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#405 Not related by blood

Xuanyuan Che was awakened by the pain and wanted to resist, but the blood and heat constantly losing his abdomen seemed to take away all his strength.

At this time, someone called out: "Master, you have taken him to the sea according to your instructions, and we are ready to sink."

"Well." Over there, the man just answered and hung up the phone.

The man heard a beep in the earpiece and nodded at the others: "Okay."

So the next second, someone directly threw Xuanyuan Che down, and then several people hit the water, flushed all the blood from the speedboat, and returned directly.

Several people got into the car after landing, and disappeared into the night...

At the moment, in the ward of the Second Central Hospital, Bei Mingxiao coughed and opened her eyes.

"Water--" His voice was hoarse.

Beimingmo, who was taking a nap, heard the word and straightened up quickly: "Brother Xiao, are you awake? I will pour you water immediately!"

She said, got up and took a cup for Beimingxiao, filled it with water, plugged in another straw, and walked to Beimingxiao: "Brother Xiao, drink slowly."

"Momo?" Bei Mingxiao felt a straw on her lips, so she took two sips, and then asked, "I'm sore! I'm disfigured? Is it broken? Is that right? Why black? Don’t turn on the lights yet?"

Bei Mingmo took a breath and said, "Brother Xiao, you are not disfigured or disabled... It is midnight now, so..."

"It's time to turn on the lights because of the middle of the night!" Bei Mingxiao drank water and had a better throat, but still a little feeble: "Quick help the lights on, then take a mirror. You know, I rely on this face to eat , I have to make sure that my face is okay before I have the courage to survive!"

When Bei Mingmo heard his joking tone, his heart felt uncomfortable.

She took the cup and put it aside, shifting the topic: "On the heat of your eighteen lines, I think you should improve your acting skills, not rely on your face!"

Bei Mingxiao heard Beiming Mo's voice coming from a few meters away, and his heart suddenly cooled: "Mo Mo, why don't you turn on the light? Am I really disfigured?!"

"Brother Xiao, there really isn't--" Bei Mingmo explained weakly.

"Something must have happened!" Bei Mingxiao was excited for a while, and with the hand without the infusion, he would lift the quilt and get out of bed.

Seeing Bei Mingmo, he quickly stopped him: "Okay, I turn on the light."

She said as she walked to the door and slammed the lights in the suite outside.

In front of Bei Mingxiao, it was still dark.

He was stunned for a while: "The lamp is broken?"

But, a moment later, he was suddenly surrounded by a fear that held his soul.

His voice was a little dry, but his tone was pretentious and relaxed: "Momo, you said, did the light flash?"

Bei Mingmo didn't speak.

Bei Mingxiao only felt that at this moment, he had already fallen into the abyss by half his feet: "So, am I invisible?"

His voice was very soft, as if it would be blown away by the breeze next second.

Bei Mingmo was silent for a moment: "Brother Xiao, the doctor said that he had to have surgery..."

"So I'm really blind?!" Bei Mingxiao raised his voice violently.

He tried to look forward, but could not see anything.

Bei Mingmo hurriedly passed: "Brother Xiao, listen to me. I had an accident before and was blind for a while, so--"

"What did the doctor say?" Bei Mingxiao's chest undulated.

"The doctor said that your intracranial stasis pressure forced the optic nerve. It may take a few months for the blood clot to dissolve on its own." Bei Mingmo said warmly: "So don't worry, we will slowly raise -"

"Momo, you don't know how long I have worked hard for this drama today? Do you know what I have experienced in order to get the male lead role?!" Bei Mingxiao obviously did not accept this reality at all: "My first time I got the most protagonist who is most likely to make a comeback! I can’t play for a few months, and someone will replace me immediately. I have been in the entertainment industry for almost a decade, and all my efforts have been lost!"

He said painfully: "I'm almost 30 years old! Now the newly-raised little fresh meat all calls me an old night! I watched them go from the eighteenth line to the whole country like me! But I, because of time and time again Unexpectedly, all good opportunities are lost! You don’t know how hard I used to persuade myself to keep up my spirits again and again! But I’m really tired, I failed this time, I really don’t have the courage to start from scratch!"

Bei Mingmo looked at Beimingxiao, who was in pain, for a time, his mind was also full of thoughts.

She has always known that he likes acting, but she has always had a hard time.

She also thought that he was more hearted, even if he suffered setbacks, even if he was not red, but he always seemed to have endless strength.

But now, seeing the pain and despair in his eyes, she couldn't help feeling sad for him.

He didn’t work hard, he didn’t have poor acting skills, but he seemed to have an invisible hand in it. Every time he needed to reach the successful driftwood, he slammed him and pushed him farther. In the vortex!

"Brother Xiao, I know you may be in a bad mood right now, but if you have a good body, maybe half a month will be..." Bei Mingmo thought of the doctor's probability of less than 10%, and felt comfortable with Beiming Xiao. The words become pale and weak.

"Oh, Momo, that was the tone when you were a liar." Bei Mingxiao's smile was uglier than crying.

He reached for the bed and touched something, Bei Mingmo quickly blocked: "Brother Xiao, what do you want?"

He ignored it and swept past, and suddenly, the medical record set aside was swept down to the ground.

Because the clip wasn't clipped well, the pages were scattered one by one.

Bei Mingmo hurriedly stooped to pick up. She pointed to the page number, but when she finally put it away, she suddenly stopped her gaze.

It says that Beimingxiao lost blood type O!

Bei Mingmo remembers that when she learned the blood type and heredity in biology class, she went home and did questions with her father.

The father took the blood type of her brother and sister-in-law to test her. She said at the time that her two elder brothers were definitely not of type O. The father nodded and said that she was right.

But why is Beimingxiao now O-shaped?

Bei Mingmo was in doubt, suddenly there was a pair of leather shoes next to him.

Beiming Shen, who just came out of the bathroom, also squatted down. His eyes fell on the medical record. He turned his head and looked at Beiming Mo. The tone was calm: "Momo, do you know?"

Bei Mingmo looked at him in shock: "So, I guessed right? You are not..."

"Yes, we are not." Bei Ming nodded deeply.

"You already knew?" Bei Mingmo asked again.

Bei Mingshen continued to nod: "Well, I knew before the college entrance examination."

"Then why don't you tell us?" Bei Mingmo asked again.

Bei Ming looked deeply at the pendant on her neck and thought for a moment, "Afraid you will alienate us."

On the bed, Bei Mingxiao listened to the dumb-headed questions of the two, and could not help saying: "What are you talking about?"

"A Xiao, I just told Momo that we are not related to her." Bei Mingshen said one by one.