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#118 Comfortable?

The woman obviously did not accept this apology: "Will she not speak? She made a mistake, why should she be asked to pay for it?"

    Everyone heard the words and looked at Song Yiren's eyes more meaningfully.

    Gong Mochen hesitated for a few seconds, and before he stepped forward, he would speak.

    At this time, the Song Yi people had stooped, elegantly picked up a brooch that Mrs. Deere accidentally dropped on the ground, and then said in fluent French: "This brooch was sealed by Mr. Aaron seven years ago. Everyone feels that its work is an eternal starry night, but in reality, it tells a story of betrayal and redemption ... "

    She talked eloquently, she didn't pay attention to those things about fashion, but she knew this brooch, because Bei Mingmo had been talking in front of her for a long time.

    At the time Aaron's work was publicly auctioned at the auction, Bei Mingmo has been coveted, but because of the insufficient money prepared that day, he missed his love.

    Because of this regret, Bei Mingmo had been chatting in front of the Song Yi people for a long time, and the story behind the brooch Song Yi people also heard many times.

    At this moment, as she tells, Mrs. Deere's entire expression in front of her is from the initial anger to the surprise at the moment, to the end, all are surprises: "You actually know the true story behind it! This is what I heard from Aaron Yes! Anyone who knows this story has a relationship ... "

    Her eyes were full of excitement, and she forgot all the swords she had just pulled. She took Song Yiren's hand and started chatting with her enthusiastically.

    Aside, I just wanted to take the opportunity to laugh at the few girls of the Song Yi people, their faces were extremely ugly.

    Le Haisheng smiled and rushed to Gong Mochen beside him: "Brother Mo Chen, you didn't say that Miss Yu's French is so good ..."

    Gong Mochen at the moment, his heart was rolling complex emotions.

    Haha, he just knew that his "ex-girlfriend" turned out to be so good!

    Without any thoughts, Gong Mochen said to Le Haisheng: "I still have something, please talk first." He said, ignoring Le Haisheng's reaction, he left.

    He returned to his room, just opened the door, and heard a voice: "My dear Lord Jin, good evening!"

    Gong Mochen's face sank, and he said coldly: "Go!"

    After half a second, the sound of owing flat sounded again: "Golden Lord is big, I use the wheel to roll, does it mean what you mean by" roll "?"

    Gong Mochen suddenly caught fire, and his voice grew colder: "Shut up!"

    Suddenly, the world is quiet.

    It's just that the silence doesn't last for more than ten seconds, and Ruwa said again: "Can I ask weakly, how long do I need to close my mouth?"

    Gong Mochen could not bear it: "Never say anything!"

    Having said that, he had walked over and picked up Ruwa.

    In the palm of his hand, the little guy's eyes flickered, as if he was thinking about something, and then he said again: "Golden Lord, you raise your hand!"

    Gong Mochen's hand was already using strength.

    "Brother Gold Lord! No, Grandpa Gold Lord!" Ruwa said with a strong desire to survive: "May you have dew in the morning, sunshine in the afternoon, and stars in the night!"

    "May all the beauty be with you!"

    Gong Mochen seemed to think of something, and the strength in his hand suddenly relaxed.

    That day, he was in the car with her. After she offended him, she let the robot please him.

    Obviously, pleasing played a role, he was not rejuvenated, and even felt a little funny.

    Thinking of the past, Gong Mochen's lips flared with a very light smile.

    But the next second, he thought of something. Suddenly, his eyes cooled, and his eyes locked on Ruwa in his palm.

    His arm is also engraved with his name, and she said it was engraved by herself.

    Was it because of his indifference that she gradually lost her mind before she broke up?

    Or, because she never really liked him, everything she did was acting?

    The thoughts in my heart changed many times. Finally, Gong Mochen just turned off Ruwa's power and put it in the drawer.

    At this moment, the Song Yi people have exchanged contact information with Mrs. Deere.

    Mrs. Deere obviously liked her very much. When she heard that she was leaving, she greeted the old lady and left with Song Yi.

    As soon as he arrived at the school, Song Yi's cell phone rang.

    When she looked down, Yu Chengzhi called again.

    These days, Yu Chengzhi calls her many times every day, but she doesn't answer.

    I was about to put away my phone, but accidentally touched the call. As soon as I connected it, I heard Yu Chengzhi's anxious voice: "If it's warm, where are you, why don't you answer my phone?"

    "What's the matter?" Song Yi asked coldly, looking at the big tree in the distance.

    "Someone reported me recently, and I was investigated!" Yu Chengzhi said: "If it's warm, you can go to the Gong family for help! I can't go to jail! Once I get in, it's over!"

    Over there, Fang Lingyi's voice also came: "Yu Ruonuan, if your dad has something wrong, what are your benefits? Do you think the Gong family will agree to marry you? You don't have to find Gong Mochen to help ... … "

    When Song Yiren heard the words of the two, the corners of their lips evoked a curvature, and said calmly and clearly: "Me and Gong Mochen broke up."

    There was two seconds of silence on the other end of the phone, and then octave higher: "When?"

    "No, to put it simply, he and I have never been together." Song Yiren chuckled: "Unbelief, you know if you go to our company to inquire."

    Suddenly, a sharp voice came from my ears, accompanied by cursing: "Yu Ruonuan, you and your sick mother are sluts ..."

    Later, Song Yi didn't listen and hung up directly.

    The ears were clear, but the Song Yi people felt a touch of sadness.

    I don't know if it was influenced by the body's former master, or because of something. For a time, there was a decadent rise and it was difficult to wipe out.

    She bowed her head and walked forward on this clean holiday campus.

    Until, hit someone.

    "I'm sorry--" Song Yi raised his eyes instinctively.

    "Nuan Nuan." Gong Lingye's voice came from above her head, and he looked at her: "Why not look at the road?"

    She was a little stunned, but did not expect him to appear here instead of greeting guests.

    When he saw her not talking, he couldn't help laughing: "Why are you stupid?"

    She thought of what Gu Tingxue said. When she saw Gong Lingye at the moment, she suddenly found that it seemed that he had taken the initiative almost every time since he met him. Similarly, take the initiative to do for him.

    By the moonlight, she looked up at him: "Why are you here?"

    Gong Lingye said naturally: "There were not so many guests just now, Mo Chen is greeting, so I come to you."

    Song Yiren almost wanted to ask, why didn't he go to listen to Xue Xue, but when the words rolled to the tip of her tongue, she still didn't ask.

    The two walked a few steps together. The Song Yi people looked at the hands they held together, turned their heads, and said, "Gong Lingye, will you be fine for a while?"

    Gong Lingye raised an eyebrow: "Well? About me?"

    Song Yi said: "Shall we go to the movies?"