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Seeing the camera turn around, Song Yi made a provocative look at the screen.

She knew that that person must see it!

Thousands of miles away, Xuanyuan Yao saw the provocative expression of the Song Yi people, and suddenly his face was almost crooked.

Xuan Yuanlin also left at this moment. She couldn't find anyone to talk to, so she took her mobile phone to send a message to Shangguan He's wife.

"This time it was just a fluke that they just knew the black wing, but there was still a good show behind."

At the moment, the woman saw the news, and she didn't believe it anymore.

After all, starting from the destruction of the server, these few tricks have been easily resolved. Can the latter really succeed?

She glanced at Shangguanao and saw that he had an expression of appreciation. Suddenly, she only felt that she had lifted a stone and hit her foot!

This matter, if Shangguan He knew it when he came home, he would definitely call her stupid, and the success was not enough.

She does not want Shangguan Ao to continue watching now, but wants him to turn off the TV!

So, she said: "Uncle, you have watched it for a while, we don't understand that game, let's take a look at other health programs!"

Who knows, Shangguan Ao has been staring at the screen all the time, waving his hand: "If you have anything else, go busy first, don't worry about me."

The owner of the house said so, of course, the woman had no choice but to accompany Shangguanao to continue watching.

Next, is Chi Jingyu's home.

Although I haven't played games for a long time, some things have been carved into my bones.

In addition, he already participated in this game, and he also participated in the internal test later, so the familiar skills and cool performance made everyone seem to watch a bloody movie with excellent acting skills.

Someone has already posted the video he just posted on the Internet. Suddenly, there is one more Weibo hit--

"Black Wing, the chief planner of Black Wing Glacier, who has been quiet for five years, has appeared again, calling for the start of the Starry Night game!"

At the end of a game, everyone below was sweating because of the excitement, Chi Jingyu stood up and rushed to everyone: "See you later in the game!"

Some players asked excitedly: "Great God, will you appear again in the future?"

"Of course!" Chi Jingyu snapped his fingers: "I'm Star Night's planner."

"God, you turned out to be the planner of Starry Night! What kind of fairy games are we playing?"

Some people screamed and cheered, some people circled Amway's friends around themselves, and almost everyone on the scene was crazy.

The downloads on the small screen also seem to be infected by this madness, and a new amount has burst out again!

After everyone had calmed down a little, the Song Yi people walked to the stage and said: "Thank you Black Wing for bringing us a wonderful e-sports performance! Below, I have one more thing to announce."

She said nothing, standing in the center, her eyes lightly sweeping towards the audience, her expression serious and serious: "The one I dislike the most in my life is the person who has lost faith in others."

"The three artists Chen Yuan, Li Wei and Zhang Xinhua, after signing the contract with Starry Night, deliberately absent, even fifteen minutes before the star interaction, they also deceived me into saying that they are on their way. Such behavior is completely constituted. Commercial deception, Starry Night will resort to legal measures against the three artists against this matter!"

Song Yiren finished, lifted his left ring finger, and the diamond on the wedding ring glittered.

She continued: "I announced as the president of Starry Night, these three artists, our company will never cooperate!"

"In addition, as the wife of Tiangong Group's major shareholder and the wife of Tiangong Group's president Gong Lingye, it is announced that the three artists, Tiangong Group and all its subsidiaries, if there is any cooperation, will immediately terminate the cooperation; if Those without cooperation will never cooperate with them!"

The words fell, the audience was completely quiet, and the needles could be heard.

The girl who still smiled all the time but didn't seem to be in her early twenties, said that she was laughing and joking, and she seemed to have no sense of distance at all.

But the next second, when facing a pit in the back, after solving the problem in imminent danger, he showed such domineering!

Some reporters pressed the flash with excitement, and some began to grab hot topics quickly.

And players, after a short period of embarrassment, suddenly burst into warm applause!

"My God, my boss is so domineering! How did I feel when my blood was boiling?"

"Yeah, I'm not going to fan Chen Yuan anymore! I want to fan the president of Starry Night Beauty!"

"Ah, I'll be warm baby in the future! What about the name? Is it particularly cute?"

"Ha ha ha, warm baby? I want to join too!"

"And me! Everyone bring me!"

"Just now my boss Nuan was very right. How can I be a person who is not trustworthy? I really like Chen Yuan before. I didn't expect her to be such a person!"

"No! Even if you can't come if you have something, can't you say it in advance? Why are you still on the road fifteen minutes from the opening? Is this unknown?

"Yes! I'm still coming from a big city in another city! But I'm not a loss. I'm a fan of Brother Black Wing and Sister Nuan! I'm so happy!"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm going to be Black Wings God and Warm Boss! Yes, and also, I will be a fan of Starry Nights!"


Everyone cheered and cheered, like a carnival.

At the moment, Chen Yuan's agent was brushing Weibo, and suddenly his face changed.

I saw above, it was a video sent by a media, the explanation is also very simple-

"Chen Yuan, Li Wei, and Zhang Xinhua were blacked by Tiangong Group, the largest multinational group in China."

She was stunned and clicked in.

Next to it, Chen Yuan just received a notice from the bank about her deliberately screwing up money at the Starry Night conference.

She was a little happy, but she was a small company, with a contract payment of 3 million yuan, and if she broke the contract, she doubled it, which is 6 million yuan. However, she has just paid 10 million!

It's just, how did the video placed next to the agent mention her?

She looked over suspiciously and heard the words of Song Yiren—

"I announced as the president of Starry Night, these three artists, our company will never cooperate!"

"In addition, we will announce as the wife of Tiangong Group's major shareholder and wife of Tiangong Group's president Gong Lingye..."

She was taken aback, and immediately grabbed the agent's arm: "What's the matter with this?"

The agent cried out: "Sister Yuan, we seem to offend someone who should not offend?"

"What's going on?" Chen Yuan's heart thumped.

Before the agent answered, the phone rang. The boss of the economic company called. She answered and pressed the speaker.

"Lucy, what's the matter, how did Chen Yuan sign the contract and break the contract?" The boss's tone caught fire.

"Mr. Wang, we don't know the background of Starry Night. We thought it was just an ordinary small company..." The agent now regrets his intestines.

"Oh, do you think? When you signed the contract, shouldn't you have enough homework? Chen Yuan is now on fire with a drama. In this way, all the resources we smashed before were in vain! Look at the Tiangong Group's position, you Do you think other people will not? Soon, can you see what other agents you can get? Now let her apologize to Yu Ruonuan immediately! Otherwise, wait for Xuezang!"