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#78 I'm up, he's down

Song Yi people scolded Gong Lingye a thousand times in their hearts, but they couldn't make any extra expression on their faces, because this guy didn't even know how to restrain, his hand was still on her leg!

She smiled at the crowd and said, "I'm sorry, I didn't hold my hand firmly. It's impolite."

Just, she such "lose state", fall in the eye of palace Mo Chen, seem to have more one kind of flavor.

Because during the dinner, Gong Mochen was either in a cold posture or occasionally responded to a few words when Le Haisheng was talking to him, so in his opinion, the Song Yi people finally couldn't put it on. She was jealous and cared.

I don't know why, Gong Mo Chen suddenly felt a kind of light pleasure rising in his heart.

Because there was still a certain distance between him and the Songyi people, he turned the disk on the table, stopped a small plate of heart in front of the Songyi people, and said, "if it's warm, I think you like this."

Song Yi's people were stunned and looked into the eyes of Shanggong Mochen.

He has no redundant expression, and his posture is still high.

She felt funny, but pretended to be happy: "thank you brother Mochen -"

Just at the end of the last note, she felt her big leg was twisted. Although it doesn't hurt, I think it's a little uncomfortable.

As a result, her chopsticks trembled, and the snacks she had just picked up fell down.

Seeing this, Gong Mochen stood up directly, went to song Yiren's side, picked up the common chopsticks, helped her to hold a snack, and asked, "are you sick? Why is it always slippery? "

Song Yiren is twisted by Gong Lingye again.

Song Yi's heart was startled. She saw Gong Lingye's hand at the bottom. She quickly put her eyes back. She was angry, but she couldn't attack it. She said, "maybe I'm too busy studying recently, and I have to prepare for the robot contest next month."

"Palace Mo Chen nods:" hum, after a while banquet ends, go back early

Song Yi answered, "OK."

Gong Mochen left, the back of Song Yi people all started a thin layer of sweat.

A family dinner, eat Song Yi people heart and soul, finally, she hurriedly got up to say goodbye to all.

Over there, Gong Mochen took the car key: "ruohuan -"

But before he finished, his mother suddenly interrupted him.

Yue Wenqing said, "Mochen, just now your aunt Shao said, I have a question to ask you."

Gong Mo Chen is in a bit of a dilemma. Gong Ling night has come: "Mo Chen, I'm just going out, so I'll take Miss Yu for a ride."

"OK, thank you, uncle." Palace Mo Chen should way, already pulled by a few women.

Song Yiren and Gong Lingye come out and get on his car. It seems that he is really busy. The driver is missing. The driver is a Mian. He asks, "emperor Shao, shall we go there directly?"

"Warm up to school first." Gong Lingye said, reaching out and pulling the Songyi people into his arms.

The Song Yi people thought that today's dinner table was still full of anger. They reached out and pushed him: "don't send it, I'll go back by myself!"

"Be obedient." Gong Lingye said, holding up the Song Yi people and putting them on his own legs, tightly hooping them.

The Song Yi people were angry and opened their mouths to bite him.

In front of him, a Mian saw everything from the rearview mirror in the car, rushed to the palace and said: "emperor Shao, brother Zhao said that he had -"

"Ah Mian." Gong Lingye interrupts him: "go to school first."

A Mian is reluctant to turn around.

In the back row, Gong Lingye directly pulled down the baffle plate, and then pressed the song Yiren on the back seat: "warm, it's the first time someone dares to bite me!"

Song Yi's heart was shocked, and the man's kiss came down. She was still in the dress, her shoulders and collarbones were exposed in the air, and immediately became his target.

In front of him, a Mian drove very fast. He was pressing the Song Yi people on the night of Gong Ling. When their breath became unstable, the car stopped. A Mian said, "emperor Shao, I have arrived at the University of imperial city."

Song Yiren hurriedly pushes Gong Lingye away, sits straight, and quickly arranges his hair and skirt.

She hated to itch her teeth. When she got off the bus, she gave Gong Lingye a bad look.

A Mian has opened the door for her, so she can clearly see the fierce appearance of Chonggong Lingye, a native of Song Dynasty.

He frowned. When she closed the door to block the vision inside and outside the car, he said to the Songyi people, "Miss Yu, the emperor doesn't favor you, but don't be arrogant because of your favor. You should have basic respect for people!"

Song Yi people listen, originally want to leave the footsteps of stop.

She raised her lips and leaned up to Amin's ear and said, "is that right? I don't respect you enough? Do you know that we are in the hotel, I am on the top and he is on the bottom? "

A Mian's face changed and he couldn't say a word. I don't know if he was thundered.

Gong Ling sees that song Yiren has entered the school gate at night, but a Mian doesn't know how to get on the bus, so he drops down the window and says, "a Mian?"

A Mian comes in and starts the car. His face is not worried.

Palace Ling night is aware of strange, ask: "what's the matter?"

A Mian wants to talk and stops.

Palace Ling night gaze: "what did warm say to you?"

A Mian contacts Gong Lingye's eyes, and finally tells the truth: "Miss Yu said that she doesn't have to respect you, because..."

He finished only after a meal: "because you are in the hotel, she is on, you are under."

Gong Lingye: "..."

He was stunned, and a moment later he gave a chilly smile.

Good, he remembered. Next time, he would like to see how she works!

Song Yi did not know that she had been "missed" by Gong Lingye. She went back to the dormitory and checked the previous arithmetic again.

It suddenly occurred to me that her two robots had not been named yet, and the robot contest was about to open. She had always used No. 1 and No. 2 before.

Just thinking about what to call, I suddenly thought of a person - a Mian.

This person usually looks cold and cool, and fights fiercely, but it's a little funny! Today's expression of him looks like the pain that the emperor with great respect has been touched by others. It's too funny.

Song Yiren coagulates the application form on his computer and fills in the names for both robots——

The team player, Mian Da, is called Mian D.

It's Mian s in the individual competition.

Well, isn't a Mian very good at it? At the same time, those two robots are so angry with his force!

Song Yiren clicks the submit button.

After that, she sent an email to beimingmo's mother, asking if she had a daughter.

After all, people in Song Dynasty have thought about it carefully. They always think that Li Xiaozi and Bei Mingmo are too similar. Although there are many coincidences in the sky, they seem to be too coincidental.

The whole sky has been soaked in the night outside. In an apartment in the Imperial City, there is a pair of entangled bodies on a beautiful European style bed.

Luo Tianqi only knows today. It turns out that Li Xiaozi gave the 1.1 million he threw out that day to others!

Thinking of Li Xiaozi's half dead husband, Luo Tianqi tried harder.

He grabbed her chin and sneered, "ah Zi, you said, does your man know that you are groaning in other men's beds now?"