbeat should be smooth and normal."

    Then, someone said: "Miss Gu seems to be gone, I can't feel her heartbeat."

    A Mian folded over and changed her face after checking: "Send Miss Gu immediately to the nearest hospital for rescue!"

    Then, a group of people lifted Gong Lingye and Gu Tingxue and quickly went out. Song Yiren watched them disappear into sight and exhaled gently.

    Very good, he is fine, she should go.

    The road of revenge should have been lonely and well-targeted. She will no longer be greedy for the roadside scenery in the future.

    The Song Yi people drank some water brought by the rescuers and looked at the time. It was one in the morning.

    She didn't greet anyone, ignored the wound on her forehead, and went straight to the train station.

    She knew that even if the airplane and train were suspended due to the earthquake, there must be a lot of carpools nearby. She just had to leave City H. She did n’t want to stay here anymore, not even for a moment.