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Only when he walked to a quiet place did Chu Mingyao pick up his cell phone and make a call.

    "Sorry, the phone number you dialed is empty, please check and then dial ..."

    The mechanical female voice shattered all his hopes!

    He suddenly raised his hand and dropped the phone in his hand!

    The phone hit the ground and the screen shattered.

    That man, who said that he would help him when he needed it, but now when he has nowhere to go, he will give him up!

    He hated his chest, and his anger and fear were intertwined in his heart, almost bursting him.

    But at this moment, the mobile phone on the ground suddenly rang, Chu Mingyao looked, it was Gong Lingye called!

    He picked up the phone, and when sliding to answer, the broken screen scratched his finger and brought up a string of blood.

    Gong Lingye's voice came from the receiver, and his tone brought a bit of ridicule: "Mr. Chu, the Chinese New Year, not staying in his hometown, if he has to go abroad, is he in a hurry?"

    Chu Mingyao's eyes are all stunned: "Gong Lingye, what the hell do you want?"

    He has checked that Bei Mingmo and Gong Lingye can't say that Baganzi can't fight. The only relationship can only be said that Li Xiaozi is the wife of Gong Lingye's young child, and that's all.

    Gong Lingye looked at the person opposite Song Yi and urged Chu Mingyao on the phone: "Want to know why? Then I will tell you. Just because, I like Song Yi, I liked her a few years ago."

    The Song Yi people were confessed in this way, their cheeks were inexplicably hot, and their hearts were a little sweet.

    Chu Mingyao at the end of the phone was stunned: "Do you like Song Yiren? How can you know her?"

    Although he and Song Yiren were not close friends, after all, they grew up together, and there are different surnames around Song Yiren. Chu Mingyao thinks he knows it!

    "I have a crush on her, and then I checked some things along the way." Gong Lingye's voice was faint, but she couldn't hide the murderous murder: "Chu Mingyao, who did the sky spare?"

    Chu Mingyao sighed all over. The hand holding the phone could not help but force more broken glass pieces into his palm, but he didn't feel pain.

    The blood freezes a little bit, and he looks at the huge space around him, only to feel that he seems to see his future in the end ...

    The next day, Gong Lingye returned to the old house of the palace.

    In the old mansion, the taste of the year is very strong. Although Gong Mochen is still sitting in a wheelchair, today, at the strong request of Mrs. Gong, he changed into a festive dress.

    In the words of the old lady of the palace, it is that Gong Mochen will not die, and needs to be dressed more festively, so that the gods will be more sheltered.

    Seeing Gong Lingye come in, Gong Gongye also pulled Gong Lingye, and just changed him a red sweater.

    The uncle and nephew glanced at each other, and both saw helplessness in the other's eyes.

    Today, the Gong family is very lively. The juniors saw Gong Lingye and came over to ask for red envelopes.

    Gong Lingye sent the red envelopes to the children and called Gong Moyan alone, saying, "This is for you."

    Gong Moyan saw that she was a little robot, and her eyes lit up: "Thank you, uncle!"

    Gong Lingye smiled and lowered her voice: "This is from your little aunt."

    "Ah ?!" Gong Moyan was shocked and immediately realized that he was overreacting and quickly covered his mouth.

    "Take it for fun, don't fight with your brother!" Gong Ling night said.

    Before, Song Yiren heard Gong Moyan and Gu Tingxue complain at the banquet, saying that Gong Mochen didn't even touch Ruwa.

    She thought the little girl was cute at that time, so she kept thinking about making her a robot. Now, I finally found an opportunity to send it out.

    After getting the robot, Gong Moyan immediately took a picture and sent it to the circle of friends: "My XP."

    Someone asked her what XP was, but she didn't say it, but the mobile phone could not help but click on the number she often texted.

    She had always sent messages to that big brother. She had sent poems and lyrics, but he never answered.

    She was about to exit the interface. Suddenly, the SMS page in front of her was refreshed.

    I saw that ‘XP’ responded to her four words: Happy New Year!

    Gong Moyan's heart flew up suddenly, and today is her happiest day!

    In the old house, the children are all like Gong Moyan.

    Gong Lingye pushed Gong Mochen to the outside terrace and said, "Mo Chen, there is something wrong with my plasma."

    Gong Mochen was shocked and looked at Gong Lingye in shock.

    Gong Ling night said: "Just yesterday, on the side of Dr. Tan, the plasma that I reserved abruptly changed ..."

    Gong Mochen's hand, holding the wheelchair armrest tightly, he just felt like he was choking his throat and could not make a sound.

    Gong Lingye continued: "I'm waiting for Dr. Tan to work out a solution. If I can't research it, it may take up to three months ..."

    Gong Mochen looked at Gong Lingye's calm face and couldn't help shaking: "Uncle, are you kidding me?"

    Gong Lingye squatted down and stood the same height as Gong Mochen in a wheelchair. He stared at Gong Mochen's eyes: "The New Year is over, the relevant parts are not going to work, and after the New Year, I will give you all the shares."

    "I'm not asking about this!" Gong Mochen was short of breath, his hand tightly grasping Gong Lingye's arm in front of him: "Aren't you very careful? How could it be possible for people to take advantage of it ?!"

    Gong Lingye shook his head: "Some things can be avoided without being careful."

    "Dr. Tan, will there be a problem with the equipment, will it be detected incorrectly?" Gong Mochen said panicly: "That simulation environment of what metabolic speed, who knows does not work!"

    Gong Lingye rarely saw Gong Mochen say so much in one breath, he felt a little moved and warm.

    Perhaps this is family, even if they are unhappy because of the Song Yi people, but at the moment of real life and death, they still think about each other!

    "Mo Chen, you know the medical level of Dr. Tan, you can't misdiagnose." Gong Lingye patted Gong Mochen's shoulder: "I tell you now, I want you to be mentally prepared. If I can hide After this disaster, everything should never happen. But if I suddenly disappeared one day, the Gong family will depend on you, and you have to hold on! "

    Gong Mochen's eyes were a little hot, and she couldn't accept the result at all: "Uncle, you have always been confident, this is not your style!"

    Gong Lingye smiled: "Mo Chen, you will adapt."

    He said nothing, stood up, walked to the railing of the terrace, and looked into the distance.

    The bell in the distance struck twelve times, heralding the coming of the new year.

    Gong Lingye wanted to go back to accompany Song Yi at this moment.

    In two or three months, just a few tens of days, he just wanted to be by her every moment.

    Behind him, Gong Mochen asked him: "Uncle, if you are really ... what if you are warm?"