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#123 She is jealous

It was in the snowy mountains of Ruiguo. He and his friends skied in the past and passed her by.

    She slipped on a double board, the technology is not too familiar, it seems that she will fall at any time, but the eyes are all light, obviously, the interest is very high.

    She should have gone with her younger brother. The teenager looked very delicate and reached the tip of her nose. The two said with a smile, they went down the mountain together.

    After two years of absence, she still seems to be the same. Gong Lingye found that the memories of the past are connected. Although he only knows that she is Song Yiren, she is Ningguo, only she has a little information, but suddenly she missed her. .

    So, after returning from Ruiguo, Gong Lingye took care of the company's affairs and went to Ningguo, intending to formally meet Song Yi people.

    However, what he got there was news that she had passed away unexpectedly.

    At that time, he was ignorant for a long time.

    He sent someone to confirm and got two messages:

    The Song Yi people did die unexpectedly;

    Song Yiren has always had a boyfriend. He just got engaged a while ago, and he hasn't had time to finish the marriage.

    Can't tell what's on her mind, Gong Lingye thought, at that time, she should feel empty, but also sad and regretful!

    Maybe when someone dies, some feelings can be easily enlarged. Therefore, he originally thought that he was just curious about her and was barely emotional, but because of her death, it turned into a wound that could not be ignored.

    He did not go to her funeral, nor did she investigate any news. Because, to her, he was just a stranger through and through.

    The shortest distance between them, I am afraid it was the eaves that hid the rain together.

    After that, he continued to be busy with work, but he only occasionally remembered her, and his heart would be sad. He would also feel that there are too many accidents in life. If he meets someone he likes again in the future, he can't miss it.

    His feelings for her, as she passed away for three years, had already dissipated to the point of melancholy, and at the moment, when he saw the familiar ring, Gong Lingye thought, if he did n’t have Yu Ruannuan, maybe he Will be photographed.

    And now, he obviously won't shoot, which is unfair to the people he likes.

    Gong Lingye browsed through the album and didn't see anything more suitable for giving girls.

    By this time, the three had reached the door of the dessert shop.

    Gong Ling got off at night and helped the two girls pull the car door.

    The three went in together and immediately attracted everyone's attention.

    Finding a quiet place to sit down, Gong Lingye and Song Yi sat together, opposite them was Gu Tingxue.

    When the dessert came up, Gong Lingye thought of something and said, "Listen to Xue, you can help Nuan Nuan and see again, should all of her previous problems be solved?"

    Gu Tingxue nodded, and Song Yiren extended his hand according to words, let Gu Tingxue help her pulse.

    After a moment, Gu Tingxue said: "Ms. Yu is now much better than before, and she has no more problems with the palace cold. If you exercise more, your body should be better."

    Gong Lingye heard the words and laughed: "It's right to watch me supervise your fitness every day, you are still tired!"

    Song Yiren made a smile: "Well, thank you President Gong!"

    Gu Tingxue saw the intimate act of no one beside the other two, and her heart burst into sadness. She lowered her long eyelashes and stirred the double skin milk in front of her.

    Half-eaten, Gu Tingxue stood up: "I'll go to the bathroom."

    When she came out, she found out that the Song Yi people had gone out to call, leaving Gong Lingye in her seat.

    White and slender fingers glued together, revealing the master's heart at the moment. Gu Tingxue raised his eyes and called out: "Brother Ling Ye."

    Gong Lingye raised his eyes, his expression mild: "Huh?"

    Gu Tingxue pursed her lips and felt her heart tremble. After two seconds, she asked: "Are you with Miss Yu?"

    Gong Lingye nodded: "Well, she is my girlfriend. If I am 32 years old, I will marry her."

    After that, he explained another sentence: "The thing about me and her has nothing to do with Mo Chen, so don't mention it to my mother."

    "Okay, I know." Gu Tingxue lowered his eyes and raised his lips: "It's good, Miss Yu can accompany you to old age!"

    Perhaps her tail trembles a little, Gong Lingye noticed that, he frowned, and said in a serious tone: "Listen to Xue, don't believe the words of quack doctors, you can take good care of your health and you can live for a long time."

    Gu Tingxue thought of the medical examination report of the previous days. His heart was sour, and a tear burst into the double skin milk.

    The tears did not blend with the double skin milk, which seemed a little abrupt.

    Gong Lingye stared at her and took it seriously: "Listen to the snow, did something happen?"

    Gu Tingxue still lowered her head. She didn't go to see Gong Lingye's eyes, but just shook her head: "It's fine."

    "I'm going to ask Uncle Gu." Gong Lingye said, picking up the phone, it seemed to be calling.

    "Don't--" Gu Tingxue heard, quickly raised his hand and panicked to grab Gong Lingye's cell phone.

    At this moment, Song Yi people came in from outside after finishing the phone call.

    The moment she saw the picture, she suddenly stopped.

    Gu Tingxue's eyes hung with tears, and his hand grabbed Gong Lingye's back. After a moment, Gong Lingye pulled away, and the whole person looked helpless.

    Neither of them noticed her until Gong Lingye put her phone on the table and spread her palms, not knowing what to say.

    Gu Tingxue lowered his head again, looking pitiful.

    Opposite, Gong Lingye took a tissue and handed it to her.

    Song Yi suddenly felt that the picture was a bit dazzling.

    My heart seemed to be blocked by something.

    She had to admit that she was jealous. The taste was tasted for the first time, and I felt that my chest was stuffed with cotton, which was heavy, and my throat was swollen.

    So, she went out to answer Yu Ruoxin's call, and what happened to the two?

    Otherwise, why is Gu Tingxue crying? Why did Gong Lingye hand tissues?

    Was Gu Tingxue finally unable to bear it and showed his heart in front of Gong Lingye, asking why Gong Lingye was with Yu Ruonuan together?

    At this time, Gong Lingye should know that Gu Tingxue likes him?

    Suddenly, the Song Yi people felt that they had done nothing wrong, but they seemed to have become the bad woman who destroyed others.

    Her hands tightened and let go, and they walked in front of them.

    She thought that she needed to know the truth. If she really guessed it, then she withdrew in time and would never get involved!

    Gong Lingye saw Song Yi coming, he naturally took her to sit down, and continued to rush to listen to Xue Xue said: "Listen to snow, you tell the truth, is there any problem with your body?"

    Gu Tingxue also found that Song Yiren was back, she shook her head: "It's okay, Brother Ling Ye, I'm really okay! I'm just worried that I won't live long, and I'm envious of seeing Miss Yu so healthy ..."